"Take him down, Peachy!"
―Prison inmate[src]

Peachy is an inmate in San Quentin State Prison.


Prison Fight


Peachy is known as the "muscle" in San Quentin State Prison. When Scott Lang approached Peachy about the Vista job, a prison fight started between the two.[1]


"I'm gonna miss you, Scott."
"I'm gonna miss you, too, Peachy. Man, you guys got the weirdest goodbye rituals."
―Peachy and Scott Lang[src]

When Luis was released from prison, Peachy fought him as part of the goodbye ritual among the inmates. Luis reportedly took Peachy out with one punch, but not before Peachy caused a scar on Luis that remained for over a year.

A year later, Peachy was present when Lang was being released from jail and gave him a "going away punch" as a farewell present/ritual before Lang gave him a punch back. He then hugged Lang and wished him the best of luck on parole.

When Luis went to pick up Lang from the jail, Lang told his friend about the ritual. Luis then claimed that he once knocked out Peachy, to Lang's disbelief.[2]





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