"What if Pakistan marched into Mumbai tomorrow, and you knew that they were gonna drag your daughters into a soccer stadium for execution? And you could just stop it with a flick of a switch. Would you? Wouldn't you all?"
Alexander Pierce to Singh[src]

Pakistan, officially the Islamic Republic of Pakistan is a country located in South Asia.


Soviet Plutonium

Pakistan, having started nuclear programs since the Cold War, purchased Soviet-era weapons grade plutonium from Russian physicist Ivan Vanko. Vanko's crimes were discovered in 1993, and he was imprisoned for fifteen years in a Russian prison.[1]

Thor's Skills

"Why don't you tell me where you received your training? Pakistan? Chechnya? Afghanistan?"
Phil Coulson to Thor[src]

Pakistan has a reputation amongst the international community of being one of the best places in the world to train a mercenary. As such, Phil Coulson named Pakistan as one of the possible places where Thor received the training needed to subdue the multiple S.H.I.E.L.D. agents he defeated while trying to gain access to the heavily custodied Mjølnir in New Mexico.[2]

Crossing Asia

Bruce Banner went to hide in Asia after leaving his cabin in Bella Coola, Canada. S.H.I.E.L.D. tracked Banner as he crossed Afghanistan and Pakistan heading to India.

He managed to keep his transformations under control while crossing the country, only triggered when under attack in Indian territory.[3]

Kidnapping of James Rhodes

Pakistan was the location where the Mandarin's broadcasts were tracked following the presumed assassination of Thomas Richards, an accountant for the Roxxon Corporation, despite President Matthew Ellis yielded to his demands. President Ellis ordered to deploy Colonel James Rhodes immediately in Pakistan, finding false points of origin to the broadcasts.

Rhodes raided a house in Pakistan, as the Mandarin's signal was changed from his actual origin to point other places, and Rhodes received a call from Tony Stark to confirm that A.I.M. was responsible for his rebrand as Iron Patriot, asking why Rhodes didn't look for him following his disappearance. Stark asked Rhodes' login to access A.I.M. servers, mocking that Rhodes preferred his War Machine codename despite publicly affirming that Iron Patriot was better.

Pakistan IM3-2

Rhodes went to raid a sweat shop, but this time, instead of a simple ruse to hide the actual location of the broadcasts, an Extremis-enhanced agent of A.I.M. ambushed Rhodes and disabled his armor applying extreme heat. The woman contacted Eric Savin to inform of the success of her mission to acquire the armor.[4]

The Mandarin

"I was able to pinpoint the Mandarin's broadcast signal."
"What are we talking? Far East, Europe, North Africa, Iran, Pakistan, Syria?"
J.A.R.V.I.S. and Tony Stark[src]

Pakistan, along with the Far East, Europe, North Africa, Iran and Syria, was one of the places guessed by Tony Stark to be the probable location of the Mandarin's broadcast signal when J.A.R.V.I.S. factored in available A.I.M. downlink facilities, until being informed by J.A.R.V.I.S. that the actual location was Miami, Florida.[4]

Project Insight

Alexander Pierce used different examples to justify his actions regarding the approval of Project Insight for HYDRA in order to stop disorder, chaos and war all over the world. One of his examples was a potential invasion of the city of Mumbai in India by Pakistan, dragging hostages into a soccer stadium for public execution.

Pierce asked Councilman Singh of the World Security Council what would he do in a situation like that if some of the hostages were his own daughters, and he could put and to that situation just pressing a button. Pierce extended the question to the rest of the Council members, but Singh defiantly answered that he would not do it if it was Pierce's and HYDRA's button.[5]


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