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"Let's not forget, we're still PRIDE. The most brilliant minds in biotech, computers, and engineering are standing in this room."
Victor Stein[src]

Promoting Resilience, Independence, Dedication & Excellence, more commonly known as PRIDE, is a Los Angeles-based charity organization whose members are some of the most rich and prominent families in L.A. However, it serves as a front for their true agenda, tied to the ceremonial sacrifices of the Church of Gibborim in order to restore Jonah, their benefactor. Despite that, they eventually chose to turn against Jonah due to his numerous threats towards the children of the members of PRIDE, the Runaways.

In the aftermath of a confrontation at the PRIDE Construction Site, PRIDE acquired two new objectives: assassinating Jonah and finding their children who had fled from them. By achieving these goals, the PRIDE members hoped that they could bring an end to their activities. Although they initially thought to be quite successful when Jonah was seemingly killed during the Battle at the PRIDE Construction Site, PRIDE still struggled to find the Runaways. Due to the LAPD failing to assist them, and with some of its members being actually possessed by the Gibborim Magistrate and his family, PRIDE began to develop weapons specifically designed against the Runaways. With Chase Stein being the only Runaway they were able to win to their cause, they launched an assault on the Runaways, but only obtained mixed results, failing to capture all the teenagers while losing members who were captured or defected.

Left in shambles, PRIDE remained mostly inactive for months while its members either fell under various influences, including the Gibborim and Morgan le Fay, or simply distanced themselves from the organization. However, the group was reassembled on Geoffrey Wilder's initiative in order to save Molly Hernandez from the Coven. PRIDE then teamed up with the Runaways in preparation for a final confrontation against le Fay, from which they were victorious, enabling PRIDE to resume their normal activities without any criminal implication.



"I put this team together, financed you, made your wildest dreams come true."

PRIDE was founded under the influence of Jonah whose purpose was to unearth his spaceship.[1] In exchange for vast resources he allocated, which enabled the different members of PRIDE to successfully launch their respective businesses, Jonah demanded that they performed rituals which would revive him once his condition would worsen.[2] Thanks to Jonah's gifts, Geoffrey Wilder created a construction company, Victor Stein launched the company Nemo, Dale and Stacey Yorkes founded the biotech firm Synnergy, supported by the investments of Tina and Robert Minoru who also built the company Wizard. As for Leslie Dean, she oversaw the development of the Church of Gibborim.

All these organizations were connected to PRIDE, which appeared as a charity devoted to social work and improving the life of the inhabitants of Los Angeles.[3] PRIDE had a considerably good reputation in Los Angeles as a charity, attracting many young people who wanted to work for the organization. As such, PRIDE employee Wendy claimed that it was easier to be admitted into Harvard University than to get a job or an internship in PRIDE.[4]

Secret Rituals[]

"This is a gift, and the cause that they are giving themselves over to..."
" one they know nothing about."
Leslie Dean and Geoffrey Wilder[src]

Following Jonah's instructions, PRIDE perpetrated ritual sacrifices during which victims selected by Leslie Dean in the framework of the secret Ultra Project were put inside a Dematerialization Box by the members of PRIDE in ceremonial outfits. The ceremonies happened in a secret basement located under the Wilder Mansion. During these sacrifices, the victim's body was converted into pure energy which was then transmitted to another Dematerialization Box located in the Church of Gibborim Executive Office and containing the decrepit body of Jonah.[3] Shortly after, Jonah would be restored to his youth.[5]

Before the sacrifices actually began, Frank Dean, who initially was a member of PRIDE, discovered that his wife Leslie had an affair with Jonah. As a result, PRIDE asked Dale Yorkes to inject Frank with a dose of Synnergy Serum, wiping out his memories. From this point, Frank was left out of PRIDE's activities, both legal and illegal.[6]

PRIDE's first Rite of Blood

PRIDE's first Rite of Blood

Once they had performed the first sacrifice, some of the members of PRIDE were horrified by the deed as they had not fully understood what they were doing. However, they could not back out as their crime had been recorded on video, with the images being stored on the servers of Wizard to make sure that PRIDE would carry on the rituals and would not go to the police.[2]

