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"Strange or not, he's still a target."
"Not just a target, a talker. You know what that means."
"Kill him slow, make him bleed."
―Pax and Sarge[src]

Pax was a mercenary who joined Sarge's Squad and traveled onto the Earth with the rest of their team in an attempt to save the planet from Izel and the Shrikes. Although Pax constantly questioned Sarge's methods, he had still obeyed his leader's orders during their Robbery of Charmont Jewelers as well as their Attack on Deke Shaw. Pax was captured by S.H.I.E.L.D., as he had then revealed information about Sarge's plan in an attempt to save his own life. Pax was freed by his leader, but was captured again by Yo-Yo Rodriguez. Upon being brought in front of Sarge, the latter shot and killed Pax with his gun.


Sarge's Campaign

Destruction of Chronyca-2

"That image scarred me for life. I mean not as badly as the guy who had his face fried off, because he's dead."
―Pax to Jaco[src]

Due to an invasion across the galaxy of the Shrike that were destroying entire planets, Pax joined up with Sarge's Squad as they then traveled the galaxy in an attempt to destroy their creator, Izel.[1] He became good friends with fellow teammate Tinker.[3] During their crusade, they tracked Izel to Chronyca-2 and killed her crew.[2] Unfortunately, they arrived too late since the Shrike had already began to destroy the planet. Izel then managed to escape and Sarge's crew were forced to flee the planet before it’s ultimate destruction.[3] During their missions, Pax also used their Shelter Charges multiple times, becoming utterly horrified by the effect that they had on bodies.[4]

Destroying a Museum

"This is gonna take a minute. And I'm ninety percent that a band of natives just pulled up with an axe to grind. Do you want to buy us some more time, Snowflake?"
"With pleasure."
―Pax and Snowflake[src]

Pax and Snowflake both arriving on the Earth

Pax came to Earth through a portal, accompanied by Snowflake, as they were immediately met by Jaco, who was waiting for them and noted that he was not sure if they would make it through or not. As Pax asked Jaco to put down the blaster, Snowflake asked where Tinker was, as Jaco explained that he had failed to make it through his portal, becoming encased in concrete and was killed. Pax then asked about Sarge's crossing, as Jaco explained that it was in the middle of a museum, to which Pax agreed to go and blow it up.

Pax and Jaco prepping their bombs together

Together, the Squad headed to the Museum of Natural History where Sarge would be arriving shortly, While Pax noted that it was time to make some ripples. As they headed into the center of the museum, Pax began to plant their bombs as S.H.I.E.L.D. arrived on the scene, with Pax asking Snowflake to distract them while he and Jaco then finished setting up the bombs. While Snowflake distracted the agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Pax and Jaco made their escape before the museum was obliterated, allowing Sarge's Truck to burst straight through, as the Squad regrouped and made their escape from the scene.[5]

Pax calmly threatening Amit's life at gunpoint

Having successfully managed to bring Sarge to Earth, Pax and the rest of their Squad then went about collecting supplies, as they went inside a nearby gas station and began taking what they wanted, with Pax holding Amit hostage while all the others stole anything that they wanted. Pax had noted that Earth had everything that they wanted, claiming that this mission would be childs play for them. Sarge then asked Pax about the kind of currency that Humans used, as Pax had explained that they used paper with faces printed on them, as Sarge noted that at least this paper would be lighter than using coins.

Pax leaves the gas station with Sarge's Squad

Pax watched on as Sarge noticed that Amit was considering fighting back against them, before he took Amit's shotgun, which he noted used simple combustion technology to fire, much to the delight utter of Snowflake. Having gotten everything that they all wanted for their current mission, including food supplies as well as maps and Amit's stereo, the Squad then walked out the gas station together. Once the rest of the Squad had gone, Pax entertained himself by threatening to shoot the terrified Amit, before rejoining the rest of their Squad, as they got in the truck and drove away, turning the truck invisible.[3]

Tensions in the Squad

Pax complaining about Jaco's oxygen supply

"We have to scramble and torch the place early because she can't keep her knife in her pants? You let her get off! We had a talker, Sarge, but she made him spill his guts literally."
"To be reincarnated."
"And it all went to hell, and now we're down a man."
―Pax and Snowflake[src]

As their Squad continued making their way through Ohio, Pax swiftly became annoyed since Jaco had continued to breath in gases to get used to the Earth's atmosphere. Becoming annoyed by that smell and lack of clean air, Pax began complaining since he had only just eaten for the first time in days, although Sarge insisted that Jaco needed to do that since he had not had his home atmosphere in years and they needed Jaco at full strength before they went ahead.

