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"This is now PRIDE's central command, where we share everything we learn and keep it off the radar of the cops, the media, and most importantly, Jonah."
Tina Minoru to PRIDE[src]

The PRIDE Headquarters is the main facility owned by PRIDE.


Search for the Runaways

"It's a 24-hour surveillance center with CCTV from across the city interfacing with Wizard's state-of-the-art facial recognition software."
"Designed by me. We're in charge of getting our kids back now."
Tina Minoru and Robert Minoru[src]

Although designed to be the headquarters of the organization, where PRIDE employees such as Mary or Megan worked, the members of PRIDE actually spent little time in the building. However, by the time the Runaways went missing, the whole board of PRIDE came to the headquarters. They were greeted by the staff before settling down in their meeting room, where Tina and Robert Minoru revealed to their colleagues that they had developed a whole secret command center PRIDE could use to coordinate the search for their children.

PRIDE discuss Jonah's nature

In their command center, PRIDE discussed the case of Graciela Aguirre. Dale and Stacey Yorkes, accompanied by Tina and Robert, were sent to retrieve the evidence against PRIDE she claimed to possess, but at their return, they were confronted by Geoffrey and Catherine Wilder since Tina had to murder her. PRIDE then discussed Jonah's nature as well as what lied in the hole of the PRIDE Construction Site. They then agreed to make both Tina and Geoffrey the official leaders of PRIDE before leaving.[1]

PRIDE met in an emergency at the headquarters due to an earthquake striking Los Angeles. They reviewed data about the earthquake and the damage it had caused in the city to assess whether it was due to the hole at the dig site. Since it happened to be a natural phenomenon, the PRIDE members decided to leave, leaving only Geoffrey and Catherine to monitor the surveillance feed. However, Catherine left to meet with Detective Flores.

Geoffrey Wilder gives the Abstract to Janet Stein

Remaining alone in the headquarters, Geoffrey was contacted by Janet Stein, who met him in the meeting room and requested to be lent the Abstract, which he accepted. In the night, Catherine returned to Geoffrey, who was still in the command center, and told him that the only way to clear the Runaways' name was to find someone else to be framed for the death of Destiny Gonzalez. As it happened, Geoffrey was called by Darius Davis, which Catherine saw as the perfect target.[2]

PRIDE later held another meeting in their center, during which Geoffrey and Catherine were confronted about their secret attempt to find their son Alex, although the Wilders deflected the accusations by revealing that Tina had previously given her daughter Nico the Staff of One during an earlier confrontation. Dale and Stacey then left the headquarters to go to the dig site and test the Anti-Gibborim Serum they had developed.

PRIDE interrogates Mike on a Bike

The other members of PRIDE remained in the command center, reviewing data about the Runaways. They then summoned Jules to the building, a volunteer at a PRIDE soup kitchen where the Runaways had been spotted, and interrogated her. Jules denied having seen the teenagers, but told PRIDE she had come with another client of the soup kitchen, Mike on a Bike. Mike's answers confirmed that he had indeed encountered the Runaways. Later, after sending Jules and Mike away, PRIDE received an alert indicating that the Runaways had been seen at Atlas Academy and immediately left the headquarters.[3]

PRIDE discuss the Runaways' theft

Having learned that Eiffel had encountered the Runaways during their infiltration into the school, PRIDE had her come to their headquarters. Despite a difficult conversation because of Eiffel coming with two lawyers, PRIDE learned from Eiffel that the Runaways had stolen an advanced computer. As Eiffel left, PRIDE discussed the theft and its possible consequences, before Dale and Stacey revealed that they had seen Jonah with Karolina Dean at the dig site, which shocked the other members of PRIDE.

PRIDE sees Jonah's arrival

Refusing to let Jonah getting close to the Runaways, PRIDE decided to make a move to kill him. However, Robert surprised his colleagues by stating that he would attempt to kill Jonah. Remaining in the headquarters, the other members waited for Robert to return, and were astonished when a seemingly heavily weakened Jonah brought an unconscious Robert back to the headquarters.[4]

Jonah explains his wishes to PRIDE

Jonah explained that he wanted all the PRIDE members to be present for the launch of his spaceship scheduled in two days, threatening to kill the Runaways if they did not comply and promising that he would give them both the Abstract and the location of their children. Jonah then left the PRIDE Headquarters, leaving Dale and Stacey heal Robert from his wound.