In parallel, PRIDE also erected a construction site in Los Angeles, where they pretended to build a community school.[7] In fact, the members of PRIDE had been told by Jonah that they would dig out a source of clean and renewable energy[8], whereas Jonah actually intended to reach his family trapped under the surface.[9]

Multiple Challenges[]

"Affairs, illness... What else are they hiding from you?"
"I told you, everything is under control."
"Oh, yes, clearly, you're running a very tight ship."
Jonah and Leslie Dean[src]

Assassination of Gene and Alice Hernandez[]

Hernandez Lab Explosion

The Hernandezes' lab is destroyed by Leslie Dean

"The Hernandezes were good people. They didn't deserve this."
"I don't know what the hell you think happened but Tina didn't do this."
Geoffrey Wilder and Robert Minoru[src]

Gene and Alice Hernandez, two original members of PRIDE, collected rock samples from the PRIDE Construction Site. They analyzed it in their lab and quickly concluded that something did not fit with what Jonah had told PRIDE. Unsure about who they could trust, the Hernandezes reached out to fellow members of PRIDE Dale and Stacey Yorkes and hinted that they had discovered something strange. However, the Hernandezes' discovery was found by other members of PRIDE, including Leslie Dean and Tina Minoru. In order to keep the Hernandezes from jeopardizing the whole operation, Dean murdered them by causing an explosion in their lab and making it seem like an accident.[8]

At least some of the members of PRIDE did not believe to the official explanations. Geoffrey Wilder, for example, suspected that the Hernandezes had been murdered, although he thought Minoru was the culprit. Nonetheless, the members of PRIDE held a funeral for their fallen colleagues. The Hernandezes' daughter, Molly, was adopted by the Yorkeses.[6]

Amy Minoru's Risk[]

"He said he was going to just talk to her, find out what she knew, scare her enough to keep quiet."
Leslie Dean[src]

In an act of rebellion against her mother Tina Minoru, Amy Minoru hacked into the servers of Wizard to uncover some of the company's secrets. However, her actions were ultimately discovered by PRIDE and Jonah. Out of fear that Amy might have found the video showing the first sacrifice perpetrated by PRIDE, Jonah decided to go to the Minoru Mansion, pretending to Leslie Dean that he would simply frighten her enough to persuade her not to disclose anything about what she had found. Dean did not believe him and anonymously warned Amy, but it was too late as Jonah arrived in Amy's home and murdered her before staging his crime to look like a suicide.[10]

Destiny Gonzalez's Failed Sacrifice[]


PRIDE sacrifices Destiny Gonzalez

"This is why he isn't getting better."
"Does this mean what I think?"
"We're gonna need another sacrifice."
Leslie Dean and Tina Minoru[src]

In order to revive Jonah for the fifteenth time, Leslie Dean selected Destiny Gonzalez, a young member of the Church of Gibborim, as the next victim. PRIDE held the ritual as usual and sacrificed her, unaware that their children were actually witnessing the whole event.[3] However, unbeknownst to them, the Dematerialization Box they had been using was experiencing malfunctions Victor Stein was not able to fix in time. While all the other members had left, Stein discovered, much to his horror, that Gonzalez was still alive inside the Box. Therefore, Stein murdered her to cover up for his mistakes and dropped her body in the ocean.[7]

PRIDE Kidnapping Murray

Victor Stein and Robert Minoru attempt to abduct a hobo

However, Gonzalez's corpse was ultimately stranded back on the beach and found by the Los Angeles Police Department, thus implying that PRIDE would need to perform another sacrifice.[6] Stein attempted to kidnap someone else to be sacrificed, but the brain tumor he was suffering from made him hallucinate that he had indeed abducted someone whereas the van he drove to the Wilder Mansion was actually empty. The members of PRIDE still believed that Stein had the right idea and both Stein and Robert Minoru went to find another victim, although they failed to kidnap Murray, a homeless man who resisted them.[11]

PRIDE - RWKingdom

PRIDE sacrifices Andre Compton

It was ultimately Geoffrey Wilder who found the final victim. Indeed, as the Crips had kidnapped his son Alex, one of them, Andre Compton, was heavily wounded in the confrontation between the Crips and the Wilders. Before he died from his wounds, Geoffrey brought back Compton to the Church of Gibborim Executive Office where PRIDE performed the ritual instead of doing it the Wilder Mansion. This successfully restored Jonah.[5]