Pax furiously blames Sarge for Tinker's death

Pax was then ordered by Sarge to check the battery on their truck to ensure that they stayed invisible, although he complained that he did not know how that worked since this had been Tinker's job before he turned to stone, as Jaco noted that it was actually cement. Pax then became horrified as he noticed that Snowflake was going through all of Tinker's gear, but she explained that she was actually confirming that they were out of PEGS, since Tinker had kept all their remaining PEGs in his pockets. Frustrated by that situation, Pax had noted that this was not his fault, before Sarge questioned what he meant.

Pax yelling at his teammates out of frustration

Becoming frustrated, Pax finally spoke up and told Sarge that Tinker and the rest of them should have made the journey onto Earth in the truck, although Sarge noted that if they did that then they would have been encased in the Museum of Natural History. Snowflake had then noted that they always sent someone in first, although Pax noted that this was usually Jaco on his own as he was basically indestructible. Pax complained that they made a scene as Snowflake got Fox killed, noting that Sarge allowed her to get away with this which resulted in the plan going completely to hell and them losing Tinker as a result.

Pax and Sarge's Squad discussing their plan

While Pax had claimed that while he would not have done anything differently than how Sarge was doing things, he was unwilling to go out digging for PEGs again. This resulted in Jaco getting to his feet, unwilling to allow Pax to speak to Sarge that way, as Pax had then immediately stopped speaking, fearful of Jaco's strength. Jaco then handed Pax an article about Charmont Jewelers, as Sarge noted that Earth seemingly did have everything they had needed, ordering Pax to help him secure an exit, as Pax claimed that his outburst was due to his grief over the death of Tinker, who had been his friend.[3]

Checking the Area

Pax and Sarge both secure the area together

"You know, why not take a breath here? This place has sugar water, blue sky. Maybe kick back before it's reduced to ash."
"Sounds like powering down."
"Or charging up, right? I mean, didn't you ever take a load off back in your home turf, your past life or whatever?"
―Pax and Sarge[src]

Arriving at the containment unit site, Pax joined Sarge while they had attempted to check the area to ensure that it was a good stop for the escape route. Sarge noted that it was good to have breathable area once again, while Pax noted that it would be a shame to see Earth be destroyed, as they discussed if there would be any resistance from the area, to which Sarge then confirmed that this would be the ideal area for their mission to go ahead, claiming it would be fun.

Pax getting his serious warning from Sarge

Pax commented that each member of their Squad had their unique definitions of the word fun, as Sarge had then noted that Pax would undoubtedly bore him with his definition. As they walked through the area, Pax suggested that they should all enjoy the planet, as it had several luxuries for them to enjoy before it was reduced to ash, while questioning if Sarge had allowed himself to relax back on his home planet in his past life, noting that one day Sarge would have to tell them about his past, although Sarge had made it extremely clear that he was not interested in sharing this information with anybody.

Pax awkwardly attempting to talk his way out

Before they could continue their conversation, Pax and Sarge were then interrupted by the arrival of a security guard, who questioned if either of them had any identification confirming that they were both allowed to be in there. Attempting to resolve the situation peacefully and without any death, Pax smiled and claimed that there was simply some miscommunication and that they were almost done. However, the security guard was unconvinced by Pax's excuses as he tried to call the police, resulting in Sarge shooting him with a Plasma Gun, as the security guard dived for cover as Pax and Sarge escaped.[3]

Jewellery Store Robbery

Pax watches on closely as the robbery begins

"This place was supposed to have the good stuff. Where the hell is it?"
"Time's a factor now."
―Pax and Sarge[src]

As their robbery went ahead, Pax entered Charmont Jewelers in the guise of the customer after Sarge and Snowflake, which had allowed them to surround the security team while Sarge spoke to Dana, who they intended to capture in order to force her to give them what they wanted. Once he got the signal from Sarge that they were ready to go, Pax had watched Snowflake slaughter all of their security guards, commenting that not everyone she killed became a butterfly as she hoped, before they took Dana as a hostage, despite her pressing the alarm button.

