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"Mom hated this place. She hated this town. You never saw it."
"She loved this place. This was her home."
"No, she loved you. That is the only reason she stuck around. She felt like she was dying here a long time before she got cancer."
Karen Page and Paxton Page[src]

Penelope "Penny" Page was the wife of Paxton Page and the mother of Karen and Kevin Page.


"You ever wonder why Mom kept buying lottery tickets?"
"For somethin' to hope on when she went into remission."
"You know what she was hoping? She was hoping that if she ever got a second chance, she would get us the hell out of here."
Karen Page and Paxton Page[src]

Penelope and Paxton Page lived in Fagan Corners,Vermont, were they raised their two children Karen and Kevin. While Page and her husband are religious people[2], their daughter didn't follow these values. Penelope died of cancer before the death of Kevin in a car accident at the age of 16, and the departure of Karen to New York City.[1]




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