Pancho's Bar is a bar and restaurant located in Rosamond, California.


Carol Danvers used to visit Pancho's Bar along with Maria Rambeau and other United States Air Force pilots. In 1995, Danvers, who was mind-wiped into serving the Kree, crash-landed on Earth. Following her mission of wiping Skrulls from all planets, she gave chase to a Skrull, leading her to a Skrull crystal. She read the information on the crystal with her suit, leading her to Pancho's Bar.

She traveled to the bar, only to meet with Nick Fury again. The two tried to prove to each other that they're not Skrulls, with Vers shooting a photon blast and destroying a part of the bar, remarking that Skrulls can't do that. After Fury agreed to help her find the information she needed, the two left the bar for the Joint NASA USAF Facility.[1]



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