Pax and Sarge bringing Jaco into the robbery

Pax followed Sarge and Snowflake as they forced Dana to open the safe where she kept the most valuable items, as Pax had placed an explosive device on the safe door to ensure that nobody could open it and stop them. While Snowflake kept her knife to Dana's throat and had promised that death was simply the beginning of a beautiful journey, Pax and Sarge then created a portal on the wall, which had allowed Jaco to step into the vault from their truck, before they then began going through all of the drawers in the vault to find what they were looking for, although they still struggled to find anything.

Pax and Sarge's Squad search for the PEGs

Having spent a good amount of time searching, Pax complains that they had only found the diamonds that were pretty much useless to them. Having gotten little results, Pax complained that this place was supposed to have the PEGs that they needed, as they then realized that S.H.I.E.L.D. had just arrived on the scene and were attempting to break into the vault, putting the Squad on a time limit to complete the robbery. Eventually, Sarge and Jaco managed to explain to Dana what it was that they wanted to get away with, as Dana had then told them where all of their crystals were kept, much to Pax's delight.

Pax stepping back through their Transporter

Pax and Sarge then went through the portal and back onto the truck in order to test out these crystals, as Pax told Jaco to take anything that he could find as it would all be worth something on Earth. While Pax looked everything cover, Sarge stepped outside in order to test the crystals in his gun, only for Pax to hear a knock at the door just a few seconds later. Once Pax went to open the door, assuming that it was Sarge having completed his test faster than he had expected, he was punched in his face by Melinda May, who furiously demanded to know where Sarge was while Pax had gotten back onto his feet.

Pax calling for help while fighting Melinda May

Having recovered from the first punch, Pax had readied himself and began fighting against May, who had quickly proved herself to be a vastly superior fight to Pax, as she managed to block all his punches and then threw him around the truck with ease. Seeing that he was outmatched by May, Pax attempted to get a weapon, only for May to trip him which caused him to flip over onto his back. Landing on his back, Pax called out to Jaco and Snowflake for some help, only for May to then land a heavy punch to the face, which had knocked Pax unconscious before Jaco and Snowflake could come help him.[3]

Assassination of Harold Simcoe

Pax and Jaco hunt down the Shrike together

"That's our mark."
Jaco to Pax[src]

Having begun tracking the targets, Pax teamed up with Jaco as they had gone after Harold Simcoe in Reno. Following the signal that was being given out, they had eventually tracked down Simcoe as he was attempting to board a bus and go to South Sioux City, as Jaco had confirmed that Simcoe was their mark while Pax armed himself with his laser gun. However, Simcoe saw Pax and Jaco watching him, as he turned around and made a desperate attempt to escape while Jaco and Pax followed closely after him.

Pax and Jaco watch Sarge kill Harold Simcoe

However, this proved to be part of their plan as Pax and Jaco forced Simcoe to run straight into an alleyway where Snowflake managed to corner him before Sarge stepped out and pinned Simcoe against the wall, noting that they had been looking all over for him. Pax and Jaco then watched on as Sarge drew a blade and stabbed Simcoe in the chest, killing the winged creature hidden inside his chest and causing crystals to shoot out of Simcoe's body, as Snowflake noted that he was no longer a butterfly. Once Simcoe was dead, Sarge then turned to Jaco as he questioned who their next target was going to be.[6]

Attack on Deke Shaw

Pax shooting Ray while attacking Deke Shaw

"Wait, wait, stop."
"You may be a talker, but you're still a target."
Deke Shaw and Pax[src]

Pax had then joined the rest of their Squad in focusing on their next target, Deke Shaw, as they had allowed Sarge to engage with Shaw initially in order to get close to them. However, despite Shaw initially believing that Sarge was his old friend "Coulson", eventually the truth came out as Shaw attempted to escape. When Shaw ran into Jaco by mistake, Pax attempted to shoot him dead, inadvertently killing Ray instead when he stepped into the path of blast while attempting to arrest Jaco, which had allowed Shaw to run away into the corridors of the building.

