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"Sometimes, I feel like I could burn that diner down, and it would just respawn by morning."
Karen Page[src]

Penny's Place was a restaurant in Vermont, founded by Paxton Page and Penelope Page. Following Penelope's death, Paxton enlisted the help of his children Kevin Page and Karen Page to run the diner.


Managed by Karen

"Maybe you should just let the diner go under."
"Yeah, we should. But it's all he's got left of my mom."
Todd Neiman and Karen Page[src]

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"You have no clue how to run this place. I run the front. I do the books."
"Karen, stop. This is ridiculous."
"No, Dad. Dad, you are lost in a fog. The diner has been failing for years, and you won't admit it. You keep clinging to it, 'cause you think Mom's gonna find her way back somehow."
Karen Page and Paxton Page[src]

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