Paripan is an lower-caste Inhuman of Attilan. She is the wife of Loyolis and the mother of Iridia and Bronaja.


Early Life

Like all Attilan's people, Paripan underwent Terrigenesis, gaining superhuman abilities.

Later, Paripan married Loyolis and gave birth to two children, Bronaja and Iridia.[1]

Children's Terrigenesis

"Pray their Terrigenesis turns out better than our own."
Loyolis to Paripan[src]
Iridia's family

Paripan and Loyolis before their children's Terrigenesis

Paripan went to Bronaja's and Iridia's Terrigenesis ceremony, hoping that they would gain better powers than their parents. While Iridia got butterfly-like wings, Bronaja did not show any sign of change until he had a seizure when Maximus touched him in a gesture of comfort. Paripan then went back home with her family and was proud when her daughter exhibited her beautiful wings. Paripan then listened to Maximus' speech in favor of a return to Earth.[1]

Maximus' Rise to Power

Listening to Maximus

Paripan and her husband are listening to Maximus with the other lower cast Inhumans

Following the exile of the Inhuman Royal Family, Paripan listened to a speech delivered by Maximus during which he declared himself as the new King of Attilan and claimed that he would lead them to Earth.[2]

Attilan's Demise

When Attilan's protective dome had been compromised by Maximus, Eldrac helped the remaining Inhumans to escape to Earth, including Paripan and her family.

New Life on Earth

Like the rest of Attilan's population, Paripan evacuated the city once it got on the verge of collapsing due to Maximus' actions. She was teleported to Earth with the other Inhumans and listened to Medusa as the Queen delivered a speech telling them that they had finally come home and they would live in a secret settlement.[3]

Powers and Abilities


Paripan is an Inhuman who achieved her genetic potential upon undergoing Terrigenesis, gaining superhuman powers.





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