"I am trying to do the job that you were meant to do."
―Pepper Potts to Tony Stark[src]

Virginia "Pepper" Potts is the CEO of Stark Industries. Originally working as Tony Stark's personal assistant, she would take care of his schedule and perform any task he wished. During this time, Potts became good friends with Stark and soon, they had begun developing romantic feelings for each other. However, neither was able to act on these feelings, as they each feared that the other would not accept them.

When Stark returned from captivity in Afghanistan, Potts was trusted enough by him to see his Iron Man suits and his workshop. She helped Stark defeat Obadiah Stane, who tried to kill Stark, by overloading the Arc Reactor, killing Stane. After Stane's death, Stark made Potts his new business partner, taking Stane's place. Believing his death was imminent, Stark stepped down as CEO and appointed her as his replacement. After Stark defeated Whiplash at the Stark Expo, both Potts and Stark finally admitted their attraction to each other and began a romantic relationship.

During the crisis surrounding the Mandarin's terrorist attacks, Potts was kidnapped by Aldrich Killian and injected with Extremis. She was freed by Stark during the Battle on the Norco and went on to kill Killian herself. Stark cured her of the effects of Extremis, who temporarily gave up being Iron Man just for her.

As the War on HYDRA began, the Avengers needed to be remobilized. Without S.H.I.E.L.D. active to run the team, Stark took over, allowing Captain America to retain field and team leadership while he designed everything else, including creating new armors and rejoining the team himself as an active duty combatant. Sometime after the Ultron Offensive, he and Potts broke off their relationship, which affected Stark and left him wondering why he could not make it work while his father could.

However, shortly after the Avengers Civil War ended, Stark and Potts resumed their relationship, where Stark eventually proposed to her. The two married following the Snap and had a daughter, Morgan Stark. The three of them resided on the Stark Eco-Compound until Stark departed for the Time Heist. Later, Potts joined the Avengers in the Battle of Earth as Rescue, wearing the Mark XLIX armor, when Thanos' forces invaded. After Stark died by her side, Potts was present at his funeral, where she set adrift Stark's first Arc Reactor onto a wreath into their residential lakeside.


Early career

Virgnia Potts earned a BA in accounting. Afterwards, she became a model, but desired more challenge from life than posing and smiling. As a result, Potts eventually left her modeling career to pursue a corporate profession.[6]

Potts' early jobs involved her working alongside Aldrich Killian, though she did not enjoy the experience as Killian would continually flirt with her.[3]

Working for Stark Industries

Potts was later hired by Stark Industries and began working as an administrative assistant in their financial department. One day, she discovered a numbers error on some projections and reported it to her supervisor but he dismissed her concerns, as did the general manager, Mr. Folan, who also fired Potts when she persisted. Undeterred, Potts made her way to the CEO's office and personally confronted Tony Stark with her findings. When security tried to remove her, she lied that she had pepper spray in her purse, prompting Stark to give her the nickname "Pepper". Impressed with her actions, Stark offered Potts a job on the executive floor as his personal assistant, which she accepted.[6][7]

In her new position, Potts kept Stark on track in spite of his chaotic lifestyle by efficiently managing her boss's business and personal affairs. Unfortunately, this included requiring her to send Stark's one-night-stands home the next morning. Overtime, Potts and Stark became trusted friends, though Stark would frequently forget when her birthday was, prompting Potts to get herself a birthday gift with his money.[1]

On January 30, 2009, Potts, along with Stark and Colonel James Rhodes, visited the Yuma Proving Ground to test a new Stark Industries weapon, the Jericho. After the test was finished, Potts gave the weapon's specifics to the officials of the US Military who watched the test.[8]

Kidnapping of Tony Stark

"You must be the famous Pepper Potts."
"Indeed, I am."
"After all these years, Tony still has you picking up the dry cleaning."
"I do anything and everything that Mr. Stark requires. Including occasionally taking out the trash. Will that be all?"
Christine Everhart and Pepper Potts[src]

Potts instructing Christine Everhart to leave Tony Stark's Mansion

On her birthday, Potts found Tony Stark had forgotten again. Annoyed, she used his money to buy herself a backless formal evening dress. Once Stark woke up that day, he asked Potts to have his latest one-night-stand, Christine Everhart, attended to while he went to work on his cars. Potts greeted Everhart when she awoke with her clothes dry-cleaned and pressed, informing her that a car is waiting to take her wherever she needs to go. Everhart attempted to mock Potts by commenting on how Stark still had her doing laundry for him. Potts ignored the taunts and escorted Everhart out of the mansion with a smile, subtly referring to her as the trash that needs to be taken out.

Potts speaks with Tony Stark in his workshop

Potts then prepared Stark for his imminent trip to Afghanistan. They discussed several pieces of business before he left, with Stark wishing to take his time as he believed that his private jet should wait for him to arrive. Potts mentioned she had plans for her birthday, making it clear that she had already bought a birthday present for herself on his behalf. After engaging in some playful banter over how Potts liked her self-bought gift, Stark then finished his coffee and left for Afghanistan to debut Stark Industries' new Jericho Missile. There, Stark was kidnapped by the Ten Rings and Potts was worried about his safety over the next three months.[1]

Tony Stark's Return

Potts and Happy Hogan greeting Tony Stark

"Your eyes are red. Few tears for your long lost boss?"
"Tears of joy. I hate job hunting."
Tony Stark and Pepper Potts[src]

When Tony Stark returned from Afghanistan after his capture and escape, Potts, along with Happy Hogan, greeted him at the plane's landing site. She expressed her gratitude that he returned and not having left her looking for a new job by shedding slight tears. Once in the limousine, Potts insisted Stark see a doctor. However, Stark refused the idea, telling her that there are two things he wanted to do after spending three months in captivity: Getting a cheeseburger and for her to call a press conference. Potts accompanied Stark to get cheeseburgers from Burger King and then the press conference, where they were greeted by Obadiah Stane and James Rhodes.

