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"In this day and age, you need to keep up with the Joneses. As well as the Starks and the Rands."
―Peter Scarborough[src]

Peter Scarborough is the former head for the Gulf Division of Roxxon Corporation. He was left in a catatonic state by Tandy Bowen.


Roxxon Corporation

Roxxon Gulf Platform's Collapse

In 2009, Peter Scarborough worked at Roxxon Corporation as Chief Executive of Risk Management. He oversaw the creation of the Roxxon Gulf Platform in Lake Borgne that Nathan Bowen designed.[1] When Scarborough ignored warnings from Bowen that the Roxxon Gulf Platform was unstable and that direct human contact could be dangerous without the shielding he recommended, this led to the collapse of the oil rig.[2]

Blaming Nathan Bowen

"These things belong to the Roxxon Corporation. We're taking them back."
―Peter Scarborough to Melissa Bowen[src]

Scarborough was responsible for ruining Nathan Bowen's name following his death in a car accident. He and Roxxon put all the blame of the oil rig explosion on Bowen, saying he went rogue on some research project and called him a mad scientist.[3]

Destroying Evidences

As CEO of the Roxxon Gulf division and competing with rival companies Stark Industries and Rand Enterprises, Scarborough continued to extract energy sources in New Orleans. In 2017, he sent a hitwoman posing as a water jug delivery person, Ashlie, to kill the lawyer Greg Pressfield and get rid of all evidences he had against Roxxon.[2]

Kidnapped by Tandy Bowen

"You and Roxxon destroyed my father's good name."
"Good name? How well did you know your old man, anyway?"
Tandy Bowen and Peter Scarborough[src]

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Falling into a Coma

"Where are we?"
"Your greatest hopes. This is the place where anything is possible. You want power?"
"I do."
"You want to be a God?"
"I want to be God."
"Right through that door."
―Peter Scarborough and Tandy Bowen[src]

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"With great power comes even more power."
―Peter Scarborough[src]

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