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"The GRC formally began drafting the legislation known as the Patch Act, which would seek to restore traditional border regulations and fast-track the return to normalcy."

The Patch Act was a proposed legislation organized by the Global Repatriation Council, with the intent to forcibly relocate persons displaced by the Blip back to their home countries. It was created in response to numerous attacks conducted by the Flag Smashers, who protested against the GRC's efforts to enforce restored world borders.

After the ratification was disrupted in New York City by the Flag Smashers, Captain America forced the GRC to realize their treatment of Blip-displaced refugees had been responsible for the Flag Smashers forming in the first place and convinced them to abandon the Patch Act.



After half the human population was restored during the Blip, many of those restored came back to discover that in their absence they had lost all of their money and property while others, more affluent, used their influence to reclaim their property by expelling whoever was living there at the time. This led to a major humanitarian crisis across the world with many homeless immigrants being put on refugee camps and repurposed buildings. Many of those camps and refugee centers were poorly maintained with food and medicine being scarce and, in just a few months, there were riots and refugees stealing food and medicine from government organizations, one of those groups were the Flag Smashers, and anti-nationalist group who used social media to show the plight of the refugees and promote their ideals of an unified world with no borders. The Global Repatriation Council was founded as a way to coordinate and catalogue the needs of the refugees until they were returned to their home countries, whenever they wanted it or not.

The Patch Act was concocted as a way to repatriate all the refugees to their home countries as fast as possible as an easy fix to the crisis and to thwart groups like the Flag Smashers and their anti-government activities.[1] The Act was controversial among members of the Global Repatriation Council who objected to it for either moral or practical reasons as many felt they didn't have the capabilities to move that many refugees in a short amount of time without resistance, but the most important members of the council, most notably the United States of America, insisted on moving forward with the Act even if the refugees resisted.[2]

Disrupted Ratification

"We can't demand that people step up if we don’t meet them halfway."
Captain America[src]

On the night the Patch Act was expected to be ratified, the Flag Smashers initiated an operation to take the Global Repatriation Council's representatives hostage to force the complete abandonment of the Act and demand better treatment for the refugees and to prevent further evictions and deportations.[2] They would have succeeded if not for the arrival of the new Captain America, the former-Winter Soldier and the disgraced John Walker to save the hostages and defeat the Flag Smashers. After most of the Flag Smashers were arrested and their leader; Karli Morgenthau, was killed, Captain America convinced the GRC's representatives to postpone the Act and to find a more humane way to fix the crisis as the further mistreatment of refugees would breed more terrorists like the Flag Smashers.[3]