Potts being introduced to agent Phil Coulson

At the conference, Potts was approached by Agent Phil Coulson of the Strategic Homeland Intervention and Enforcement Logistics Division for an interview with Stark to debrief his escape from the Ten Rings. Potts promised to pencil Agent Coulson in for a meeting later in the month, also advising him to try having the name of his organization shortened as it's too long to remember. Still clearly shaken from his experiences, Stark asked everyone in attendance to sit on the floor as he spoke about his relationship with his father Howard Stark and what he had witnessed during his time as a hostage. Stark then announced that due to what he had seen Terrorists do with his weapons, he would ensure that Stark Industries would no longer produce weapons, much to Potts and everyone in attendance's shock.[1]

Helping Tony Stark

Potts assists with Tony Stark's recovery

"Don't ever, ever, ever ask me to do anything like that ever again."
"I don't have anyone but you."
―Pepper Potts and Tony Stark[src]

Watching the numerous reactions to Tony Stark's statement about changing Stark Industries's products, Potts was called by Stark to his workshop. To her shock, he needed help replacing his Mark I Arc Reactor with a better model. She helped him remove it, much to her disgust, telling him to never ask her to do that again. In a rare moment of Stark's ego is in check, he told Potts that he only has her. Asking what to do with the old reactor, Potts was told to destroy it.

Potts witnesses Tony Stark's experiments

Instead of destroying the reactor, Potts had it in a glass frame and engraved it with the epitaph: "Proof that Tony Stark has a heart". Potts visited Stark at his workshop to bring him a cappuccino and a bagel, leaving the framed reactor as a gift. This was enough to make Stark smile. When Potts came downstairs into Stark's warehouse a few days later, she found Stark working on a strange arm-mounted cannon. When Potts questioned why Stark was going back to making weapons, he assured her that it was not a weapon but a harmless flight stabilizer. However, when he fired the device, the shockwave proved too powerful and sent him flying back, causing Potts to scream in shock at her boss' mistake.

Potts has a meeting with Stark and Stane

Potts joined Obadiah Stane in Tony Stark's Mansion to discuss the meetings Stane had been having with Stark Industries' board of directors. Stane revealed that the board had voted to push Stark out of the company, citing that he was suffering from post-traumatic stress. Stark refused to accept this and left the meeting, taking a slice of pizza with him as he went to continue his mysterious new project.[1]

Dancing with the Boss

Stark and Potts at the gala

"We just danced."
"No, it was not just a dance. You don't understand because you're you. And everybody knows exactly who you are, and how you are with girls and all that... which is completely fine, but you know, then me, you're my boss and I'm dancing... Because it makes me look like the one who's trying to..."
Tony Stark and Pepper Potts[src]

At Stark's annual charity ball, Potts wore her "birthday present" and was asked to dance by Stark. Both felt nervous about talking about their feelings for each other and went to get some air where they nearly kissed before Potts asked for a martini. Stark left to get the drink but then exited the party after Christine Everhart provided him with pictures and information of the Ten Rings, outfitted with Stark Industries weapons, leaving Potts.[1]

Learning the Truth

Potts discovers Tony Stark is Iron Man

"You stood by my side all these years while I reaped the benefits of destruction. And now that I'm trying to protect the people that I've put in harm's way, you're going to walk out?"
"You're gonna kill yourself, Tony. I'm not gonna be a part of it."
Tony Stark and Pepper Potts[src]

Potts went down into Tony Stark's warehouse, and discovered her boss wearing a red and gold armor, which J.A.R.V.I.S. was attempting to remove. When Potts questioned him about it, Stark shook off the question, noting that this was not the worst thing Potts had ever caught him doing. Looking at the suit more closely, Potts saw that it was covered in bullet holes. Stark went on to explain that he was building a weaponized armor to fight the Ten Rings.

Potts discusses helping Stark's mission

Once Tony Stark was out of the armor, Potts spoke to him about what he was doing, telling him that if he continued his war with the Ten Rings, he would end up being killed, when Stark insisted that it was what he had to do after decades of earning his money from creating weapons of mass destruction and he would not stop, Potts told him that she would quit. Stark continued to defend himself, claiming that he knew in his heart that what he was doing was right, Potts reluctantly accepted this and agreed to help him.[1]

Investigating the Traitor

Potts hacks into Obadiah Stane's computer

"Sector 16? What are you up to, Obadiah?"
―Pepper Potts[src]

Stark revealed that he believed Obadiah Stane was responsible for selling Stark Industries' weapons to the Ten Rings and organized his kidnapping. Potts agreed to go to Stane's office and learn more. Arriving at his office, Potts logged into the computer and began searching through the files, discovering plans for a large scale Iron Man Suit and a video of the Ten Rings Terrorists discussing their deal to assassinate Tony Stark for Stane.

Potts speaks to Obadiah Stane

Potts began to download the files from the computer but was interrupted by the arrival of Obadiah Stane, who seemed to be unsure of what he had found her doing. While Stane poured himself a drink of whiskey and spoke about his reaction to Tony Stark's return home, Potts hid the memory stick and changed the computer to screensaver. She continued to act innocently as Stane commented on how much Stark had changed since his return. Potts then made her excuses and left the office, taking the memory stick with her. She then found Agent Phil Coulson waiting for their meeting and called him over, updating him on what she had discovered.[1]

Duel of Los Angeles

Potts searches for Obadiah Stane

"This isn't working, we're gonna have to overload the reactor and blast the roof."
"How are you gonna do that?"
"You're gonna do it."
Tony Stark and Pepper Potts[src]

Alongside Agent Phil Coulson and other S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents, Potts arrived at Stark Industries intending to arrest the traitorous Obadiah Stane. When Potts attempted to access the room Stane was working in, she discovered Stane had changed the security codes, so Coulson used a small bomb to get them inside.

