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"The 0-8-4 is fueled by Tesseract technology. HYDRA. World War II. Captain America. It's full of lethal amounts of gamma radiation."
Leo Fitz[src]

The Peruvian 0-8-4 was the code given by S.H.I.E.L.D. to the Tesseract-powered weapon discovered in Peru in 2013.



"My country commissioned that weapon decades ago. After the fall of HYDRA, many scientists followed their Nazi friends to hide on this side of the world."
"German engineering."
"The weapon was lost during a clash in the jungle until today."
Camilla Reyes and Phil Coulson[src]

This Tesseract-powered piece of technology was developed by a group of former HYDRA scientists after World War II. It was made for the Peruvian government who wanted to use it against the rebels. However, during the battle in which it was used, the weapon was lost, probably because of the instability of the energy that powered it. The weapon ended up inside the undiscovered Incan temple, partially stuck in one of the walls. Because of its placement in fossiliferous rock formations of the wall the weapon looked like it was stuck there for at least 1500 years.[2]


0-8-4 episode

Skye examines the weapon.

"This temple dates back at least 500 years. It's filled with pre-Incan artifacts. One of them is impossible."
―The Archaeologist to Phil Coulson[src]

In 2013, a group of archaeologists discovered the temple. After finding the "impossible artifact", their leader informed S.H.I.E.L.D. about the discovery. A group of agents led by Phil Coulson was sent to examine and retrieve the object. However, a group of Peruvian soldiers under the command of Camilla Reyes also came to reclaim the weapon. As the expedition was attacked by the rebels, the agents and soldiers took the weapon and escaped on the Bus. During the journey, the soldiers turned against Coulson's team so they could take the weapon, but they were ultimately defeated. Since it was deemed to be a very dangerous technology, the weapon was sent to the Slingshot for disposal.[2]

In HYDRA's Hands

P 193 Grant John

Grant Ward uses the 0-8-4 during a raid

"I found it in Peru. It’s some sort of plasma particle beam."
"Plasma particle beam, my ass. I look at it more as a gold card."
Grant Ward and John Garrett[src]

However, the weapon was not destroyed as originally thought; it was later used by the reborn HYDRA during its war on S.H.I.E.L.D. in 2014 after being stolen from the Fridge by HYDRA agents John Garrett and Grant Ward.

They used the weapon as a cutting tool to free the prisoners in the Fridge and to cut a hole into the floor to find the Gravitonium.[3]

Phil 084

Phil Coulson kills John Garrett.

Later, Ward mentioned the weapon in his ruse to kidnap Skye, so she could access encrypted information from her hard drive for the Centipede Project.[4]

Back with S.H.I.E.L.D.

"Hey, guys! I found it. Told you it'd be in here."
Phil Coulson[src]

Phil Coulson retrieved the weapon from the Cybertek Manufacturing Facility and used it to finally execute Garrett after he recovered from his apparent death at Deathlok's hand. Coulson took possession of the weapon, storing it in the Playground.[5]

Victor Ramon's Sale


Victor Ramon prepares to use the weapon

"I don't know what kind of deal you think this is, so why don't you just open the damn case."
"Patience. If you want to win your war on Inhumans, you will need the right weapon, like one of these."
Alpha Dog and Victor Ramon[src]

The weapon was somehow obtained by armed men. However, as part of a deal he had made with the Watchdogs, Colonel Victor Ramon of the National Police of Colombia killed the men and stole the weapon.[6] Later, Ramon presented the weapon to members of the Watchdogs. Alpha Dog asked him what it did, so Ramon pointed the weapon towards the captured Yo-Yo Rodriguez to demonstrate its powers. As the weapon was loading, an earthquake occurred and Quake entered the room.[7] Alpha Dog escaped the fight and tried to shoot Rodriguez in the back, but Rodriguez used her super speed to avoid the blast, disarm him, and let the blast kill Ramon.[8]


Justicia Ramon Death

The Peruvian 0-8-4 vaporizing Victor Ramon

According to Agent Leo Fitz's initial report, the weapon was fueled by a unknown power source emitting chart-breaking Gamma Radiation. However, he and Jemma Simmons later came to believe that it was powered by Tesseract Energy. To fire, the emitter amplified its power, creating a beam over 2 terajoules in magnitude, which was then shot from the front of the weapon, disintegrating any organic matter it came in contact to.[1]


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