Pax making their plan with Sarge and Jaco

While Shaw was running away, being cornered by Snowflake along the way, Pax regrouped with Sarge and Jaco, as they had noted that Shaw was not from this world, although Jaco also noted that there was actually something different about Shaw's signature. As Sarge commented that this was strange, Jaco instead claimed that strange could be the new normal, while Pax had insisted that Shaw was the target regardless. However, Sarge insisted that they focus on the job, noting that Shaw was both a target and a talker, with Pax noting that this meant they would all make Shaw bleed before killing him.

Pax hunting Deke Shaw throughout the facility

Before long, S.H.I.E.L.D. had arrived on the scene in order to assist Shaw, as Pax and Snowflake took their positions in order to ambush the agents. Seeing that Melinda May was among all the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents who had arrived, Pax threw a smoke grenade at them, before he began firing wildly at the agents, failing at land any fatal shot. Pax then retreated, as he continued searching throughout the building for Shaw. During his search, Pax came across somebody sat behind a computer, as he considered shooting them into the back of the head, but decided not to as the man failed to even notice the situation.

Pax attempting to brutally murder Deke Shaw

However, Pax eventually managed to get the signal back for Shaw's location, as Pax found Shaw protecting Sequoia. Pax then charged out at Shaw, slashing him with his knife but failing to land a fatal blow as Shaw was currently wearing his Bulletproof Vest, with Shaw then desperately asking Pax to wait and simply listen to him, only for Pax to claim that Shaw would soon be done talking for good. Before Pax could attack him again, Shaw had then been assisted by Alphonso Mackenzie, who had managed to sneak up on Pax and then hit him hard across the back of the head, knocking him onto the floor.

Pax being defeated by Alphonso Mackenzie

Getting back onto his feet, Pax then furiously attacked Mackenzie, as he managed to land several heavy punches against him. However, when Pax attempted to wrestle Mackenzie to the ground, he learned this was a mistake as Mackenzie punched him hard across the face, which had briefly stunned Pax, allowing Mackenzie to easily gain an advantage as he punched Pax with considerable force, landing a final blow which knocked him unconscious. Shaw then stepped forward and shot Pax with his I.C.E.R. multiple times until he ran out of shots, allowing Jaco to step forward as he also attempted to kill Shaw.[6]

Captured by S.H.I.E.L.D.

Pax is kept as a prisoner inside the Lighthouse

"How am I supposed to sit down? Knowing we're all gonna die?"
"There's a plan. Now calm down."
"A plan? Nobody told me about any plan, Jaco. I swear to... If you weren't in that box, I would slit you open, climb inside and eat my way out. Screw Sarge! I'm gonna tell them everything, and maybe we'll live to see another day!"
―Pax and Jaco[src]

Pax and Jaco were taken to the Lighthouse and questioned by Yo-Yo Rodriguez on what their current plans really were. However, the only information that Rodriguez was able to get out of them was what they called Sarge, but while Jaco did not talk much, Pax would never stop.[1] When Sarge and Snowflake were captured by Melinda May and brought into the Lighthouse, they were eventually freed when Sarge told Alphonso Mackenzie how to defeat the Shrike, promising that Pax and Jaco would also be freed.[7]

Pax furiously attempting to attack Phelps

However, despite the deal being struck with Sarge that Pax and Jaco would remain in the base, they were instead placed onboard Zephyr One, with Pax being kept chained onto the wall while Jaco was put inside the Containment Module with a supply of his oxygen, much to Pax's annoyance as he demanded to know why Jaco had gotten the comfortable room while he was being treated like an animal. As Pax was ignored by Phelps who was tasked with guarding them, he then became annoyed and charged at the agent, only to be held back by his chains as Phelps ordered Pax to take a seat while Pax growled.

Pax makes his threats to Alphonso Mackenzie

They were then interrupted by the sudden arrival of Mackenzie, while Pax had still complained that they were meant to have been kept at the Lighthouse, although Mackenzie simply insisted that the Zephyr was their mobile headquarters. As Pax questioned where they would be flying to, Mackenzie had explained that they were going wherever Sarge was going, much to Pax and Jaco's concern as they knew that they would be heading towards the massive explosion. Pax then tried to insist that this was a stupid idea, but as he refused to explain what he meant, Mackenzie left him and continued to fly towards Sarge.

