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"Before this life, there was another. Before this body, there was another."

Past Life is the eighth episode of the second season of the television series Runaways.


In the aftermath of the battle against Jonah, Karolina searches for answers about Jonah and the others help Alex and Livvie try to prove Darius' innocence in Destiny's murder. But Livvie’s curiosity just might catch up with her.


Jonah with young Leslie Dean

A flashback gives some details about Jonah's former existence. Back to 1932, he used to possess the body of a preacher, before taking control of Jonah in 1957. It was with this body that he approached David Ellerh and his community in 1979. Jonah then claimed to be the embodiment of what everything Ellerh believed in, much to Ellerh's amazement. Jonah also got acquainted with Ellerh's daughter, Leslie.

In the present, PRIDE celebrates the death of Jonah at the hands of Nico Minoru. Feeling that PRIDE no longer need to exist since Jonah is gone, they decide to disband the organization and to look for their children separately. However, Catherine Wilder is warned by Flores that Livvie, Darius Davis' sister-in-law, has provided him with an alibi for the Assassination of Destiny Gonzalez. Catherine orders Flores and his second-in-command AWOL to deal with this issue.

The Runaways also try to plan their future now that the threat of Jonah has been removed. Gert Yorkes plans to apply for college, potentially taking Molly Hernandez with her, while Alex Wilder remains determined to bring their parents to justice. They have a meeting in the Hostel, during which Karolina Dean voices her disapproval of the killing of Jonah at the hands of Minoru. In order to release the tension, Alex suggests that everyone should take some time for themselves. He thus leaves for the South Los Angeles Medical Center, hoping to take a fresh start with Livvie. However, AWOL and his teammates attack the hospital in an attempt to intimidate Livvie.

Meanwhile, Frank Dean reveals to Leslie that he killed Oscar Gonzalez and asks for her assistance, and he is shocked when Leslie tells him about the end of PRIDE, which will also mean the end of the Church of Gibborim. Leslie accepts to help Frank by calling Flores in order to dispose of Gonzalez's body. However, she is unaware that Frank is taking pictures of her along with Flores and the corpse. He then shows the pictures to Aura and Frances, and claims that Leslie killed Gonzalez and that she has to be stopped.

The Runaways infiltrate the Gordon Hotel

Due to the renewed threat, Alex gathers the Runaways in Nana B's Residence. As he is convinced that Davis was murdered by his father Geoffrey Wilder, he suggests a mission inside the Gordon Hotel in order to hack into their security system and retrieve video evidence. The teenagers successfully infiltrate the hotel, and while Alex works and realizes that it was Catherine who killed Davis, Chase Stein discovers Yorkes' plans for the future, which he never discussed with him, leaving him deeply upset. Minoru voices to Molly Hernandez her doubts that she should not have the Staff of One.

Upon learning about the shooting at the hospital, which he knew nothing about, Geoffrey is outraged and confronts his wife, stating that she could have had their son killed. Geoffrey then goes to see Tamar and apologizes for what happened to Davis. He gives her the documents giving her property of the PRIDE Construction Site and a large amount of money. Tamar accepts the gift, but warns Geoffrey that she will have her revenge on those who wronged her.

The hotel staff eventually discovers that the Runaways are in the middle of some illegal activities and call the LAPD. Flores and his men thus head to the Gordon Hotel, and the Runaways, who have been warned by Minoru and Hernandez, are forced to flee. However, Hernandez chooses to stay behind and allows herself to get captured in order to buy some time for her friends to escape.

Meanwhile, Karolina Dean, who chose to remain in the Hostel, understands that Jonah must have left a message for her. She goes to the Church of Gibborim Executive Office and approaches Vaughn Kaye in order to access Jonah's office. She thoroughly searches the place and eventually finds a recording device, which she brings back to the Hostel. She then listens to her father's message.


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