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"Listen, the Pentagon is scared. After what happened in New York... aliens, come on. They need to look strong."
James Rhodes to Tony Stark[src]

The Pentagon is the headquarters of the United States Department of Defense, located in Arlington, Virginia. As a symbol of the United States military, "The Pentagon" is often used metonymically to refer to the Department of Defense.


Tony Stark's Dare

"I cracked the Pentagon's firewall in high school on a dare."
Tony Stark[src]

During high school, Tony Stark was dared by his classmates to crack the Pentagon's firewall, which he did. Something that, even years later, still made him consider the facility's cyber-security sub-bar.[1]

Planned Trip

"We might have to make a quick stop."
"At the Pentagon. Right?"
Howard Stark and Tony Stark[src]

After recreating a version of the Super Soldier Serum, Howard Stark planned to visit the Pentagon to deliver the serum before going on vacation to the Bahamas with his wife, Maria. However, on the way there, Howard and Maria Stark were assassinated by the Winter Soldier under the orders of HYDRA operative Vasily Karpov, in order for HYDRA to acquire the serum and create more super soldiers.[2]

Attack on the Aerodynamic Marvel

General Turner, one of the officers in charge of assigning missions to Tony Stark during his earliest days as Iron Man, called Stark to ask him to retrieve a piece of surveillance technology in Congo. In reality, Turner lied about the incident, as an attack by the Congolese Army shot down a prototype vehicle designed by Justin Hammer, leaving its pilot alone in unfriendly territory.

Turner's true objective was to make Stark kill the Congolese Army members in the area without blaming the United States Armed Forces, masquerading as an act of self-defense during the mission. However, Stark was able to see past his lies and rescued the pilot without bloodshed, infuriating Turner and the Joint Chiefs.[3]

Primary Systems Contractor

"What you want them do?"
"Well, long term, I want them to put me in the Pentagon for the next twenty years."
Ivan Vanko and Justin Hammer[src]

Justin Hammer's next attempt to assure himself a position as the Department of Defense Primary Systems Contractor at the Pentagon for over twenty five years was the development of manned armored suits similar to that the ones developed by Tony Stark, after his contract was suspended when Stark revealed Hammer's secret attempt to duplicate the technology before the Senate Armed Forces Committee in Washington, D.C.

For that plan, he enlisted the help of convicted criminal Ivan Vanko to solve the failures of the armors, but he ended up transforming them into Drones to fulfill his own agenda.[4]

Hunt of the Hulk

Thaddeus Ross' Update

Thaddeus Ross working in the Pentagon

General Thaddeus Ross coordinated the hunt of Bruce Banner from his office at the Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia. Banner was able to elude capture for some years, even although the United States Armed Forces located some of the safehouses used by Banner.

Ross monitored the efforts from the Pentagon, establishing an investigation report with files about his sightings, different evidences found, and continuous control of Banner's known accomplices, particularly, Betty Ross and Leonard Samson, and trying to figure Banner's intentions.

Kathleen Sparr comments on Bruce Banner

Major Kathleen Sparr informed General Ross of a severe case of Gamma poisoning by a man in Milwaukee, who suffered it after drinking from a bottle that got impregnated with Banner's blood while he suffered a cut in the bottling factory he was working on Brazil. Ross quickly deduced that Banner was hiding at the location of the bottling factory, and he should be the only Caucasian working there. Both Ross and Sparr left the Pentagon in order to assemble a military unit to capture Banner.[5]

Mission Debriefing

Emil Blonsky speaking with Thaddeus Ross

General Thaddeus Ross and Emil Blonsky reunited in the Pentagon after the unsuccessful capture of Bruce Banner, with Blonsky reaffirming his compromise to the mission, advising Ross to choose men ready to fight Hulk without fear.

General Ross decided to disclose Blonsky the exact nature of Banner's work, an attempt to recreate the results of Project Rebirth in order to create "super-soldiers", and that Banner was unaware of Ross motivations to finance the project, as he thought he was investigating to improve radiation resistance. Ross offered Blonsky a chance to undergo an experimental procedure, administrating a dose of the Super Soldier Serum to improve his physical capabilities in order to battle Hulk next time he was located.[5]

Emil Blonsky's Recovery

Emil Blonsky recovering from his injuries

"How are you feeling?"
"Pissed off, and ready for round three."
Thaddeus Ross and Emil Blonsky[src]

General Thaddeus Ross returned to the Pentagon after another failed mission to capture Bruce Banner in Willowdale, and was briefed on Emil Blonsky's condition, who was critically injured by Hulk in the battle, with almost all his bones broken with a violent blow. Ross reviewed the WHiH World News report about the incident, and was briefed by Major Kathleen Sparr about a change in Blonsky's condition, prompting him to check it himself: Blonsky healed himself miraculously.

Emil Blonsky experiences his body changes

The effects of the Super Soldier Serum administered to Blonsky led Ross to organize a major manhunt of Banner and Betty Ross, enlisting the help of the FBI, local police departments and S.H.I.E.L.D., as now Banner was not fleeing, he was looking for help.

Banner's last communication with an accomplice known as "Mr. Blue" allowed to track his direction and identity to that of Samuel Sterns a professor from the department of cellular biology at Grayburn College in New York City, ordering a blockade of the access to New York.[5]

Taunting the Mandarin

"There's no politics here, it's just good old-fashioned revenge. There's no Pentagon. It's just you and me."
Tony Stark[src]

The Pentagon was involved in a heavy manhunt of the terrorist leader known as the "Mandarin", suspected responsible of at least nine terrorist acts using a series explosive artifacts that left no trace.

Happy Hogan was hospitalized due to the injuries he suffered in the explosion of the TCL Chinese Theatre in Los Angeles, prompting Tony Stark to publicly threaten the Mandarin, leaving aside politics and the Pentagon, as he simply wanted revenge.[6]

Project Insight

Pentagon being targeted by Project Insight

The Pentagon was one of the intended targets of Project Insight, as many of its employees were deemed a threat for HYDRA's plans. The Insight satellites marked numerous individuals as candidates in the Pentagon. The building was not shot as Captain America and his allies were able to change the intended targets and destroy the targeting Helicarriers, stopping HYDRA in time.[7]

Establishment of the Storage Warehouse

"Okay, we, uh, traced the number to a spot near the Pentagon."
Billy Koenig[src]

The United States Armed Forces established a special Storage Warehouse near the Pentagon that operated by a Joint Task Force under Brigadier General Glenn Talbot's leadership. The Armed Forces seized thousands of assets and equipment from S.H.I.E.L.D. when HYDRA revealed its continued existence within the agency's ranks and stored them in the warehouse.[8]

Ultron Offensive

"Every country with a nuke is fighting a cyber attack. War Machine is being deployed to the Middle East in case certain people start blaming each other, instead of you."
James Rhodes to Natasha Romanoff[src]
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Glenn Talbot's Interview

Glenn Talbot noting Jeffrey Mace's death

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