Pax begins freaking out about their situation

Frustrated and fearful about their current situation, Pax began pacing up and down the Zephyr, complaining about how they should have been safe inside the Lighthouse but were instead now flying straight towards the blast area, claiming that Sarge had sold them all out and left them to die. As Jaco told Pax to calm down, he insisted that they both knew what they were flying towards, just as Rodriguez returned and questioned what Pax was referring to. Rodriguez calmly insisted that S.H.I.E.L.D. could help them if they knew what they were facing, as Pax still insisted that they needed to turn the Zephyr around.

Pax demands to turn Zephyr One back around

Rodriguez then questioned if Pax was actually scared of Izel, which had immediately caused him to be silent, surprised that S.H.I.E.L.D. knew Izel's name, claiming that they were not actually scared, while Rodriguez questioned if he and the rest of Sarge's Squad had really believed that Izel was a demon, although Jaco noted that this was a demon they could actually destroy. Having learned more about Izel, Rodriguez left to inform Mackenzie of their update, and left Pax and Jaco alone with Phelps, with Pax became increasingly frustrated that they were still heading straight towards the impending explosion.

Pax attempting to manipulate agent Phelps

Deciding to take action, Pax charged at Phelps, who drew his gun as he ordered him to sit down, although Pax insisted that he could not simply sit down while he had known that they were all about to die, although Jaco insisted that there was still a plan and told him to calm down. However, this only annoyed Pax more as he questioned why Sarge and Jaco never included him in the plans, furiously threatening to slit Jaco open and eat his way out of him just for keeping secrets. Annoyed, Pax then decided to betray Sarge and explain everything in order to save his own life, although Jaco told him not to be an idiot.

Pax frees Jaco from the Containment Module

Pax told Phelps that Sarge had not been honest with S.H.I.E.L.D., as he insisted that if he came clean then they would have to turn their Zephyr around. As Phelps considered this, Pax then told him that he had been played, before he revealed that he had been holding back some of his chains, allowing him to get closer to Phelps and put him into a chock hold and snapped his neck. As Pax and Jaco laughed, Pax freed himself from his chains and then opened the Containment Module up for Jaco, who had first removed his jacket and threatened Pax over his recent threat to slit him open, which Pax defended.

Pax and Jaco laughing at Yo-Yo Rodriguez

Pax then questioned if Jaco and Sarge really had a plan, which Jaco confirmed although he noted that it was a little different now that they had been moved onto Zephyr One. As Pax sulked, Jaco questioned what was wrong as he complained that Sarge never included him in these plans, to which Jaco noted that he was bad at keeping secrets. Pax insisted that he was great at keeping secrets, noting that he had not told Rodriguez about Sarge's bomb, although Jaco noted that he almost did. While Jaco explained that they would highjack the plane, Pax questioned how they would do this, before Rodriguez returned.

Pax becomes chained up by Yo-Yo Rodriguez

Rodriguez immediately ordered Jaco to get back in the Containment Module, which he refused to do while the overly excited Pax claimed that Rodriguez did not understand who she was dealing with. Before Pax could react, Rodriguez used her Inhuman powers to knock him down and wrap him up with the chain in the blink of an eye. With Pax taken out, Rodriguez used her powers and Prosthetic Arms to knock Jaco back into the Module and locked him inside. As Rodriguez had claimed that Phelps' murder ruined their chances of being freed, Pax insisted that they would all die soon if they did not turn around.

Pax watches as Jaco and Sarge laugh at him

Desperate to survive, Pax had told Rodriguez that Sarge had a bomb hidden inside his Truck that would soon destroy a massive part of the Earth. Once they were alone, Pax tried in vain to free himself, before Jaco told him to step away from his jacket, which was then revealed to have a teleporter portal spray painted onto it. Pax then witnessed Sarge step through the portal and kill the only guard, before stepping up to Jaco. While Jaco explained their current situation to Sarge, Pax stood by as Sarge jokingly questioned why they had never thought to tie up Pax with a chain, as both Sarge and Jaco laughed at him.[2]

Pax discusses their plan with Sarge and Jaco

With Sarge now back on their side, Pax and Jaco were supplied with their Plasma Guns as they made their plan for how they intended to take control of the plane and turn back before their Atom Bomb had exploded. Once Sarge had finished his explanation, Pax claimed that it was great apart from one major flaw in the plan, questioning how they were supposed to stop Rodriguez, as Jaco explained to Sarge about Rodriguez's speed abilities. However, Sarge simply remained confident as he pulled out their Shelter Charges, while Pax and Jaco discussed all their previous experiences using these charges.

