"You’re gonna get hurt, gimp."
―Paulie to Pete Castiglione[src]

Paulie was a construction worker living in New York City who also worked as a low level criminal. While assisting Lance in the attempted robbery of Tony Gnucci's poker game, the new recruit Donny Chavez had accidentally revealed his identity, putting Paulie and his friends in great danger of being found and murdered by by Gnucci. While Paulie had attempted to murder Chavez to protect himself, Pete Castiglione intervened and brutally murdered Paulie and his allies to save Chavez.


Construction Work

Bullying Pete Castiglione

"That's the gimp. Don't worry about him, he ain't all there."
―Paulie to Donny Chavez[src]

Paulie and his crew first meet Donny Chavez

Paulie was one of the construction workers who accompanied Lance and others on the site, with Paulie often being the one Lance would talk to about his money troubles and recruiting him to help with robberies to get Lance out of dept, which always annoyed Paulie who would advise against this. Upon Donny Chavez's arrival to the site to begin work as their latest team member, they greeted him with little regard and introduced him to the workplace, with Lane refusing to shake his hand and only wanting to see what he could do.


Paulie makes a comment on Pete Castiligione

While they made their way through the site, Lance then gave Chavez his hardhat to begin all the work before Paulie then pointed out Pete Castiligione to Chavez, whom they often choose to harass for his silence and constant working without interacting with anybody else, with Paulie referring to Castiglione as the gimp and telling Chavez to not worry about him as he claimed that Castiglione was not all there. When it came to lunch time, the group mocked Castiglione and threw concrete at his hardhat, which Castiglione ignored and continued to furiously beat at a piece of the wall with his sledgehammer.


Paulie and his friends laughing at Castiligione

Seeing that Castiglione was working from early in the morning until late, Lance realized he was putting their jobs on the line by taking the work away from them, Paulie and all of his friends gathered around Castiglione as Lance warned him to change his ways. As Castiglione ignored them, Paulie questioned if he had a tongue in his head while Lance then continued mocking him as Paulie, Scut and Leo laughed at him as Paulie recommended Lance kick Castiglione's ass. Finally Lance kicked over Castiglione's lunchbox and threatened him, before stepping on Castiglione's sandwich before they all walked away.


Paulie and his crew leave for the lunch break

Believing that they had put Castiglione in his place, Paulie and his friends then left the building site to get some lunch together, Lance listened while Leo and Scut then made a bet of a hundred dollars together. Before they left, Paulie saw that they were being followed by Chavez who asked where they were going and if he could come with them as he sought to befriend the group, however Paulie told Chavez that there was no room as they all got into Lance's Porsche and drove away, covering Chavez in dust while they drove into New York City, leaving Chavez to eat his lunch with Castiglione.[1]

Lance's Debt


Paulie taking Donny Chavez out for a drink

"What were you thinking? What were you thinking taking money off those guys? What'd you think was gonna happen?"
"You got something for me or not?"
"Yeah. Yeah, all right. Just take it easy, man, okay? I'll, uh I'll call my cousin. All right? See if he can hook us up again."
―Paulie and Lance[src]

At the end of another shift, Paulie joined his friends as they prepared to go to Murphy's for a drink, walking past Pete Castiglione who was beating the walls with his sledge hammer. As they walked, they teased Scut over whether or not Rhonda would be there and if Scut would build up the courage to talk to her. They were stopped by Donny Chavez who asked if he could join them, promising to buy a round of drinks, which they all accepted, leaving Castiglione behind.

Crew at Murphy's

Paulie has drinks with his friends at Murphy's

While at Murphy's, Paulie and his friends took advantage of Chavez's enthusiasm at being able to join them for drinks after work, allowing Chavez to buy them all multiple beers and shots while Chavez got considerably drunk, as Rhonda warned the group that if Chavez then threw up then she would make them clean it all up. Once they were alone, Lance had told Paulie he was in serious debt with the Gnucci Crime Family, noting that his loan shark was threatening to break his legs and take everything that he had, including his beloved car, if he failed to repay the money soon, which Paulie scoffed at.


