"I have a wife; I have four daughters. They need me."

Pasha was a person of interest to Leviathan, who desired to recruit him to their cause.


"You would like to be with your family. Very good. Relieve him of his bond."

Pasha was captured by the organization Leviathan in 1944. Taken to a hidden location along with several others, his head was covered with a sack and his arms were bound to a chair. A woman silently removed his hood and the hoods of three other men that were in a similarly bound. Fyodor welcomed all four men to the organization, but he gave each man the option not to join. Pasha, citing that he had a wife and four daughters, respectfully asked to leave to be reunited with his family. Fyodor ordered the woman to "free him of his bonds"; she stabbed Pasha in the throat, killing him, and kicked over his chair. Fyodor then told the remaining three men, which included Johann Fennhoff, that Pasha's family will also be killed so that they can be reunited.[1]



  • Wife
  • 4 Daughters




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