"We don't keep any money here."
"We're not here to rob you."
―Pavel and Trish Walker[src]

Pavel is the receptionist at the GT Agrochemical Office.


"Stop right there! Release Pavel and get on the ground now."
"Hold up! We're just here to help."
"Security cameras say different."
―Security Guard and Jessica Jones[src]

Pavel was working at the GT Agrochemical Office when Jessica Jones and the masked vigilante burst into the office and attacked him. Pavel told them that GT Agrochemical does not keep any money at that office, however, they replied that they not here to rob the office. Jones then showed him the picture of the woman and asked to identify her. Pavel identified her as Mona Lee and the vigilante demanded him to take them to her.

Pavel took them to the storage facility where Lee was working before security guards cornered Jones and the vigilante. They demanded them to let Pavel go and surrender and although Jones said that they came to help, guards noted that security cameras say different. Jones then told the vigilante to let Pavel go, who rushed out of the facility, leaving then with the guards.[1]





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