Peter Quill's Grandmother was the mother of Meredith Quill and the grandmother of Peter Quill.


Autograph Seeker

Autograph Seeker

Peter Quill's Grandmother asking for Captain America's autograph.

During her youth, she attended one of Captain America's USO Shows in Buffalo, staying there until its end. She then approached Captain America himself, and blushed as she asked him for his autograph.[1]

Losing Family

Meredith's Passing

Peter Quill's Grandmother was married and had one son and one daughter named Meredith Quill. In 1980, Meredith met Ego, an extraterrestrial Celestial entity and gave birth to her grandson Peter Quill.

In 1988, she was present at the hospital by Meredith's side as she was dying of cancer, and was present when Meredith flat-lined and ultimately died.[2]

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