Potts is attacked by the Iron Monger

They searched for Stane and discovered Tony Stark's Iron Man armor which he had built and used to escape in Afghanistan. Potts then found Stane in his own highly upgraded and weaponized Iron Monger suit, which he used to attack Potts and the Agents. Potts barely managed to escape but was soon cornered by Stane, who punched through the floor to trap her attempted to execute her, joking that her services were no longer required.

Potts assists Stark in fighting Stane

Tony Stark then arrived in a charge-less Mark III armor and battled Stane. Eventually, Stane's Iron Monger suit proved too powerful for Stark to defeat so he told Potts to overload the main Arc Reactor. Once Stane was in position, Stark ordered Potts to overload it, but she initially was reluctant, scared that the shockwave would kill Stark. When she did overload it, the shockwave killed Stane and charged up Stark's Mark I Arc Reactor, saving his life.[1]

Tony Stark's Announcement

Potts prepares Stark for a Press Conference

"Agent Coulson, I just wanted to say thank you very much for all of your help."
"That's what we do. You'll be hearing from us."
"From the Strategic Homeland Inter–"
"Just call us S.H.I.E.L.D.."
―Pepper Potts and Phil Coulson[src]

After the incident, she tended to Tony Stark's cuts while he prepared for a press conference. Phil Coulson gave him his cover story which named Iron Man as his bodyguard and claimed Obadiah Stane would soon disappear while on his yacht. When Potts thanked Coulson for all his work, he simply told her that she would be hearing from S.H.I.E.L.D. soon. To her surprise, Potts heard Stark saw that if his secret identity was public, his girlfriend would constantly worry about him; adding to the fact Stark meant her, he stopped having one-night stands. Potts was later present at a press conference where Stark announced to the world that he was Iron Man.[1]

Senate Hearing

Potts and Tony Stark at the Senate meeting

Pepper Potts joined Tony Stark at his Senate committee hearing, led by Senator Stern, where Stern and a rival business partner Justin Hammer attempted to convince him to hand over the Iron Man armor to the US Government. James Rhodes joined the debate, defending his friend Stark. Whenever Stark took his comments too far, Potts would give him a look to tell him to take his sarcastic comments back. By the end of the committee hearing, Stark managed to prove that he was the only one capable of producing Iron Man armors and was allowed to go free.[2]

CEO of Stark Industries

Stark names Potts the CEO of Stark Industries

"You do it."
"I do what?"
"Excellent idea, I just figured this out, you run the company."
"Yeah, I'm trying to run a company."
Tony Stark and Pepper Potts[src]

Potts went to confront Tony Stark in his workshop after she learned that he had donated his collection of modern art to the Boy Scouts, which she had worked hard to acquire. As their discussion escalated, Potts struggled to convince Stark to focus on Stark Industries instead of the Stark Expo, noting that the company was at a standstill due to his indecision despite raised stock prices. Stark then promoted Potts to Stark Industries' CEO, since she had already proved herself capable of of the position for years. Potts was surprised, yet delighted as she and Stark had a toast to this new development. Unbeknownst to her, Stark had developed terminal complications from the poisonous side-effects of his Arc Reactor's palladium core and believed Potts could ensure the company's future.[2]

Hiring Natalie Rushman

Potts and Stark discussing Natalie Rushman

"Who is she?"
"She is from legal and she is potentially a very expensive sexual harassment lawsuit if you keep ogling her like that."
Tony Stark and Pepper Potts[src]

Potts arrived at the mansion while Tony Stark and Happy Hogan were boxing together to request that Stark sign paperwork delivered by Natalie Rushman to confirm her promotion. Stark invited Rushman to box with Hogan while he and Potts discussed her, Stark learned that she spoke several languages and came highly recommended. While they were talking, Rushman threw Happy Hogan onto the ground during their fight, impressed Stark hired her on the spot.[2]

Duel of Monaco

Pepper and Tony Stark at Monaco

"She's actually doing a big spread on me for Vanity Fair. I thought I'd throw her a bone, you know. Right?"
"Right. Well, she did quite a spread on Tony last year."
"And she wrote a story as well."
Justin Hammer, Pepper Potts and Tony Stark[src]

Tony Stark, Pepper Potts and Happy Hogan traveled to the Monaco Grand Prix where they met with Justin Hammer, who testified against Stark in the Senate Hearing. Hammer boasted to them about having scored an interview with Christine Everhart of Vanity Fair; however, both Stark and Potts mocked them both, noting Hammer had lost his contract with the Government and Everhart had previously had a sexual relationship with Stark.

Potts rescues Tony Stark

During their time at Monaco, Stark decided to race his sports car, but was attacked by Ivan Vanko midway through the race, who used Arc Reactor technology to power a prototype weaponized suit and become Whiplash. Potts and Happy Hogan raced to Stark's aid, driving through the race track, dodging the other race cars before crashing into Vanko. When Ivan Vanko continued to attack them, Potts was able to give Stark another suit which he used to defeat Vanko, who was promptly arrested for his crimes.

Potts speaks to Tony Stark

On the flight back from Monaco, Potts watched a television interview with Senator Stern who once again expressed his disbelief in Iron Man. Eventually, Tony Stark presented her with a plate of food which he had made, much to her surprise - "where do you think I was for three hours?" They went on to discuss Stark's birthday which he was no longer sure if he wanted to celebrate or not; Stark suggested that they go on holiday together, but she insisted that as CEO she needed to show her presence in this time of crisis. Stark began to spiral and his increasingly reckless behavior pulled him and Potts apart.

