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"I was at the construction site. They delivered the drill today."

The PRIDE Construction Site is a construction site located in Los Angeles where the Geoffrey Wilder Construction Inc., on behalf of PRIDE, pretended to be building a community school. Actually, Jonah intended to use this as a pretext to reach his ship located underground.


PRIDE Facade

"The school. They're using its construction as a cover."
Alex Wilder[src]

PRIDE pretends to build a school on the construction site

Jonah acquired the land where the construction site would be erected from Geoffrey Wilder while he was serving a jail sentence.[1] Jonah then assembled the PRIDE and provided them with substantial resources. Wilder used them to build the Geoffrey Wilder Construction Inc. who soon began to set up the construction site, pretending to be building a community school for Los Angeles as part of PRIDE's charity activities.[2]

Despite this public goal, however, the members of PRIDE thought they were after a source of clean and renewable energy.[3] This was also a lie from Jonah, as his true purpose was to uncover his ship under the surface.[4]

Darius Davis' Interference

The Crips take over the construction site

"Well, when you build a new school in my 'hood, homie, there's taxes to pay."
Darius Davis to Geoffrey Wilder[src]

Geoffrey Wilder's former friend Darius Davis was upset by the fact that Wilder's company was building a school in a part of the South Los Angeles region Davis pretended to control without consulting him. Therefore, Davis and his gang invaded the construction site and ordered Howard to call for Wilder. Davis demanded 50, 000 dollars from Wilder to leave the site. However, once Wilder got on the site, he threatened Davis to kill his grandmother Nana B if he did not leave the site. Davis and the Crips therefore left, but not before Andre Compton copied the data from Wilder's phone.[2]

Change in Leadership

"This is my neighborhood, my site."
"And you have my word it will be protected, but this elite group of men and women are far more dedicated than your average wage drone."
Geoffrey Wilder and Jonah[src]

Jonah went to the construction site to inspect it and oversaw the delivery of the drill manufactured by Nemo he needed to dig the hole and complete his plans.[5]

Jonah activates the giant Nemo drill

Jonah then invited the other members of PRIDE to join him for the last phase of the operation. In the same time, he dismissed the employees hired by Geoffrey Wilder Construction Inc. to provide security and replaced them with members of the Church of Gibborim, much to Geoffrey Wilder's annoyance. As Dale Yorkes asked for more details regarding the energy source they were supposed to dig up, Jonah eluded the question and turned on the drill, starting the excavation process.

Eldridge, one of the employees fired by Jonah, was actually a member of Crips. He reported his dismissal to Darius Davis, who monitored the site and figured out that something was happening.[3]

Infiltration into the PRIDE Construction Site

"Once we get in there, we destroy as much as we can as fast as we can, then we get out."
Alex Wilder[src]

Meanwhile, the children of the members of PRIDE, known as the Runaways, had discovered their parents' illegal activities. As they had figured out that the PRIDE Construction Site was a front hiding their true agenda, they decided to infiltrate the construction site in order to sabotage the whole operation. Upon arriving, they encountered Carl, a member of the Church of Gibborim providing security. On Karolina Dean's request, Carl called Frank Dean, who answered that the teenagers were allowed to enter the site.

The PRIDE arrives to stop the Runaways

The Runaways inspected the site and began undermining the PRIDE's efforts, destroying the drill's control system to deactivate it. As Nico Minoru attempted to fill the hole using the powers of the Staff of One, the Runaways were confronted by their parents, who had been alerted by Jonah about the fact that the teenagers knew about their plans. Parents and children began to fight, with some of the children revealing superhuman abilities.[3]

Jonah and Karolina Dean fight on the construction site

However, Jonah arrived as well to confront the Runaways. Although they were ready to stand against him, Karolina realized that Jonah only had interest in her and persuaded her friends to flee. In the ensuing confrontation between Jonah and Karolina, Karolina was captured by Jonah and the PRIDE while the other Runaways escaped from the construction site. The whole confrontation was witnessed by Darius Davis, who had sticked near the construction site to figure out what was happening in it.

Dale and Stacey Yorkes inspect the construction site

In the aftermath of the battle, upon realizing that Jonah had kept them in the dark, Dale and Stacey Yorkes took some echosounding equipment to inspect the hole drilled in the construction site. They were found by Leslie Dean, who also had her doubts about Jonah and had come to investigate the site as well. Using the equipment, Leslie and the Yorkeses discovered that the hole sheltered a living being, something Jonah had never mentioned, even to his lover Leslie.[6]

A banner indicates that the building is cancelled

Due to the confrontation between PRIDE and the Runaways and the fact that Jonah would soon use the construction site for its true purpose, which was launching his spaceship, the construction of the so-called school was officially cancelled. A banner was deployed outside the construction site to inform the public that the school PRIDE had funded would be built in another location.[4]

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