"In this day and age, you need to keep up with the Joneses. As well as the Starks and the Rands."
―Peter Scarborough[src]

Peter Scarborough is one of the biggest executives at the Roxxon Corporation. He was the Chief Executive of Risk Management and the face of Roxxon's Gulf division in New Orleans. Scarborough led the project to try and extract a mysterious energy composed of Darkforce and Lightforce, blaming Nathan Bowen when a Roxxon drilling platform was destroyed. He was left in a catatonic state by Tandy Bowen.


Roxxon Corporation

Blaming Nathan Bowen

"These things belong to the Roxxon Corporation. We're taking them back."
―Peter Scarborough to Melissa Bowen[src]

Peter Scarborough oversaw the creation of a drilling platform in Lake Borgne that Nathan Bowen designed. The Roxxon Corporation used the platform in their attempts to extract Darkforce and Lightforce as energy sources.[1]


Scarborough searches through Nathan Bowen's belongings

When Scarborough ignored warnings from Bowen that the platform was unstable and that direct human contact could be dangerous without the shielding he recommended, this led to the collapse of the facility in 2009.[2] Scarborough was responsible for ruining Bowen's name following his death in a car accident. He and the Roxxon put all the blame of the oil platform explosion on Bowen, saying he went rogue on some research project and called him a mad scientist.[3]

Crescent City Pathways

Crescent City Pathways

Scarborough showing his support

Scarborough also became a participant in activities supporting Crescent City Pathways, a charitable organization in New Orleans. He personally provided Crescent City Pathways with a check from the Roxxon Corporation and posed for a photo.[4]

Destroying Evidences

In 2017, Scarborough sent a hitwoman posing as a water jug delivery person, Ashlie, to kill the lawyer Greg Pressfield and get rid of all evidences he had against Roxxon Corporation.[5]

Tandy - Scarborough - CD105

Scarborough speaks to a young girl

One night, while he was at home, Scarborough had someone ringing at his door: Tandy Bowen, who posed as a St. Sebastian's Preparatory School student pretending that one of her tires had gone flat. Scarborough refused to let her in so she could use his phone and instead offered to change the tire himself. While he was busy, however, Bowen touched him and read through his hopes thanks to the Lightforce, entering a vision in which Scarborough picked up packs of bills from the water surrounded with deceased Roxxon Corporation workers, even drowning a vision of Ivan Hess who struggled against him.[1]

Scarborough later learned that Hess had regained consciousness after years of vegetative state and went to see him in the hospital, bringing him documents to sign and making sure that Hess would not be a problem for Roxxon's reputation.[2]

Kidnapped by Tandy Bowen

"You and Roxxon destroyed my father's good name."
"Good name? How well did you know your old man, anyway?"
Tandy Bowen and Peter Scarborough[src]

Scarborough was lured inside the Roxxon Gulf Building by Tandy Bowen, who threatened him with a Lightforce dagger and kidnapped him, taking him into an abandoned building where Scarborough was tied up to a chair. Scarborough asked her what she was after, and he was told that she knew about what had happened during the Destruction of the Roxxon Gulf Platform and how Scarborough had scapegoated her father. Although Scarborough tried to deny his accountability, he was confronted with pieces of evidence gathered by Bowen which Ashlie had failed to destroy.


Scarborough is threatened by Tandy Bowen

Since Bowen knew too much, although Scarborough noticed that she seemed to have little clue about who her father really was, Scarborough offered to bribe her, giving her enough money so she and her mother could live a wealthy life without having to worry about the future. He asked her what she really wanted, and she angrily replied that she wanted her father back before cutting through a pillar, causing the whole building to rumble. Scarborough was left inside the building, but was eventually able to break free. He later received a call from Bowen, who had learned about the abusive nature of her father, and was told that she accepted his offer.[2]

Falling into a Coma


Scarborough is confronted by Tandy Bowen and Mina Hess

"You want to be a God?"
"I want to be God."
"Right through that door."
Tandy Bowen and Peter Scarborough[src]

During the Terror in New Orleans, Scarborough once again attempted to destroy evidence which could incriminate Roxxon Corporation, smashing and damaging several hard drives. He then went to leave his office, but was confronted in the elevator by Tandy Bowen and Mina Hess. Scarborough outright admitted that Roxxon had been looking for a powerful energy source which would have made the company far more advanced than his business rivals, mainly Stark Industries and Rand Enterprises. He then informed Bowen and Hess that he had already tried to remotely end the outbreak, but to no avail.

C&D110 Scarborough Catatonic State

Scarborough is left in a catatonic state

Scarborough was punched by Hess because of his cynical way of considering the whole situation, and told Bowen that the only way of ending the outbreak was to go inside the Roxxon Gulf Operations Facility. Before they left, however, Scarborough was once again touched by Bowen, triggering another vision of his hopes. In the vision, Scarborough was asked by Bowen what he wanted, and he replied that he wanted to be God. He was then shown a door behind which lied all his hopes according to Bowen. However, the whole thing caused Scarborough to remain in a catatonic state. His unresponsive body was found in the elevator by Ashlie after the Terror in New Orleans ended.[6]


"With great power comes even more power."
―Peter Scarborough[src]

Scarborough was a true embodiment of greed and ambition, showing interest only in himself with total disregard for the human lives which where lost due to his actions. As such, in the aftermath of the Destruction of the Roxxon Gulf Platform, all Scarborough cared about was making sure that no one could blame him for the accident, instead scapegoating Nathan Bowen and making sure that all evidence against Roxxon Corporation were retrieved and destroyed, even going as far as murdering Greg Pressfield. Scarborough's lust for power even bordered on delusions of grandeur, as he once told Tandy Bowen that he wanted to be God, and outright showing that nothing could stop him in his search for more power. This, however, proved to be his downfall as his crimes eventually backfired on him due to Tandy's quest for the truth and the fact that Scarborough actually had very few allies, being unable to gain loyalty from many of his employees who dreamt about nothing but humiliating him and taking his place.





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