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"I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be. What about you?"
―Papa Legba to Dagger[src]

Papa Legba is a Loa living in the Dark Dimension.



"So, what's your name?"
"I have too many. I am That Which Stands at the Crossroads. Saint Peter. Atibon. Papa Legba."
Dagger and Papa Legba[src]

For centuries, people were making legends about the mystical entity, living in Dark Dimension. Depending on people's belief or mentality, it was named as That Which Stands at the Crossroads, Atibon, Saint Peter, but most common, Papa Legba.[2]

Voodoo Wedding

"Papa Legba is a Loa. Guardian of the Crossroads. A Voudon God. And Auntie's husband."
Evita Fusilier[src]

Papa Legba married Chantelle Fusilier when she conducted the ceremony ritual of marrying a Voodoo priestess to a Loa.[3]

Meeting Mayhem

"I've seen blood and a green jacket. But it was worn by half a woman."
―Papa Legba to Dagger[src]

The entity impersonating Kenneth Fuchs

As soon as Mayhem was absorbed into the Dark Dimension by Cloak, she found a replica of Roxxon Gas Station. There, in the refrigerator, Mayhem saw Papa Legba impersonating Kenneth Fuchs who recreated the moment when Fuchs was murdered. However, "Fuchs" suddenly woke up and asked Mayhem did she want any pancakes.[1] Papa Legba explained his true agenda and revealed that Mayhem was unable to leave the dimension by her own, as she was just a half of human. Mayhem ignored his words and went to find the exit by herself.[2]

Meeting Tandy Bowen

"Pay to play. Give it up, and go on. You'll have it whenever you want it. Just know, if you take it out in there, the journey's over."
"'Give it up'? Give this up? So, head into uncertain doom without the only thing that keeps me safe?"
"It's not the only thing."
―Papa Legba and Dagger[src]

Papa Legba met Tandy Bowen at the Dark Dimension who was absorbed by Tyrone Johnson and transformed into the young version of Johnson. Papa Legba asked Bowen what she was doing there and she explained that she went through the portal made by Johnson, whose Papa Legba recognized as Bowen's Divine Pairing. He then told Bowen about the legends that people made about it.

The entity impersonating Tyrone Johnson

Bowen asked him about the whereabouts of Mayhem who she was desperate to find to take down the women trafficking ring in New Orleans. Amused, Papa Legba explained why Mayhem is unable to leave the dimension and said that the only option for Bowen is taking Mayhem with her and walking through the Gauntlet of Transactions.

Then, Papa Legba showed Bowen the tower viewer, however, Bowen could not see anything with it. He explained that Bowen has to pay with her powers to see the way out through the viewer. Bowen stated that her powers are the only thing that keeps her safe, however, Papa Legba did not agree with her. Bowen "deposited" her Lightforce dagger to the viewer and received a strange coin with her dagger insignia and Johnson's cloak on the other side. Before Bowen could ask Papa Legba about the meaning of the second side, he disappeared leaving Bowen without her powers, as well as Johnson.[2]


Loa Physiology: As a Loa, Papa Legba is a powerful entity residing in the Dark Dimension and has supernatural powers.

  • Dark Dimension Manipulation: Ruling over certain parts of the Dark Dimension, Papa Legba is able to control several aspects of the realm. He was able to send Cloak, Dagger and Mayhem to multiple areas within the dimension.
  • Shapeshifting: Papa Legba is able to take many forms, as he appeared as a young Tyrone Johnson to Tandy Bowen and as Kenneth Fuchs to Brigid O'Reilly.
  • Immortality: The Dark Dimension is a timeless entity, thereby resulting in Papa Legba being a primordial immortal.





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  • In the comics, Papa Legba is a member of the Vodu, a humanoid race of extra-dimensional beings. He was often referred to as the Guardian of Eternal Crossroads and has aided the likes of Doctor Voodoo.
    • Another version of Legba appears as a member of the Eternals.
  • Papa Legba is a Loa of Haitian Voodoo origin and is commonly depicted as a Haitian man with a top hat, cloak and smoking a pipe. Some variations have him with powder on his face. When the entity claims that he has gone by the name Saint Peter, this is actually factual with voodoo beliefs as Legba is typically synonymous with saints of Christian origin.


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