Paulie agreeing to arrange their job for Lance

Paulie confronted Lance over his foolish decision to get involved with the Gnucci Crime Family, questioning what Lance had thought would happen if he got involved, before Lance got serious and asked if he could hook him up with a job or not, to which Paulie had told him his cousin would help them with a heist. As Rhonda handed Lance the check for their drinks, Lance gave it to Chavez, encouraging him to pay for all of their drinks they drank in the night, which the drunken Chavez did, despite this be a considerably more expensive night that he needed to have, which the group all celebrated together.[1]

Recruiting Donny Chavez


Paulie tells Lance about robbing the Gnuccis

"It's protected by the Gnuccis."
"Are you crazy? You want to hit an outfit game? I don't know, Paulie. Paulie, this is..."
"Hey. Don't be a pussy. And besides, I thought you'd like the idea of paying back the Gnuccis' shylock with his own cash."
"Yeah, yeah I do."
―Paulie and Lance[src]

The next day, Paulie spoke with Lance and said his cousin knew of a high stakes poker game going down which they could rob and take fifty thousand dollars, noting that only one guard outside had a gun who they could easily take out. Paulie explained the plan to Lance, he asked what the catch was, so Paulie had revealed the game was being protected by the Gnucci Crime Family, much to Lance's horror, although Paulie had also noted that Lance could then pay back the Gnucci's with their own money.


Paulie and Lance threatening Pete Castiglione

As they were talking, Paulie noticed that Pete Castiglione was sitting nearby and had overheard everything about the heist that Lance and his buddies were about to pull off, as Paulie kicked the wall behind Castiglione while asking what he had heard about their planned heist, fearing that Castiglione would soon go to the New York City Police Department or the Gnucci's themselves and ruined their plans. Lance then stepped up to Castiglione while he threatened him, noting how Castiglione was always pissing him off by putting his noise wherever it did not belong and warning that he would get himself hurt.


Paulie continues laughing at Pete Castiglione

Castiglione did not say a word, picking up his hammer as Paulie had blocked his way. As Castiglione turned around, Lance questioned if he had wanted to attack him with his sledgehammer, threatening that if he dared then Lance would be willing to fight him. All their threats were interrupted when an accident caused Scut's arm to be crushed under some machinery, as Lance and Paulie ran to Scut's aid. Seeing this, Donny Chavez called to Castiglione to ask what medical skills he had from the United States Marine Corps, but Castiglione simply ignored him and walked away, leaving Scut screaming in agony.


Paulie and Lance watch Scut going to hospital

While Scut was taken to Metro-General Hospital to have his broken arm treated, Lance spoke to Paulie and suggested that they cancel their robbery as they were one man down, although Paulie noted that they could not let his cousin think they had backed out. Going back up to the construction site, Paulie and Lance then went to Chavez to see if he was up for the heist while Scut recovered, noting that he would have the chance to make some real money if he tagged along with them, as Chavez blindly accepted the invitation, despite being nervous about not knowing much about it before they went in.[1]

Robbery at Linello's


Paulie getting ready to rob the Gnucci Family

"Shut up, greaseball, or you'll get what he got."
"Do you know whose game this is? I guess not. Otherwise you wouldn't be here."
"Or maybe we don't give a shit about you oily Gnuccishitbags."
"You're all dead."
―Paulie and Tony Gnucci[src]

Once they arrived at Linello's, Paulie and his friends pulled up just outside before Lance handed the clearly nervous Donny Chavez his gun for the heist, holding it back and looking Chavez in the eye to ensure that he was ready for the job. As they all loaded their guns, Paulie chuckled to himself as Lance had told Leo to keep the car running ready for when they got back with the stolen money, as the group had then run into Linello's together to begin the robbery.


Paulie and Lance attacking the Gnucci's game

Once inside, Lance had immediately struck Moose over the head and threw him into the next room, where Tony Gnucci and all his cronies were having their private poker session. Paulie along with Lance and Chavez then held the Gnucci's at gunpoint, ordering them all to not move or get a beating like Moose. While Paulie held Gnucci himself and put his gun to the back of his head, Lance threw Chavez the bag to collect the money, finding that the nervous Chavez struggled in the situation as he dropped the bag while Lance told the hostages to not move to ensure nobody would get hurt during their robbery.