Pax leaving to begin their plane highjacking

As their Squad prepared to begin their mission, Jaco had then asked Sarge about where Snowflake was, only for Sarge to explain that he had been forced to leave her behind onboard the Truck to die in the explosion. Although Pax and Jaco were both saddened to learn that Snowflake was going to die in the explosion, Sarge had then claimed that they owed it to her to complete their mission to destroy Izel once and for all, before arming himself and ordering them to help take over their new spaceship, to which Pax noted that Snowflake would have liked the concept of them taking over the ship as they split up.[4]

Failed Plane Hijacking

Pax attempting to sneak through Zephyr One

"You're too late, we've taken the bridge."
"Then I'll take it back."
"We've already thought of that, sweetheart."
―Pax and Yo-Yo Rodriguez[src]

While Sarge went on the bridge of Zephyr One to take control of the plane and capture Alphonso Mackenzie, Pax was instructed to take control of the engine bays. However, as Pax arrived and prepared to activate the Shelter Charges to keep himself safe from any potential attacks, he had the charge ripped straight from of his hands, as Yo-Yo Rodriguez sped past him. Frustrated, Pax then drew his Plasma Gun as he prepared to defend himself from Rodriguez, trying to line up his shot on her.

Pax being captured again by Yo-Yo Rodriguez

However, Rodriguez proved herself to be far faster than Pax, as she had kicked him against the wall, easily disarming him before blocking Pax's punches and slamming him against the other wall, gripping his throat with her Prosthetic Arms. Despite being recaptured, Pax still remained confident as he laughed in Rodriguez's face and informed her that Sarge had already taken the bridge, believing this meant they had won. As Rodriguez claimed she would take it back, Pax noted that they had already thought of that situation, inadvertently revealing their plan with the Shelter Charges to block Rodriguez's speed.

Pax is captured and shown to Sarge and Jaco

Due to all his overconfidence at their situation, Pax had revealed to Rodriguez that Sarge had put in his contingency plans to block her speed. Needing to learn what had been done, Rodriguez tied Pax up in chains once again, and tied his mouth closed, before pushing him in front of the rest of his Squad, who had successfully taken over the bridge of the Zephyr and were forcing James Davis to turn them around. As he stood in front of them, Pax desperately attempted to warn Sarge that Rodriguez was there, only for Sarge to insist to Jaco that he not be fooled and to not take the bait and attempt to rescue Pax.

Pax's face is pushed into the Shelter Charge

Horrified by Sarge's brazen dismissal for their current situation, Pax then furiously turned to Jaco and demanded that he come help him, struggling to speak clearly since Rodriguez had put a cloth inside his mouth to keep him from explaining the situation to all his teammates. However, before Pax could convince the clearly uncomfortable Jaco to help him, Rodriguez pushed him forward, as his face slammed into the forcefield that had been created by their Shelter Charge, causing horrific burns across Pax's entire face as he had then dropped down on his back and screamed in terrible agony from his wounds.

Pax is shot in the chest and killed by Sarge

As Pax screamed in agony from the facial burns, Jaco could not take seeing his friend in such pain, as he shut off the Shelter Charge and went to Pax's aid, unaware that he had allowed Rodriguez to shoot past their defences and give Mackenzie the key to get free. However, just as Jaco had gotten to Pax as he attempted to give him medical aid, Sarge had then shot Pax in the chest with his Plasma Gun, killing him instantly in order to stop his screams. With Pax dead, Sarge then locked Jaco on the other side of the Shelter Charge and ordered him to kill Rodriguez, while showing no emotion over Pax's death.[4]


Squad Falls Apart

"No one slows us down."
Sarge to Jaco[src]

