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"This is now PRIDE's central command, where we share everything we learn and keep it off the radar of the cops, the media, and most importantly, Jonah."
Tina Minoru to PRIDE[src]

The PRIDE Foundation Facility is a charity facility owned by PRIDE. The place became the primary base of the group during the search for their children.


"It's a 24-hour surveillance center with CCTV from across the city interfacing with Wizard's state-of-the-art facial recognition software."
"Designed by me. We're in charge of getting our kids back now."
Tina Minoru and Robert Minoru[src]

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"To the public, it's business as usual, but I designed this room with certain enhancements should the day come."
"A secret antechamber. Classic PRIDE."
Tina Minoru and Dale Yorkes[src]

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