Potts and Natalie Rushman continue work

Back at Tony Stark's Mansion, Pepper Potts and Natalie Rushman continued to defend Tony Stark's position as Iron Man after the attack of Ivan Vanko. While on the phone to various individuals, they were interrupted by Colonel James Rhodes, who demanded to speak to Stark. Rushman initially tried to usher him away, but Potts gave up his location with no worry about how much it would annoy Stark to be confronted.[2]

Disastrous Birthday Party

Potts and Stark at Stark's birthday party

"You're out of control, okay?"
"I'm not out of control."
"Trust me on this one."
"You're out of control, gorgeous."
―Pepper Potts and Tony Stark[src]

Later, Stark had a birthday party where he got completely drunk and decided to wear his Iron Man armor to entertain his guests by firing his repulsors at random objects, like champagne bottles and a watermelon, thrown in the air. When James Rhodes arrived, he was furious about the sight and demanded that Potts stop him immediately. Potts was not amused either and tried to calm him down. Stark ignored her advice and continued the party.

Potts watches Stark and Rhodes fighting

Seeing that Stark had no intention of stopping and was continuing to endanger his guests, James Rhodes stole his own Iron Man armor and confronted Stark. When he refused to listen, Stark and Rhodes began fighting while Potts helped to get all the party guests to safety. As the fight continued, Pepper Potts confronted Natalie Rushman, accusing her of starting the trouble; however, while they were talking, Rhodes and Stark fell through the ceiling, Happy Hogan ran to Potts aid and pulled her to safety.[2]

Peace Offering

Potts in her new office

"I am trying to run a company. Do you have any idea what that entails?"
"People are relying on you to be Iron Man and you've disappeared, and all I'm doing is putting out your fires and taking the heat of it."
―Pepper Potts and Tony Stark[src]

Stark brought Pepper a box of strawberries he got from a street vendor. Meanwhile, she was on the phone attempting to get the Mark II armor back from the military while she heard in the background a reporter questioning her qualifications as CEO on television. When Stark entered, despite protests from Bambi Arbogast, Potts gave him time, as she counted the seconds, to plead his case as to why he was acting erratically. She berated him for giving her the job as she took flack for his messes. Natalie Rushman and Happy Hogan then entered and escorted Potts to the Stark Expo.[2]

Battle at Stark Expo

Potts watches Justin Hammer's presentation

"I quit. I'm resigning. My body literally can't handle the stress. I don't know when you're going to kill yourself, or mess up the whole company!"
"I think I did okay!"
―Pepper Potts and Tony Stark[src]

Pepper Potts and Natalie Rushman traveled to the Stark Expo to watch as Justin Hammer unveiled his company, Hammer Industries, latest military marvel, a series of humanoid combat drones. Potts was unimpressed by Hammer's desperate need to imitate and outmatch Tony Stark in his presentation; however, she was shocked when Hammer unveiled that he had recruited James Rhodes as the pilot of his War Machine Armor: Mark I.

Potts and Rushman confront Justin Hammer

The presentation was interrupted by the arrival of Iron Man, who confronted Justin Hammer over supposedly working with Ivan Vanko. While Hammer denied this, before long the Hammer Drones were activated by Vanko and attacked Stark and the guests. Fearing for their safety and the safety of the guests, Potts and Natalie Rushman confronted Hammer and demanded they be shut down. When Hammer refused to give up the information, Rushman twisted his arm until he confessed to Ivan Vanko's location.

Potts speaks to Tony Stark

Rushman then departed to deal with them while Potts remained at the Expo, dealing with Hammer. Before long Rushman had broken into Hammer Industries and regained control of the War Machine Armor: Mark I, commenting that Tony Stark's new Arc Reactor had saved his life and he was no longer dying, having heard this, Potts demanded an explanation as to whether or not Stark was dying previously. Shortly after this, the police arrived and Potts insured that Justin Hammer was arrested for his crimes.

Stark kisses Potts for the first time

Pepper Potts decided to stay at the Stark Expo to ensure everyone was safe. While there, she saw a drone was glowing red, before she could react, Stark swooped in and saved her when the damaged drone she was looking at exploded along with all the others, destroying the entire area. Potts was extremely scared and quit the job of being CEO, giving it back to Stark. Stark and Potts then kissed after awhile and then James Rhodes interrupted them saying that they looked like "two seals fighting over a grape".[2]

Chitauri Invasion

Interrupted by Phil Coulson

Potts in Stark Tower

"Is this about the Avengers? Which I know nothing about."
"The Avengers Initiative was scrapped, I thought."
―Pepper Potts and Tony Stark to Phil Coulson[src]

Pepper Potts had a romantic date with Tony Stark at the top floor of the Stark Tower, but they were later interrupted by the sudden arrival of Agent Phil Coulson, who needed to speak to Stark about an urgent matter. Coulson was forced to crash J.A.R.V.I.S.'s systems in order to get into the tower since Stark was trying to close him outdoors.

Potts and Stark speak to Agent Phil Coulson

Potts had befriended Coulson during their previous meetings, and asked him about his personal life with his girlfriend who Coulson revealed had broken up with him. Potts convinced Stark to read what documents Coulson was giving him. Potts was well aware of the Avengers Initiative, due to Stark's inability to keep a secret (especially a government-related one that he cared little for). Though Stark wanted her to "stay the night", Potts managed to convince him to help S.H.I.E.L.D. save the world from Loki, by whispering a promise to him that he liked very much. She then caught a flight to Washington, D.C. to work on the zoning of three more Stark Industries buildings.[9]

Battle of New York

Potts watches the Battle of New York

"Sir, shall I try Miss Potts?"
"Might as well."
J.A.R.V.I.S. and Tony Stark[src]

Later, when the Chitauri had started their invasion, Potts was on a private plane, safe in distance from the battle. She watched the battle in horror from the television on the plane. When Tony Stark sacrificed himself to destroy an atomic missile sent on Manhattan, he tried to call her on the phone, but she did not hear it and did not call back. However, Stark survived the mission.

