"You got a present for Peter, don’t you?"
"Of course. There."
"I got you covered, Pete."
"You open it up when I’m gone, okay?"
―Granddad Quill and Meredith Quill[src]

Peter Quill's Grandfather was the father of Meredith Quill and the grandfather of Peter Quill. On the day his daughter passed away from cancer, Quill's grandson also vanished.


Losing Family

Meredith's Passing

"Peter, your mama wants to speak with you."
―Peter's Granddad to Peter Quill[src]

Peter Quill's Grandfather was married and had one son and one daughter named Meredith Quill. In 1980, Meredith met Ego, an extraterrestrial Celestial entity and gave birth to his grandson Peter Quill.

GotG Grandpa Quill 2

Peter Quills's Grandfather taking his grandson to see Meredith Quill.

In 1988, he was present at the hospital by Meredith's side as she was dying of cancer. He left Meredith's side to bring Peter into the room so Meredith could say her final goodbye. He then placed her final gift to Peter in his backpack. When Meredith flat-lined, he took Peter from the room before rushing back to Meredith's side.[1]

Running from the Expansion

Years later in 2014, Quill witnesses the Expansion taking place, consumining a large part of Missouri. He attempts to flee by driving away from it. As the Expansion overtakes his car and starts absorbing it, he looks around in horror and then confusion as it stops and subsides.[2]




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