Paulie holding Tony Gnucci up at gunpoint

While Gnucci continued threatening the group and warning that they had killed themselves by coming there, Chavez nervously grabbed all of the money from the table, Paulie and Lance demanded he hurry up, while Chavez became more nervous looking at the members of the Gnucci Crime Family looking at him. As Paulie had ordered him to hurry, Chavez panicked and his wallet had then dropped out of his pocket, giving his identity away to Gnucci and all his crew. With the robbery having gone disastrously wrong, the three men ran out of the building and into the getaway car with all of the stolen cash.[1]

Killed by the Punisher


Paulie and Lance furiously beat Donny Chavez

"He's gotta disappear. They're gonna look for him."
"I wouldn't give you up! I promise!"
"The shit they'll do to you, man, you'd be crazy if you didn't."
Lance, Donny Chavez and Paulie[src]

Arriving back onto the construction site, Paulie and his friends gained up on Donny Chavez, beating him up out of frustration for what had happened, as Chavez had insisted that he would never give them up to the Gnucci Crime Family, although Lance noted that considering what the Gnucci's would do to him, he would be crazy not to give them up. Paulie proposed they just kill Chavez with their gun, but Lance denied it as he then ordered Leo to start the mixer, in which he had gladly obliged.

TP101 RescueofDonnyChavez

Paulie and his friends surround Donny Chavez

Chavez was able to throw Paulie off of him, he ran into the unfinished building, picked up a rod, and readied himself for a fight. As the three men made their way up the stairs, Chavez had begged for Lance to let him go as he promised that he would run and Tony Gnucci would never be able to find him, however Lance denied his request as he knew that this would still put him and his friend's lives in danger. As Lance told Paulie not to use any bullets to murder him, their group then attacked Chavez again as Paulie and Leo overpowered Chavez, then threw him in the vat full of liquefied cement to drown him.


Paulie sees Pete Castiglione watching them

While Chavez desperately begged to be pulled up, the three stood by and watched, as Lance told him that he had brought this on himself while Chavez still continued screaming out in terror as the liquefied cement continued to rise. As they all continued watching Chavez's suffering, out of nowhere, Pete Castiglione had then come up behind them and ordered them to turn their mixer off, while still holding his sledgehammer. Seeing him, Leo jokingly referred to Castiglione as the gimp and was unintimidated while Lance, eager at the chance to kill his much-hated co-worker Lance pulled a gun on Castiglione.


Paulie is brutally subdued by Pete Castiglione

However, much to the surprise of the three, the man they had always considered mentally incompetent showed his superior fighting skills. Paulie was then hit directly in the face with his sledgehammer and rendered in pain and immobilization when Castiglione kicked him with such power that his leg was broken. Despite this Paulie had still attempted to fight back, but Castiglione countered this with a hit to the abdomen and furiously striking him across the face with the end of his sledgehammer, leaving only a look of complete shock and pain as he fell helpless to the floor as the others were subdued.


Paulie attempts to shoot at Pete Castiglione

Once Lance had been subdued by a blow to the back and Leo was killed by Castiglione breaking his neck with a strong strike from his sledgehammer, Paulie drew his gun and attempted to kill Castiglione once and for all. However, still dazed from all of the previous strikes, Paulie found it difficult to aim his gun, shooting at the sledgehammer and breaking it in half before he then missed all his other shots at his target. Castiglione then hid behind a pillar while Paulie fired randomly at him, missing every shot before Paulie had then attempted to made his escape despite Lance's desperate pleas to not be abandoned.


Paulie is shot and killed by Pete Castiglione

Paulie left Lance behind with Castiglione, who proceeded to break Lance's arm while Paulie had desperately sought the car and tried to escape despite Lance’s pleas otherwise. However, just as Paulie had started the car and attempted to drive away from the scene, he failed to see that Castiglione had managed to take Lance's gun and just followed him downstairs, firing a single shot which hit Paulie square in the side of the head, killing him instantly. Paulie's corpse was then dragged back upstairs by Castiglione and was then thrown into the cement vat beside Leo's corpse and the terrified Chavez.[1]


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  • Colt M1911A1: Paulie was about to use his handgun to kill Donny Chavez until he was stopped by Lance, who preferred to kill him without leaving bullets as evidence. However, he had to use it as Frank Castle went to stop them from killing Chavez. Paulie missed the shots, and tried to escape, but Castle took the gun for himself and used to kill him.
  • Remington Spartan 210: Paulie carried this shotgun to threaten a group of members of the Gnucci Crime Family while robbing the money at their poker game. Paulie held Tony Gnucci at gunpoint as Lance kept threatening the gangmembers with his gun and Donny Chavez bagged the money.



  • Cousin




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