"I need you to... leave. I don't want you here, Karen."
―Paxton Page to Karen Page[src]

Paxton Page is a husband of Penelope Page and the father of Karen and Kevin Page and the proprietor of Penny's Place.


Early Life

"Dad, you are lost in a fog. The diner has been failing for years, and you won't admit it. You keep clinging to it, 'cause you think Mom's gonna find her way back somehow."
Karen Page[src]

Paxton Page and Penelope Page lived in Fagan Corners, Vermont, where they raised their two children Karen and Kevin. While Page and his wife were religious people[1], their daughter did not follow these values. Following the accidental death of Kevin in a car accident at the age of sixteen which was covered up by Sheriff Bernie, Paxton tells Karen to leave Fagan Corners as he doesn't want Karen around. While Paxton saw the departure of Karen to New York City, Penny's Place was closed until further notice.[2]

Contacted by Karen

"Dad, I was just trying to do the right thing. It just... It went all wrong."
"That's what you do, Karen."
Karen Page and Paxton Page[src]

Following the Attack on the New York Bulletin Building, Karen calls up her father who is relieved that she is not dead. When Karen asks if she can come home for a while, Paxton states that now is not the time for that.[3]


While a loving father Paxton was overconfident, stubborn, and seemingly financially irresponsible. Unwilling to let go of the restaurant diner he started with his wife. After the death of his son Kevin due to Karen’s irresponsible actions, this put a strain in their relationship. Even years later while happy she survived the attack of the Bulletin, Paxton was still unwilling to let her return home.





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  • In the comics, Paxton Page is a scientist who perfected the cobalt bomb and later faked his own death to become the supervillain Death's Head. He battled Daredevil and retained his sanity when the life of his daughter Karen Page was in danger.


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