Potts and Stark redesign Stark Tower

With the Battle of New York over and Loki having been finally defeated, the Avengers were disbanded and everyone came back to their normal lives. Potts rejoined with Stark, helping him rebuild and redesign the now battle damaged Stark Tower into the Avengers Tower where his team to gather together ready to take on any mission with the intention of saving the world from destruction. While Potts and Stark designed the tower together, they shared their romantic moment while looking out over the city.[9]

Mandarin Terrorist Attacks

Reunion with Aldrich Killian

Potts is reunited with Aldrich Killian

"Imagine if you could hack into the hard drive of any living organism... and recode its DNA."
"It would be incredible. Unfortunately, to my ears it also sounds highly weaponizable. As in enhanced soldiers, private armies, and Tony is not..."
Aldrich Killian and Pepper Potts[src]

Close to Christmas, Potts was working at Stark Industries with the new head of security, Happy Hogan. She praised his enthusiasm for the job, but revealed he had increased complaints from employees by 300%. Potts tried to convince Hogan to dial back his strict enforcing while he believed that the human resources division should be replaced by Tony Stark's A.I. Systems. Their conversation was cut short as Bambi Arbogast informed Potts that an old acquaintance, Aldrich Killian, had arrived to see her. Potts was somewhat unenthusiastic about their reunion, yet surprised at Killian's improved physical form.

Potts has a meeting with Aldrich Killian

Killian explained that he had come to Stark Industries intending for Potts and Stark to join his organization, A.I.M., or at least invest in his concepts for world-changing ideas. Killian pitched a serum that his company had developed called Extremis, which seemed to offer enhancements to the human body. To prove his point, Killian encouraged Potts to see the results for herself in a holographic live feed of his own brain, showcasing the effects of Extremis from upgraded DNA, leaving Potts in awe.

Potts says goodbye to Killian

After the pitch, Potts and Killian continued to discuss the potentials of Extremis. Ultimately, Potts declined his offer as she believed the serum could be weaponized, which Stark would never support. Killian argued that Stark might not be the best person to vote on the matter, but Potts stood by her word that Stark Industries would not be investing in A.I.M.. Killian expressed his disappointment, but seemingly accepted her decision and gave Potts a kiss on the cheek before leaving with his bodyguard, Eric Savin. As she watched Killian leave, slightly flustered from the kiss, Hogan came over and told Potts that her car was ready to take her home.[3]

Christmas Presents

Potts flirts with Tony Stark

"Oh, hey, did you see your Christmas present?"
"Yes, I did. I... I don't know how I could have missed that Christmas present. Is it gonna fit through the door?"
Tony Stark and Pepper Potts[src]

Potts arrived at the mansion to be met with Tony Stark's Christmas present to her: An enormous custom bunny rabbit toy, much to her amusement and exasperation. Walking into the mansion, Potts found what she believed to be Stark sitting on the sofa wearing one of his Iron Man armors. The couple flirted for a while, with Stark offering her a massage and Potts asking him to open up the mask and kiss her, which he jokingly refused.

Potts comforts Tony Stark

Potts then went downstairs to search for a crowbar to open the Iron Man Mask, only to discover Tony Stark there, having been controlling the Iron Man Suit via remote control video feed. Potts confronted her boyfriend overeating without her and they had a brief falling out before Stark finally confessed to be suffering from nightmares and insomnia due to his experiences of witnessing gods, aliens and other dimensions after the Battle of New York. Potts accepted this and offered to help, before inviting Stark to join her in the shower.[3]


Potts is attacked by the Mark 42 Armor

This continued strain to Tony Stark's mental state resulted in him becoming increasingly distant from Potts, as his efforts to ensure that he could protect her ironically drove him to spend less time with her. While the couple slept together, Potts was awoken due to hearing Stark having a bad dream, this dream caused one of his Iron Man suits to power up and attack Potts. Although Stark awoke and de-powered the suit, the experience forced Potts to sleep downstairs away from Stark.[3]

Destruction of Tony Stark's Mansion

Potts and Stark see the incoming attack

"I got you."
"I got you first."
―Pepper Potts and Tony Stark[src]

After Tony Stark publicly threatened the terrorist the Mandarin in revenge for an explosion which critically injured Happy Hogan, Potts tried to convince him to leave the city with her. Upon packing their luggage, she met Maya Hansen, a scientist and one of Stark's past flings, who had arrived to warn him about the Mandarin as well. The two women briefly discussed Stark's faults as a lover before he and Potts began arguing over the situation. Shortly thereafter, armed helicopters suddenly attacked the mansion with missiles. In order to protect Potts, Stark commanded the Mark XLII to form around her.

Pepper controls the Iron Man Mark XLII armor as Stark's Mansion is destroyed

With Potts now safe in the armor, she shielded Stark from falling debris, saving his life. As they then tried to escape, a portion of the mansion's floor collapsed, separating them. Potts tried to go back for Stark but he urged her to save herself and Hansen instead, promising to find a way out. Potts grabbed Hansen and fled the structure, though she struggled to activate her repulsor and ended up launching them out the glass doors. Once they were safe outside, the suit then disengaged from Potts, being summoned to Stark. However, the mansion was destroyed and Stark left for dead. Potts ran through the wreckage to the edge of the cliff and screamed Stark's name in despair as he apparently drowned in the sea.

Potts finding the Mark VII helmet

Later that night, while fire crews cleared the rubble from the remains of Stark's mansion, Potts found the helmet of a destroyed Mark VII. As she mournfully held the helmet to her head, Potts heard a beeping sound inside. She donned the helmet and accessed a secret message from Stark, revealing he had actually survived, much to her shock and joy. Stark explained he could not return until he had found the Mandarin and went on to apologize for putting Potts in harm's way through his recklessness. Stark promised to come home to her once he had stopped the Mandarin's attacks.[3]

Captured by Aldrich Killian

Potts learns Aldrich Killian works for the Mandarin

"You think he's gonna help you? He won't."
"Having you here is not just to motivate Tony Stark. It's... well, it's actually more embarrassing than that. You're here as my..."
―Pepper Potts and Aldrich Killian[src]

Potts and Maya Hansen drove away to a safe place as Potts demanded to know what Hansen apparently wanted to tell Tony Stark before they were attacked. Hansen revealed that she was the one who originally designed Extremis and her boss, Aldrich Killian, was selling it to the Mandarin, much to Potts' shock.