Pax's murder at the hands of Sarge would lead to Jaco growing to become opposed to Sarge's way of thinking, especially him saying that no one slowed them down. Following Sarge's defeat in combat at the hands of Alphonso Mackenzie, Jaco turned against Sarge and helped S.H.I.E.L.D. fight Izel, which combined with Sarge betraying Snowflake earlier lead to the squad splitting apart. Later, Jaco would sacrifice himself in an attempt to kill Izel and Sarge would be killed by Mackenzie using his own sword, leaving Snowflake the only member of the squad still alive.[4]


"Sarge never lets me in on the plans."
"Because you're not good at secrets."
―Pax and Jaco[src]
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  • Expert Combatant: Pax was able to go toe-to-toe with the much larger Alphonso Mackenzie for a while before being taken down by the S.H.I.E.L.D. Director. He later killed Agent Phelps by using just a chain.
  • Expert Marksman: Pax is a very skilled marksman as he killed Ray with pinpoint accuracy before the security guard could even shoot.



Pax holds Amit hostage with a Plasma Gun

  • Plasma Gun: Like Sarge, Pax's main weapon is a plasma gun, which he kept on his side during missions. Pax had used it to threaten Amit, and later shot and killed Ray while they hunted down the Shrike, however, it was taken away from him once he was captured by S.H.I.E.L.D.. Pax regained his Plasma Gun as soon as Sarge broke him and Jaco out of their imprisonment, as he attempted to use the gun against Yo-Yo Rodriguez, only to be disarmed.
  • Winchester Model 1897: Once their crew had finished their successful robbery of Bob's Market, Sarge gave the owner's shotgun to Pax.
  • Shrike Daggers: Like the other members of Sarge's Squad, Pax used knives that were capable of killing the Shrike. While their squad were hunting down Deke Shaw, Pax was able to ambush him and sliced Shaw across the side, intending to stab him with the dagger, believing Shaw to be infected with the Shrike, before Alphonso Mackenzie arrived and disarmed Pax.

Other Equipment

  • Sarge's Tracker: During their search for the Shrike, Pax had used Sarge's tracker to find them across the Earth. During their attack on Deke Shaw, Pax used the Tracker to narrow down his location, allowing the squad to find and attack Shaw.
  • Shrike Repeller: In the wake of Tinker's demise, Pax became the only member of Sarge's Squad who had known how to work the Shrike Repeller, although he struggled to get it to work as well as Tinker had.
  • Spray Paint Transporter: Pax had taken advantage of using the squad's Spray Paint Transporter during their robbery of Charmont Jewelers, as he used it to get from the vault to their truck, where he would ensure that they were stealing the correct PEGS that they had required.
"Careful, Pax. These things run hot."
Jaco to Pax[src]
  • Shelter Charges: Like the other members of Sarge's crew, Pax had used Shelter Charges during previous missions, where he witnessed a man's face getting burned off. These charges were handed out to Pax and Jaco while they prepared to hijack Zephyr One. However, the Charge was used against Pax when Yo-Yo Rodriguez pushed his face into the energy field, causing horrific facial scarring to Pax.


  • Sarge's Truck: Pax and the rest of Sarge's Squad uses Sarge's truck as their main base of operations when they travelled to different worlds. While they travelled in the truck, Pax and the rest of the crew would work on their equipment, while also making their plans for how they would hunt down the Shrike.
  • Zephyr One: Following their capture by S.H.I.E.L.D., Pax and Jaco were transported to a new location on Zephyr One, where Pax once chained to the wall. Upon being freed by the arrival of Sarge, Pax joined his crew in attempting to hijack the plane, only for Pax to be confronted by Yo-Yo Rodriguez and lose his life in the middle of the hijacking.



  • Lighthouse: After being captured by S.H.I.E.L.D. while trying to kill Deke Shaw, Pax and Jaco were taken to the Lighthouse as prisoners. He was questioned by Yo-Yo Rodriguez with their boss being called Sarge the only thing she got out of him. He and Jaco were transferred to Zephyr One after S.H.I.E.L.D. was forced to make an alliance with Sarge.
  • Zephyr One: After Sarge made an alliance with S.H.I.E.L.D., Pax was chained to the floor of the the Zephyr, while Jaco was placed in a Containment Module, as the team followed his boss to his destination. Pax was able to break free of his shackles after killing Phelps and he set Jaco free of the Module. They were subsequently returned to captivity by the arrival of Rodriquez until Sarge infiltrated the aircraft and broke them out.





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