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"Black man working. Ain't nothing wrong with that."
―Patricia Wilson to Luke Cage[src]

Patricia "Patty" Wilson is an attorney and the mother of Lonnie Wilson. She briefly represented Hernan Alvarez during his proffer deal.


"Hey, Counselor."
"Aw, don't jinx me, Pop. I haven't even passed the bar yet."
Pop and Patricia Wilson[src]

Patricia Wilson traveled to Pop's Barber Shop to pick up her Lonnie Wilson, her son, and get him ready for Kumon. Upon entering the store, she was greeted as counselor by Pop. Wilson told him to not jinx her she she had not passed the bar yet. She told Lonnie to stand up and come with her. Lonnie at first did not listen to her, even though Pop told him to. Wilson warned Lonnie that he should not make her repeat herself, after which he finally listened.

When Wilson noticed Luke Cage she asked him at what time he finished working. Much to her displeasure Cage mentioned his second job. Since Cage did not have time that day, she stated that they should at least get some coffee. Wilson handed Cage a note with her number written on it, saying that he might need a lawyer one day, with Cage adding that he hoped she would have a business card by then. Before leaving the barber shop, Wilson was asked by Pop to say hello to Bessie. Behind her back, Shameek Smith, who had been staring to her body, speechless, since she entered the shop, waved her goodbye, marveling at how someone like her could be attracted to someone like Cage.[1]

Representing Shades

"I have to recuse myself from this case. Mr. Alvarez, you are a piece of garbage. I hope you burn in hell."
"Is my proffer still good?"
"Then I don't need your sorry ass. Bounce. Don't let that door hit you."
―Patricia Wilson, Shades and Misty Knight[src]

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"Let's get moving. Don't make me repeat myself."
―Patricia Wilson to Lonnie Wilson[src]

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