"Cut the crap lady, what do you want to tell us?"
"I'm out."
―Peter Hong and Mariah Dillard[src]

Peter Hong was a leader of the Korean Mob who was attempting to make a new deal with Mariah Dillard only to be betrayed and murdered by Diamondback.


Business Meeting and Death

As a leader of the Korean Mob, Hong had a dealings with Cottonmouth. Later, he and other crime bosses in Harlem were present at a meeting organized by Mariah Dillard and Shades. The meeting was to discuss how Mariah would take over Cottonmouth's criminal empire following his death. However, Diamondback, wanting to take over all crime in Harlem, and start business with Mariah, showed up at the meeting uninvited. He moved across the room, shooting Hong in the head, throwing a knife in Jacques' eye, and then shooting Neville Barnwell and Juan Carlos Castro.[1] Following his death, his brother Eric became a leder of the Korean Mob.[2]