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"I know you sneak out of this house every night."
May Parker to Peter Parker[src]

The Parker Residence were apartments that served as a home to May and Peter Parker.


Original Apartment

One month after the Attack on the IFID Headquarters, Peter Parker was preparing to leave his home as May Parker sees the news about the Bombing of the Vienna International Centre. Parker sees his aunt May worried and tells her to relax.[2]

Recruiting Spider-Man

Peter Parker arrives at the Parker Residence

Upon returning home from school, Peter Parker spotted a strange car parked outside and asked May Parker about it before seeing Tony Stark talking with May. Parker became confused when Stark told May that Stark Industries planned to give him a sizable grant, claiming that Parker had signed up for it in the past. Stark then privately talked to Parker in his room, showing him footage of him, wearing Spider-Man Suit and stopping a car crash.

Tony Stark shows Peter Parker online footage of him

Parker claimed that the video was just a fake and denied being Spider-Man, however, Stark found his suit and blew his cover. Parker had no choice but to confess that he is Spider-Man, so Stark invited him to come to Germany to confront Captain America. He then decided to tell May about Parker's "field trip", however, he used his Web-Shooters to bind Stark's hand to the doorknob, pleading with him to keep the truth from May.[3]

Peter Parker discovers Spider-Signal

As the Clash of the Avengers was ended, Parker was brought home by Stark and Happy Hogan and Stark even allowed him to keep the suit he created. May gave Parker an ice bag for his black eye which he had gained when Captain America had struck him hard across the face during the battle. When May asked Parker who had injured him, he told her about a Brooklyn man named "Steve" and his huge friend. When May had exited the room, Parker continued to inspect his new Web-Shooters and discovered Spider-Signal, as well as other upgrades implemented by Stark.[4] Within the next two months, May and Parker relocated to a new apartment.[5]

Second Apartment

Found by Ned Leeds

Peter Parker is spotted by Ned Leeds

Following the Robbery of the Queens Community Bank, Spider-Man had returned back to the Parker Residence where he was witnessed by Ned Leeds. Parker desperately attempted to insist that he was not the Spider-Man, although Leeds had clearly figured it all out already. Parker then took off the suit and tried to convince Leeds that he got it all wrong, but they were interrupted by May Parker. May told Parker that would be eating at the restaurant and invited Leeds, however, Parker insisted that Leeds could not stay. Parker convinced Leeds to keep it a secret from May, not wanting to cause any more distress onto his aunt, which Leeds reluctantly agreed to before leaving while still asking Parker questions about being Spider-Man.[5]

Search for Vulture

Peter Parker hunts down the Vulture's actions

Returned back home, Peter Parker resumed his hunt for Vulture as he spoke with Karen. Parker asked if Karen could help him identify the criminals he encountered under the bridge, as she revealed that she had access to the footage through the Baby Monitor Protocol. Parker then watched the footage, seeing Jackson Brice and Herman Schultz as they threatened Aaron Davis before Spider-Man had stepped in.[5]

Losing Spider-Man Suit

Peter Parker and May talk to each other

Getting home, Peter Parker found May Parker frustrated and worried for him, as she explained how she had been calling everywhere for Parker's whereabouts. Noting how she knew he left the hotel room in Washington, D.C. and snuck out their home each night, May demanded answers. Parker explained that he had lost the Stark Industries' internship, claiming that he had managed to screw everything up. May believed his story and simply comforted Parker, while he apologized for getting her so worried about him.[5]

Homecoming Dance

Peter Parker gets ready for homecoming

As Liz Toomes agreed to go dancing with him, Peter Parker hurriedly returned home and immediately asked May Parker for her assistance to get ready for the homecoming dance. May helped him with clothes and also assisted Parker in learning how to dance. Parker also wrapped up a flower corsage which he had intended to give to Toomes as a gift.[5]

Awkward Revelation

May Parker figures out Spider-Man's identity

Once Parker returned back home, he discovered that Tony Stark had returned his second Spider-Man Suit. Excited Parker put on the suit again, however, May Parker saw him putting on the suit, watching in Parker's doorway as he had pulled off his mask and then loudly cursing as she questioned what was going on, much to Parker's utter shock and horror.[5]


"When I blipped back to my apartment, the family there was very confused. The wife thought I was a mistress, the grandma thought I was a ghost. It was really a mess."
May Parker[src]

In 2018, May Parker was at home in her apartment when the Snap occurred. The apartment was left vacant. Five years later, the Blip happened causing May to be restored to life in her old apartment. However, her appearance shocked its current occupants, with the grandmother of the new family believing she was a ghost while the wife thought her to be a mistress.[6]

Third Apartment

Summer Vacation

Peter Parker packing for his trip

By 2024, May Parker and Peter Parker had taken up residence in a third apartment. Prior to a summer school trip to Europe, Parker went home to pack his stuff, choosing to leave his Spider-Man Suit behind so he could enjoy his trip without having to worry about responsibilities. However, May later packed his suit herself without his knowledge and put it in his suitcase.

May and Peter Parker with Happy Hogan

Returning to New York City, Parker met with May and Happy Hogan at home, asking them about their relationships. May and Hogan both awkwardly replied to Parker's questions, and while Hogan was confident about their relationships, May was not so sure. Parker then interrupted then and left home.[6]

Raided by Damage Control

Soon after, Parker returned to the apartment bringing Michelle Jones with him. They entered through Parker's bedroom window and as Parker got changed, May ended her romantic relationship with Hogan. When they both heard a noise come from Parker's bedroom, Hogan opened his door and saw him and Jones. After seeing that Parker was undressed, he stepped back, letting May come inside. She then rushed out, only to return to meet Jones. Parker ran after May into the living room and tried to explain what happened, as it wasn't what it looked like. As they talked, Jones pointed at the television which had the NY1 news on, broadcasting in live feed that the WYPE helicopters were positioned outside their apartment complex. Parker hurriedly closed the blinds, only to open one to show May what was happening.

The next day. Damage Control agents came to the apartment and took pictures of Parker's belongings related to Stark Industries as part of their investigation.

One night as Parker and May were sitting in the living room, Damage Control agents, led by Agent Albert Cleary, broke inside the apartment and ordered for Parker's arrest. May told them that he had the Fourth Amendment, but they still handcuffed him and took him out of the apartment.[7]

Meeting with Matt Murdock

The next day, defense lawyer Matt Murdock visited the apartment and met Parker, May, and Hogan to inform them that while he cleared Parker of all charges of murder in the death of Mysterio, the situation will get much worse. As they were talking, a pro-Mysterio demonstrator threw a brick at the apartment, crashing through a window. However, Murdock sensed it and caught the brick without looking, much to Parker's shock.[7]

Moving Out

Following this, May decided it would be safer to leave their apartment and told Parker to gather his belongings as they were leaving to live elsewhere.

Later, in early December, Parker returned to the apartment a final time to retrieve all of his belongings from his bedroom.[7]




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