Potts speaks to Maya Hansen

Potts and Hansen eventually found a hotel for refuge. While they made themselves comfortable, Hansen confided in Potts that although her aims when becoming a scientist were pure, she felt her designs had led to evil. Hansen reflected about the man who invented bombs for the Nazis to use in World War II, comparing her own creations to his. While comforting her, Potts advised Hansen not to judge herself too harshly, pointing out that Stark Industries worked in similar ways when they were designing and selling weapons.

Potts is kidnapped by Aldrich Killian

The two were interrupted by a knock at the door, which appeared to be room service. As Potts opened the door and welcomed the man in, she was horrified to see that Killian had found them, breaking the neck of the waiter. Potts shouted for Hansen to run before Killian restrained and began choking her. Hansen revealed that she was still working for Killian and not against him; they needed Stark to stabilize Extremis, and decided Potts could be used as an incentive.[3]

Battle on the Norco

Potts is held hostage by Aldrich Killian

"Oh my God. That was really violent."
―Pepper Potts[src]

Potts was abducted and taken to the Norco, a docked oil tanker where Aldrich Killian intended to keep her as collateral. She was injected with Extremis, causing Potts great pain as her body decided whether to accept it or detonate until she eventually passed out. A live feed of her torture was used by Killian to threaten Tony Stark, which led to Maya Hansen's death when she regretted her actions and wanted to save Potts.

Potts witnesses the President's arrival

Hours later that night, Potts regained consciousness as her Extremis infusion progressed through its second bonding stage. Faced with Killian, she warned that Stark would never agree to join him, but he admitted that Potts's true purpose with her Extremis treatment was to become his "trophy", leaving her devastated. Killian then ushered the Iron Patriot armor into the room, which deposited President Matthew Ellis onto the floor before them. Potts was shocked when she learned how the President was to be executed, before Killian stuffed Ellis back into the suit and sent him out.

Potts is found by Tony Stark

The execution was interrupted when Stark and James Rhodes launched their rescue attempt, leading to a fight with Extremis Soldiers for which Stark called for his Iron Legion. Minutes later, explosions rocked the room where Potts was imprisoned, freeing her from her restraints but trapping her under rubble. When Stark tried to lift it off, she frantically stopped him when some dislodged debris nearly impaled her. Stark sarcastically apologized for the situation, much to Potts' annoyance, and they reached for each other's hands so he could pull her to safety. Just then, Killian ambushed and attacked Stark while Potts helplessly watched.

Potts seemingly falls to her death

Stark sliced off Killian's flaming hand, which melted the floor and sent Potts tumbling out onto a gantry. During the Battle on the Norco, she clung to the structure as it was moved towards some sparking wreckage. Stark managed to locate her and pleaded a terrified Potts to once more let go and take his hand, promising to save her. Unfortunately as Potts struggled to reach him, the gantry lurched and she lost her grip just inches from Stark, causing her to plummet two hundred feet to the deck of the burning Norco, seemingly to her death.

Potts about to confront Killian

However, the Extremis in her system saved Potts from the lethal drop, regenerating any damage from the fall. When she recovered, Potts found a disfigured Killian advancing on Stark and furiously intervened with a surprise attack of her own, bashing him away with a metal pole. A passing Mark IX mistook her for an Extremis hostile but Potts used her powers to leap off Stark's knee and punch through the armor's chest, pinning it down. She ripped off the suit's repulsor and blasted Killian when he tried to attack her. Potts then kicked a discarded Stark explosive toward his face and used the repulsor to detonate it, causing an explosive munition that obliterated Killian.

Potts hugs Tony Stark

After being reunited, Stark and Potts reconciled. Stark promised Potts he could find a cure for the Extremis in her body, but also that he would no longer be obsessed with his job. He ordered J.A.R.V.I.S. to activate the Clean Slate Protocol, which caused every Iron Man armor to be destroyed in a firework-like explosion, in celebration of Christmas. Potts watched in amazement as Stark hugged and kissed her.

Potts and Stark continue their relationship

Stark was able to use his resources to cure Potts of the Extremis and they continued their relationship. Potts supported him when he made the decision to have the shrapnel removed from his heart, watching the operation with James Rhodes. When the procedure was done, Stark gave Potts the gift a necklace made from the pieces of shrapnel, symbolizing how she had changed his life for the better since they had started their relationship.[3]

Continuing as CEO

"Pepper, I'll call you back in ten."
Maria Hill[src]

Maria Hill became an employee of Stark Industries during the HYDRA Uprising,[10] working with Potts. Potts was on the phone with Hill after Hill left a Congressional hearing concerning her part in the fall of the agency. Potts listened as Hill complained about Congress and the number of agents of the FBI along with other agencies who were tailing her; all of whom were poorly trained in Hill's opinion. Potts was told that she would be called again when Hill stopped the conversation abruptly.[11] Later, Potts and Stark were having a minor playful argument at Stark Industries when Hill entered to tell them that J.A.R.V.I.S. was assembling the Avengers.[12]

Months later, Potts attended the annual NYC Tech convention to speak on behalf of Stark Industries.[13] She was absent from the Avengers' victory party celebrating their victory over HYDRA in Sokovia. Stark told his guests that it was because of Potts' duties running Stark Industries, but after Stark and Thor descended into an argument over whether Potts or Jane Foster was the better girlfriend, Hill sarcastically implied that both women were intentionally absent to avoid their boyfriends' "testosterone".[14]

Following the Battle of Sokovia, Stark began devoting all of his time towards upkeeping the Avengers and spending more time at the New Avengers Facility; Potts and Stark decided to take a break from their relationship.[15] In order to celebrate Earth Day, Potts presented Stark Industries' latest advances in intellicrops. Potts had no comment about consuming application of the Arc Reactor Technology as reported by WHiH World News.[16]