PRIDE discusses Jonah's intentions

PRIDE then discussed Jonah's offer, and they decided to figure out once and for all whether or not the launch of Jonah's ship would cause an earthquake. To that end, Dale and Stacey decided to leave and see Janet since Geoffrey revealed that he had given her the Abstract. Geoffrey and Catherine then left the building as well, stating that they had already fulfilled the role assigned to them by Jonah.[5]

On the day of the launch, Jonah returned to the PRIDE Headquarters to reiterate his demands and check whether Victor Stein was there, paying little attention to Megan who asked him why he had come. As he talked with PRIDE, Catherine also arrived at the headquarters after noticing her husband was missing. She confronted Jonah, who revealed that Geoffrey had been saved by the Runaways. Jonah then left the building without answering Leslie Dean's question as to whether he would leave Earth alone.[6]

PRIDE celebrates Jonah's demise

On the after the Battle at the PRIDE Construction Site, during which Jonah seemingly died at the hands of Nico, PRIDE had a buffet delivered in their meeting room to celebrate their victory and the removal of the threat of Jonah, as well as the subsequent end of PRIDE itself. They toasted to this achievement and then decided to resume the search of the Runaways, with each family independently looking for their own children.

Catherine Wilder meets with Flores

Catherine remained a little longer at the headquarters, and met with Flores, who warned her that Davis' sister-in-law Livvie had provided an alibi for the night Gonzalez was murdered. Catherine thus instructed Flores and AWOL to perpetrate an attack on Livvie and intimidate her. Catherine then collected data on Alex from the command center until she was confronted about the attack by Geoffrey, who informed her that Alex was present during the shooting.[7]

PRIDE meets with Flores

Despite their initial wishes, PRIDE met once again at their headquarters where they were confronted by Flores who blamed them for not having disclosed their children's superpowers and equipment. He also warned them that the Runaways were investigating the death of Davis. Once Flores was sent away, PRIDE discussed their options and they eventually decided to follow Victor's idea of developing specific weapons designed against the Runaways to be ready to defend themselves.

Having seen the weapons Victor was developing in his lab, Robert returned to the PRIDE Headquarters to discuss it with his wife. He found her acting weird in the meeting room, eating chocolate cake and behaving in a very sensuous way. Robert was unaware that Tina was possessed by the Magistrate's Daughter, although she eventually regained control, puzzled about the situation she had been found in.

PRIDE was later visited by AWOL in the headquarters, who warned them that Flores had kept evidence of all their crimes and offered to get rid of it if they made AWOL the new leader of the LAPD strike team.[8]

Having decided to leave the Runaways and to return to his family, Chase got the opportunity to work at the PRIDE Headquarters under Wendy's management. Wendy noticed that Chase did not seem particularly happy to be given the chance to work for PRIDE, but he promised to change his attitude and agreed to perform the menial tasks Wendy assigned him to. While working, Chase overheard Mary and Megan speaking about how weird they felt, due to their unwilling role as test subjects for PRIDE's new weapons.

Chase Stein joins PRIDE

Meanwhile, PRIDE discussed their next plans in their secret command center, although Catherine was uncomfortable having Chase so close to them. Victor, who took the reins of PRIDE from this point, then exposed his plans to use Chase as a way to bring the other Runaways back home. Victor let Chase access the command center, where the rest of PRIDE awaited them. They then welcomed Chase within PRIDE, promising that the other teenagers would be given the same chance.[9]

Tina Minoru coordinates the Chase of the Runaways

PRIDE then persuaded Chase to meet with his former teammates and convince them to return home. Due to Chase's failure, PRIDE decided to enact their final initiative and use the weapons they had developed to force their children to return home. The Chase of the Runaways was coordinated by Tina from the PRIDE Headquarters' command center, as she oversaw the dispatch of the drones tracking down the teenagers so she could give directions to the other members of PRIDE.

Nico Minoru confronts her parents

Tina was soon confronted by Nico, who had come to fight her parents. Both Robert and Tina were willing to fight against their daughter, and they initially had the upper hand against her, managing to knock her unconscious. However, due to Nico unconsciously channeling energy from the Dark Dimension, she cast a powerful spell which blasted two great windows and projected the shards onto her parents. Robert and Tina were thrown back several meters away, with Robert being wounded in the process, enabling Nico to leave the building.[10]


"To the public, it's business as usual, but I designed this room with certain enhancements should the day come."
"A secret antechamber. Classic PRIDE."
Tina Minoru and Dale Yorkes[src]

The PRIDE Headquarters initially appeared as a regular office for the charity, featuring a large meeting room for the members of PRIDE to gather and hold meetings. The windows of the meeting room could be rendered opaque so that the office's staff would not be able to see what happened in the meeting room. Moreover, behind the walls of the meeting room was a secret command center from which PRIDE could access various streams of data, including CCTV surveillance. The command center could only be accessed after lifting up panels on the wall through a digital fingerprint reader hidden in the room's temperature controller.


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