"As you can see in the counter-suit, not only does my client Roxxon Energy Corporation categorically deny any comparability in your diagnosis, but also sights clear and actionable breach of contract regarding your decision to share details of your highly sensitive work in the Londonderry Plant, and while my client is sympathetic towards your condition, Roxxon must vigorously defend its patterns in relation to the extraction and refinement process that you by admission had intimate knowledge of. In light of this, we will be pursuing damages."
―Parish Landman[src]

Parish Landman is the co-founder of the large law-firm Landman and Zack. He was arrested for aiding Wilson Fisk with his illicit activities.


Landman and Zack

Protecting Big Businesses

Parish Landman co-founded the law-firm Landman and Zack with his mind set more on making profits by protecting high paying investors, whether they were guilty or not, rather than helping those in need. Landman would sometimes be present during meetings with his opponents in law cases, alongside his team of lawyers.

Two interns working for Landman and Zack, Matt Murdock and Foggy Nelson, impressed Landman to such an extent that he offered them full time positions at the firm, which they turned down to start up their own firm, Nelson and Murdock. Their job went instead to Marci Stahl, who took over high ranking cases including the eviction of innocent people from their blocks of flats, including Elena Cardenas who hired Nelson and Murdock as her lawyers.[1]

Working for Wilson Fisk

Landman's greed put him in contact with crime Kingpin, Wilson Fisk, who offered Landman a substantial fee for his law-firm's assistance with cases involving his criminal activities, ensuring that nothing he was involved with ever reached the courts or led to him.[2]

Arrested by the FBI

Eventually Wilson Fisk's criminal activities were leaked to the FBI by Carl Hoffman, along with the help of Nelson and Murdock and information given to them by Marci Stahl. The resulting investigation led to the discovery of all those connected to Fisk's criminal empire and the arrests of anyone who had accepted bribes and worked for Fisk directly. As Landman left his car after arriving at his office, he was arrested by a team of FBI Agents and remained in custody due to his crimes.[3]


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