Marriage to Tony Stark

Tony Stark's Proposal

Potts asking the whereabouts of Peter Parker

"Everybody's waiting!"
"You know what, he actually made a really mature choice. Just surprised the heck out of us."
"Did you guys screw this up?"
―Pepper Potts and Tony Stark[src]

A few months later, Potts and Tony Stark were back together. Potts was asked by Stark to arrange a press conference in the New Avengers Facility where they would announce Spider-Man as the newest member of the Avengers. As Spider-Man declined the invitation and left, Potts asked Stark what they should do with the reporters. Stark asked Happy Hogan for a ring and planned to propose publicly, although Potts told him that she could improvise something better than that.[17]

Infinity War

Potts and Tony Stark discuss their future

"I'm fine. I just think we might have to push our 8:30 res."
"Just 'cause I'll... probably not make it back for a while."
"Tell me you're not on that ship."
Tony Stark and Pepper Potts[src]

One day while jogging in Central Park, Stark told Potts about a dream he had where they had a child named Morgan after Pepper's eccentric uncle. During the conversation, where Pepper once again questioned Tony's need to be Iron Man; he explained that the nano-machine suit he kept with him was only to be a last resort to protect her and their family.

Potts and Tony Stark meet Doctor Strange

However, they were interrupted by the arrival of Doctor Strange who told Stark that the fate of the universe was at stake followed by Bruce Banner, having returned, who greeted Potts and hugged Stark. Later, during the aftermath of the Attack on Greenwich Village, Potts contacted Stark while he was aboard one of Thanos' Q-Ships. Potts begged Stark to get off the ship and come back to Earth until the signal went off.[18]

Rescue of Tony Stark

Potts is finally reunited back with Tony Stark

"Oh, my God!"
"It's okay."
―Pepper Potts and Tony Stark[src]

Twenty-three days went by with Tony Stark still missing since he left Earth, so Potts went to the New Avengers Facility. When Captain Marvel arrived at the facility, she was tasked with locating the Benatar, which had a homing beacon enabled. Captain Marvel returned, carrying the ship down to Earth, where a nearly depleted Stark exited. Potts rushed to him and hugged him, glad to have him back safe.

Potts at Tony Stark's side as he recovers

When Stark collapsed after he was brought inside, they moved him to a bed, where Bruce Banner gave him a sedative, while Potts stayed by his side. When he would recover, Potts would return home with Stark and continue their life together, as he would then truly stop.[5]

Raising a Daughter

Potts and Tony Stark living a normal life

"I know you got a lot on the line. You got a wife, a daughter."
Scott Lang to Tony Stark[src]

Five years into the future, Potts had finally got married to Tony Stark and they moved into a lakeside cabin, where they raised their daughter, Morgan, who they indeed named after her eccentric uncle. They lived a normal life, which had never seemed possible before for them. One day, Potts and Stark were making lunch, when Steve Rogers, Natasha Romanoff and Scott Lang arrived to ask for Stark's help. Seeing that Stark was not interested in helping them, she sent Morgan to "save him", and the family returned to their lunch.[5]

Advising her Husband

Potts learns of Tony Stark solving time travel

"Tony, trying to get you to stop has been one of the few failures of my life."
"I sometimes feel I should put it in a locked box and drop it at the bottom of a lake... go to bed."
"But would you be able to rest?"
―Pepper Potts to Tony Stark[src]

That night, after Tony Stark put Morgan Stark to bed, he joined Potts, who was reading a book on composting, and told her that he had solved time travel, much to her surprise.

Tony Stark asks Potts what he should do

Potts then informed them of how they were fortunate to not lose each other from the Snap unlike many others. She believed that he could now help everyone, but Stark, who always tried to help everyone, attempted to look for a way not to in hopes not to destroy what he had created in the last five years. However, Potts knew that he couldn't just ignore it, as she has never been able to get him to truly stop, as he would not be able to rest knowing he could do something. Stark then decided to help the Avengers and left the next day.[5]

Battle of Earth

Rescue joins the battle against Thanos' army

"Hang on. I got you, kid."
―Rescue to Spider-Man[src]

After the Avengers successfully returned everyone who died from the Snap with the Infinity Stones, a battle commenced between them and Thanos. To help in the battle, Potts donned her armor that Tony Stark had made for her and arrived at the destroyed New Avengers Facility along with many other heroes.

Rescue fights alongside Iron Man

As Captain America led the charge, Rescue flew alongside Iron Man and War Machine, taking out Thanos' army from the skies. She teamed up with her husband, destroying multiple Necrocraft ships with repulsors. When Thanos ordered an airstrike, it broke a riverbank, which would flood the entire battlefield. Rescue spotted this and called it to attention, which Doctor Strange was then able to stop.

Rescue, Shuri and Wasp blast Thanos

Rescue saved Spider-Man when he was shot out of the sky, and threw him to Valkyrie so he could get the Nano Gauntlet to the Quantum Tunnel in Luis' van. When Captain Marvel was tasked with getting the Gauntlet to the van, Rescue, along with a group of heroes, came to assist her in getting through a giant horde. As Captain Marvel got closer due to the group's efforts, Thanos attempted to stop her, so Rescue, Shuri and Wasp coordinately blasted him away.[5]

Tony Stark's Death

Potts comforts her dying husband

"Tony, look at me. We're going to be okay. You can rest now."
―Rescue to Iron Man[src]

The battle was ultimately concluded when Iron Man obtained the Infinity Stones and wiped out Thanos and his army from existence. However, this action cost Iron Man his life due to the raw power of the Infinity Stones. Rescue flew to where Iron Man was resting and gently pulled away a weeping Spider-Man to comfort her husband.

Potts mourns the death of her husband.

