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"A Particle Infusion Chamber. It's designed to create the most powerful man."
"Like Captain America."
"Better than that."
Hale and Phil Coulson[src]

The Particle Infusion Chamber is a chamber designed by Daniel Whitehall with the intent of infusing a subject with several materials so they would absorb the properties of these materials. It was built in the framework of Project Destroyer of Worlds.


First Use

"Since World War II and the success of Steve Rogers, there have been many failed attempts to create a super soldier. But after some ungainly setbacks, we're close. Close to creating the most powerful man on Earth. Now, this is the Particle Infusion Chamber."
Daniel Whitehall[src]

In an attempt to create a super soldier who could rival with Captain America and take the leadership of HYDRA, Daniel Whitehall set up Project Destroyer of Worlds, which included the design of a Particle Infusion Chamber in which a given subject could be infused with various elements and materials.

Daniel Whitehall presents the Particle Infusion Chamber

Whitehall presented his idea at the HYDRA Preparatory Academy. He asked the students for ideas about which materials to use in the Particle Infusion Chamber. Wolfgang von Strucker suggested the Tesseract, but Hale, mocking her classmate, suggested to find new materials in outer space, much to Whitehall's satisfaction.

Both von Strucker and Hale were appealed to take part in the design and the use of the Particle Infusion Chamber. Von Strucker was tasked with the design and manufacturing of the Chamber, while Hale was selected to be inseminated with the person who would use the Chamber: Ruby Hale.[1]

Von Strucker recruited Carl Creel as a test subject for the Particle Infusion Chamber. As a result, Creel gained the ability to absorb the properties of a given material he touched.[2] However, the project was aborted due to the death of both Whitehall[3] and von Strucker.[4]

Upgraded for Gravitonium

"The machine does what, exactly?"
"An Adaptive Particle Processor. Scans an element at the atomic level, and then this component converts it to be merged with the recipient's DNA."
"We think it's the same technology that gave Carl Creel his powers, only his abilities are temporary and require physical touch."
"Yeah, but the machine's been upgraded."
Yo-Yo Rodriguez, Jemma Simmons, and Leo Fitz[src]

Following the Destruction of HYDRA and her contacts with the Confederacy, General Hale, now the leader of what remained of HYDRA, sought out to reclaim the Particle Infusion Chamber which was stored in the HYDRA Herefordshire Facility.[1] In the same time, she recruited Werner von Strucker, Wolfgang's son, so he could use his enhanced memory to compile all the information he had about the Chamber.[5] Hale also had to deal with Anton Ivanov, who wanted to use the Chamber as well to become a superior man. Ivanov was sent to the HYDRA Herefordshire Facility to guard the Chamber.[6]

Initially, Hale intended to have her daughter Ruby Hale using the Chamber, much like Daniel Whitehall had planned. However, since she considered Ruby was not ready, Hale envisaged to have S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Daisy Johnson, also known as Quake, to become the "Destroyer of Worlds" instead. Although Phil Coulson strongly advised her against it for he had seen the potential consequences of this choice, Hale carried on her plan.[1]

Werner von Strucker discovers the damaged equipment

However, Ruby grew jealous of Johnson because she figured out that her mother wanted to strip Ruby from what she considered her birthright. As a result, both Ruby and von Strucker turned on Hale and went to find the Particle Infusion Chamber for themselves. Unbeknownst to them, however, the Chamber had been discovered by S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents Leo Fitz, Jemma Simmons and Yo-Yo Rodriguez. As Ruby and von Strucker arrived in the HYDRA Herefordshire Facility, they discovered that Fitz and Simmons had heavily damaged the equipment required for the Chamber to work.[7]

As a result, von Strucker and Ruby ordered Fitz and Simmons to repair the damaged pieces of equipment, threatening to kill one of them if they did not comply. Although Fitz and Simmons tried to play for time so that Rodriguez could call for backup, they were forced to achieve the repairing. Before Ruby used the Chamber, Simmons tried to warn her about the dangers of Gravitonium, which Ruby and von Strucker had brought along to infuse Ruby, but they ignored her warning.

Ruby Hale enters the Particle Infusion Chamber

Von Strucker prepared the machine and Ruby could finally take her place in it. Von Strucker activated the infusion process, leading to Ruby slowly absorbing the Gravitonium. However, the process turned out to be incredibly painful as Ruby began hearing the voices of Ian Quinn and Franklin Hall, who had both been trapped within the Gravitonium bulk.

Therefore, Hale, who had joined the facility with Quake and Melinda May, ordered von Strucker to turn the Chamber off. Eventually, Fitz paused the infusion process and opened the Chamber. As Ruby, who had passed out, regained consciousness, she slowly levitated out of the Chamber, having gained gravity manipulation abilities despite being infused with only 8% of the Gravitonium.[6]

Complete Use

Glenn Talbot enters the Chamber

"I can fix this."
Glenn Talbot[src]

The Particle Infusion Chamber was reclaimed by S.H.I.E.L.D. and taken to the Lighthouse, where it was stored in the lab, along with the Gravitonium which S.H.I.E.L.D. planned to send into the Sun for complete destruction. As the Lighthouse was being attacked by the Confederacy, Glenn Talbot incapacitated Jemma Simmons with an I.C.E.R. and reactivated the infusion process of the Chamber until its end, gaining gravity manipulation powers he used to crush the Remorath who were invading the base.[8]

Design and Capabilities

The schematics of the Particle Infusion Chamber

"An apparatus that can force human cells to take on the properties of a raw material. Imagine a man with the density of lead, with the volatility of cesium. The possibilities are endless."
Daniel Whitehall[src]

The Particle Infusion Chamber is a cylinder chamber that resembles similar equipment like the Vita-Ray Chamber which was used to create Captain America. Besides the Chamber, the system features an infuser which is used to transfer the properties from the used material to the subject. Without this device, the Chamber cannot function.

The Particle Infusion Chamber was designed so its user could absorb and replicate the properties of any given material. While Carl Creel, who took part in the early stages of the project, could only replicate the properties of one material at a time and only after having been in physical contact with it, the final version of the Chamber was designed so that the infusion would be permanent. The Chamber's infuser scans the properties of the materials at the atomic levels, which are then transferred into the subject's DNA.


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