"I didn't see anything."
"Really? Not even that cop car flying through the air?"
"It's funny how they do that sometimes."
―Pena and Louise Fisher[src]

Captain Pena is a Honolulu Police Department officer who is in charge of the Oahu County Correctional Facility.


Arrest of Black Bolt

"Put him in gen pop, but stick it to him. If he gets rattled hard enough by our other guests, maybe he'll be more inclined to talk."

King of the Inhumans Black Bolt was transferred into the Oahu County Correctional Facility after he caused traffic accidents and assaulted policemen. Like his colleagues, Pena tried to get answers from Black Bolt, including his name, but Black Bolt remained silent. When several journalists gathered in front of the prison to have information about his new detainee, Pena answered that there was nothing he could tell them about him.

Pena was then approached by Louise Fisher, who explained that she wanted to meet Black Bolt and speak with him. However, Pena denied her request and returned into the prison. He ordered the guards to put Black Bolt with the other prisoners, hoping that they would pressure him into talking.

As the night fell, Pena went to find Fisher, who was still parked in front of the prison hoping to meet Black Bolt. Pena warned her that if she was still there once he returned from his break, he would have her car taken away with her in it if necessary.[1]