F.R.I.D.A.Y. informed them that Stark's condition was critical, so Potts, understanding that these were his final moments, assured her husband that everyone was going to be fine, and that he can finally rest now. Stark then died as Potts consoled him with a smile. Potts kissed her husband's cheek and began to cry as she rested her head on Stark's body, mourning him deeply.[5]

Tony Stark's Funeral

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Potts watches Tony Stark's final message

Later, a funeral was held for Tony Stark at the Stark Eco-Compound, where they played his final message in front of his family (Potts, their daughter, Happy Hogan, James Rhodes and the remaining original Avengers). Seeing her husband again in the recording caused Potts to become emotional.

Potts sets Tony Stark's Arc Reactor adrift

They then went outside where many people there to honor Stark were standing. Potts walked with her daughter to the lake where they memorialized Stark by sending his old Arc Reactor adrift.[5]


"You are the most capable, qualified, trustworthy person I've ever met."
Tony Stark[src]

As one of Tony Stark's oldest and closest friends, Pepper knew Stark better than most and has always been there for him, whether he knew it or needed it. Though outsiders would view her as a degrading assistant or lackey, Stark himself appreciated her dedication and how long she took out with him when compared to everyone else and trusted her enough to run Stark Industries but his own self-obsession irritated and occasionally drove her away due to forgetting her birthday and buying her strawberries as a gift, the one thing on earth that she is allergic to.

Despite knowing her place, Potts does not take disrespect to herself lightly. A sarcastic woman, when Christine Everhart condescends to her, she retains her decorum but snidely insinuates Everhart to be trash she needs to take out. With Stark, despite being her boss, Potts is not above a barbed remark for him such as buying herself a birthday gift with Tony's money when he forgot and keeping his Arc Reactor in a glass case, reading; "PROOF TONY STARK HAS A HEART". She seems to dislike violence in general, becoming deeply shocked by the explosion of the Hammer Drones at the Stark Expo and disgusted over violently killing Aldrich Killian with Extremis.

Even though Potts has proven to be a defining point for Stark's development and maturity, the relationship between the two of them is a definite struggle. At times, although he originally took up the mantle of Iron Man because the world needed it, Potts became to realize that Stark needed to be Iron Man more, causing strain as his tinkering and his suits were only a distraction to what really mattered in his life. His actions over the anxiety of a world with gods and aliens were designed to protect the ones he loves, which included her. However, this also pushed her away further. Ultron was designed to be the last line of defense for Earth against these threats so Stark being Iron Man would no longer be a necessity, but as his mistake created more problems and thus more reasons why he needed to be Iron Man, Potts could no longer be in a relationship with him and they decided to take a break. Despite these setbacks, Pepper decided to look past them and she ultimately got back with Stark once the Avengers Civil War was over and even helped Stark introduce Peter Parker as the newest member of the Avengers though when he declined, Stark decided to propose to her. When Stark was presumed dead again by the world during the Infinity War, Pepper was one of the few who knew he was alive and she demanded Stark to come back to her when she learned he became Iron Man again.

5 years after the Snap, Pepper has since lived a quiet life with Tony and their only daughter, Morgan, in their lakeside cabin. Though Tony showed understandable reluctance at the prospect of possibly losing his family in their plot to undo the Snap, Pepper convinced him to do so anyway, showing that she has grown much more supportive of Tony and is willing to risk her own family's future if it means saving everyone else's. Pepper, despite having no experience in the battlefield, bravely charged alongside many of her allies in the Battle of Earth and carried herself with poise and dignity despite watching her husband die before her once the battle ended.

Powers and Abilities

Iron Man Armor: Mark XLIX Capabilities

Support Powers

Pepper flying with War Machine

  • Flight: With the repulsor technology included in the Mark XLIX armor, Pepper is able to utilize the repulsors in her suit to enable flight.
  • Heads Up Display (HUD): Like Stark's armors, the suit contains a heads up display within the helmet to allow Potts to analyze the environment. She can utilize the display for targeting assistance.

Defensive Powers

  • Superhuman Durability: Wearing the Mark XLIX armor, Pepper is granted an incredible durability to kinetic impacts as well as exposure to energy blasts or any other form of enemy fire. This durability is placed on display during the Battle for Earth when she along with the other heroes battling against the forces of Thanos were abruptly bombarded by a devastating missile strike ordered by the Mad Titan.

Offensive Powers

  • Repulsors: Besides flight, the repulsor technology in her suit enables Potts to battle offensively by unleashing energy blasts from her hands, similar to Iron Man and War Machine.

Former Powers

"As promised, I got Pepper sorted out, did some tinkering."
Tony Stark[src]

Pepper empowered by Extremis

Artificially Enhanced Physiology: Thanks to Extremis, Potts temporarily displayed various superhuman abilities, such as strength, agility, an enhanced healing factor, and the ability to generate intense heat. However, Tony Stark was able to negate all of its effects and had the Extremis removed from her body.

  • Enhanced Strength: Extremis enhanced Potts' muscles to the point of being able to make a hole in one of the Iron Man Armors and rip its arm to use it as a weapon
  • Enhanced Agility: Extremis enhanced Potts' speed and agility to the point where she was able to effortlessly dodge a repulsor attack.
  • Regenerative Healing Factor: Extremis allowed Potts to heal at a remarkable rate. She managed to survive a great fall, and walk away with no injuries at all.
  • Exothermic Manipulation: Hosts of the Extremis virus are able to consciously raise the temperature of parts of their bodies. The effect can be controlled to the extent that it might only scorch skin, or increased to the point where it can cause steel to turn into a molten state.



  • Iron Man Armor: Mark XLIX: During the Battle of Earth, Pepper joined the fight alongside many of the Avengers and their allies in a suit much like Tony's and displayed considerable proficiency in operating it, despite this being the first official instance she is shown using it.


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  • In the comics, Pepper Potts married Happy Hogan.
  • Potts was responsible for curating Tony Stark's art collection as his assistant for 10 years.[2][19]
  • She is allergic to strawberries.[2]
  • Potts was featured in Forbes with the headline "Pepper Potts Stirs Up Stark".[3]

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