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"Jeri Hogarth's office."
"Put Hogarth on."
"Hi, Jessica. Yes, why be polite to the lowly secretary?"
―Pam to Jessica Jones and Jeri Hogarth[src]

Pam is the former secretary and ex-girlfriend of Jeri Hogarth. Their relationship was put under major strain due to Hogarth's wife, Wendy Ross-Hogarth, discovering their affair and blackmailing Hogarth while also dealing with their work load as Jessica Jones continued to create new problems. When Pam was forced to kill Ross-Hogarth to save Hogarth's life, she discovered her lover's dark secrets and ended their relationship.


Sleeping with the Boss

Pam was in the office of Hogarth, Chao & Benowitz talking to the receptionist when Jessica Jones entered; Pam asked Jones if Jeri Hogarth had called her and Jones lied saying that she had.

Pam seducing Jeri Hogarth inside her office

Later, Pam saw Hogarth, overlooking the city, on the phone with Jones. She began to kiss and slowly caress Hogarth as she spoke. Finishing her call, Hogarth returned her affection.

A few days later, Hogarth was preparing to leave the office when she stopped at the reception desk; Pam saw her and began to approach. However, when another woman appeared, Pam blushed and quietly walked away.[5]

Phone Call

A couple of days later, Pam rushed to the office of Jeri Hogarth while Hogarth and Jessica Jones were in a meeting; Pam received a phone call from Jeri's wife who demanded to speak to her. Pam tried to impress to Hogarth the urgency of the call, but Jones closed the door on her to complete her discussion.

After Jones left, Pam returned and told Hogarth to take the call; her wife knew about their affair.[1]

Awkward Confrontation

Pam wore a printed dress to work one morning when Jessica Jones once again attempted to barge into Jeri Hogarth's office. Though Pam told her to allow Hogarth to finish her phone call with a litigator named Larry, Jones entered nonetheless, saying that she could not hear Pam over her dress.

Hogarth later took Pam to a restaurant where they had reservations for lunch. While showing her lover pictures of a hotel where her sister stayed in Italy, Hogarth was more concerned about the consequences of the Hope Shlottman radio interview; Pam told Hogarth that she needed to be the woman with whom she fell in love and stop working for a moment, causing Hogarth to give her her attention.

Pam is confronted by Wendy Ross-Hogarth

Suddenly, Wendy Ross-Hogarth, exiting the establishment, bumped into them as they were entering; Wendy could not believe that Jeri was taking Pam to the same restaurant where they got engaged. Pam was visibly hurt. Jeri told Wendy that if she was planning to cause a breakup between her and Pam, it would not make her return to their marriage. Wendy left speechless. Jeri acted as if the restaurant was their property and said that Wendy was not getting it in the divorce; Pam said that she was, as she refused to eat there.

Pam returned to the Hogarth, Chao & Benowitz Office‏‎ and assisted people who felt that Kilgrave had influenced their behavior.[6]


Pam curled up under Jeri Hogarth as her limousine moved. She listened to the conversation between Hogarth and Jessica Jones about Hope Shlottman getting beat up in Northeastern Correctional Facility as Hogarth pet her.

Pam later went on Hogarth's request to get an abortion-inducing drug for Shlottman.

Days later, in Hogarth's office, Pam answered the phone and Jones rudely requested to speak to Hogarth about the drug. Pam listened as Hogarth chastised Jones for her treatment of the woman Hogarth said she wanted in her life permanently. After the two finished their phone conversation, Pam asked Hogarth if she was sincere in what she said; Hogarth presented her with an engagement ring. Pam, blushing, said that she wanted to be Hogarth's wife, but the divorce had to be finalized first before she would accept the ring. Leaving the office, Pam cited that she was Catholic.[3]


As she and Jeri Hogarth were approaching the New York State Supreme Court Building, Pam listened as Hogarth told her what she needed to be successful in the upcoming case. When Jessica Jones foung the couple, Hogarth told Pam to have the temporary employee who was replacing Pam in the Hogarth, Chao & Benowitz Office fired for revealing their location. Pam was then sent ahead to get things ready for Hogarth in the courtroom.

Later, Wendy Ross-Hogarth entered where Pam and Hogarth were working; she said that since Jessica Jones threatened her to sign the divorce paper, she wanted 75% of her assets or she would reveal that Hogarth tampered with jury members to help to achieve her perfect winning record. Pam looked stunned to learn this, but, after Ross-Hogarth left, she told her lover that she already knew.[7]

A few days later, Pam was outside the meeting room while Hogarth with Desmond Tobey and Wendy Ross-Hogarth with her lawyer were discussing the terms of the divorce. Pam entered and called Jeri "Mrs. Hogarth" as she told her that she had an urgent phone call from Jessica Jones; Ross-Hogarth asked if Pam called her wife that in bed.[8]

Teasing Jeri

"I don't like ultimatums."
"I know."
Jeri Hogarth and Pam[src]

While Jeri Hogarth was contemplating what to do about Wendy Ross-Hogarth and the failed attempts to get her to change her want to have over 70% of their assets, Pam found an e-mail in the Hogarth, Chao & Benowitz computer system, revealing Hogarth's part in jury tampering. Pam was able to erase the file before any other employee could discover it.

Pam approached the contemplative Hogarth and explained that she was now an accessory-after-the-fact to Hogarth's felony. Pam wanted Hogarth to handle this divorce and Ross-Hogarth as she would handle any other law case, decisively and without hesitation; Hogarth said that personal matters are different than work matters.

Pam sat near Hogarth with her dress slightly open and placed Hogarth's hand high up her thigh. As she told Hogarth about how she was aroused the first time she saw her in court being strong and masterfully controlling the situation around her, Pam moved and grinded, arousing Hogarth. Just as Hogarth was approaching to kiss her, thinking they were soon to make love, Pam removed Hogarth's hand and said nothing will happen between them until she handles her wife.[9]

Defensive Blow

Wondering about the whereabouts of Jeri Hogarth, Pam went to the Hogarth Residence and knocked on the door; after repeated knocks, she heard Hogarth scream. Pam broke into the place and saw Wendy Ross-Hogarth upon her lover, cutting her repeatedly with a knife. Pam took a vase and hit Ross-Hogarth in the head; the woman died. Jessica Jones entered the house and saw the scene; as Pam stood stunned, Jones and Hogarth argued about Kilgrave and where he had gone. Jones walked toward the door and Pam begged her not to leave; Jones told Pam to say that she killed Ross-Hogarth in self-defense.

Pam was taken to the police precinct. Hogarth entered Pam's cell, saying that she was Pam's lawyer, and told the woman to say nothing at that time to the New York City Police Department. Pam questioned why Kilgrave was at the Hogarth Residence and realized that Hogarth wanted to use the telepath to make Ross-Hogarth sign the divorce papers; Hogarth denied the accusations and told Pam that the events as they actually occurred were more complicated than that. Pam felt that Hogarth was despicable and saw her in a new light. When a Detective entered to book Pam, Pam told the Detective that Hogarth was not her lawyer and she had no idea who that woman was.[2] Pam was charged with murder, but did not want Hogarth in her life any longer.[10]


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Behind the Scenes

  • Susie Abromeit created her own backstory for Pam in order to portray the character, including a childhood trauma and her realization during college that she is attracted to women.


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