The Fall of Victor Stein[]


PRIDE holds a fundraising gala

"Victor is the only one of you that's actually necessary for this to work. The dig is about to start, and his time is just about up, so I would appreciate it if you choose quickly. Because if I don't revive him, you all die. And so do your children."
Jonah to PRIDE[src]

PRIDE held a gala in Wizard Headquarters which was initially meant as a fundraising event for the school they pretended to build on the PRIDE Construction Site. However, the event soon went south when Victor Stein publicly revealed that he had discovered his wife Janet Stein had an affair with Robert Minoru. Moments later, a violent headache due to his brain tumor caused Victor to faint. He was taken to a quiet room where the other members of PRIDE learned about his condition he had kept secret until then. In order to cure him, Jonah injected Victor with a serum which significantly improved both his condition and his personality. The serum was secretly kept by Dale Yorkes.[2]

PRIDE trying to save Victor

PRIDE tries to save Victor Stein

In order to support her husband and to diminish the tension within PRIDE, Janet chose to end her relationship with Robert. However, Victor quickly returned to his violent and brutal behavior. This led him to attack his own son Chase with the Fistigons, nearly killing him before Janet shot Victor with a gun provided by Robert. Unable to go to the police, Janet contacted the other members of PRIDE, except Leslie Dean, as they did not want Jonah to learn about the incident. Despite their best efforts, Victor fell into a coma.

Tsunami pic

PRIDE attempts to revive Victor Stein

Leslie ultimately learned about the situation by spying on her daughter Karolina, who had been informed by Chase, and went to the Stein Mansion. Refusing as well to contact Jonah, Leslie called her husband Frank Dean, who had obtained Healing Gloves from Jonah. However, Frank was unable to save Victor, who became clinically dead, prompting Tina Minoru to inform Jonah of the situation. As a result, Jonah also arrived to the Stein Mansion.

Jonah, who needed Victor alive as he was the only one able to work on the Dematerialization Boxes used during PRIDE's rituals, explained that they had to sacrifice someone to revive him. Jonah ordered Janet to sacrifice herself as he held her accountable of the situation. Janet objected, claiming that she had tried to manage Victor's harsh personality for years without anyone actually helping her. As she suggested to sacrifice someone else, like Yorkes, an argument erupted within PRIDE, which annoyed Jonah who threatened to kill everyone of them as well as their children.

This worsened the situation as Yorkes, who refused that his children were put in harm's way, drew a gun and aimed it at PRIDE, suggesting that he would be in favor of sacrificing Tina, who he greatly disliked. Yorkes was ultimately disarmed by Geoffrey Wilder and Jonah decided to end the argument, once again ordering Janet to put herself into the Dematerialization Box; or instead Jonah would sacrifice her son Chase. Janet eventually complied, but Robert refused that she sacrificed herself and decided to give his life instead. Before he could do so, however, Tina destroyed one of the Boxes with the Staff of One, rendering the sacrifice impossible. Although he was upset by this, Jonah decided to keep Victor's body in the remaining Box while he would search for another solution.[10]

Protecting Molly Hernandez[]

"And then there's Molly."
"I've been thinking about it, but it will require Dale and Stacey keeping a secret."
"Yeah, that's no sure thing."
Geoffrey Wilder and Catherine Wilder[src]

In parallel, Geoffrey Wilder suspected that Molly Hernandez might have known about PRIDE's sacrifices, having found her hairpin in his office, near the secret entrance to the hidden basement.[7] Wilder discussed his discovery with his wife Catherine, who considered using the Synnergy Serum on Hernandez, although Geoffrey advised her against it. Catherine managed to get to Hernandez alone and began interrogating her. However, Hernandez gave a plausible explanation regarding her presence in Geoffrey's office and Catherine chose to believe her, thus giving up on the idea of wiping out her memories.[6]

R107 Wilders and Yorkeses discuss about Molly

The Wilders and the Yorkeses plot to protect Molly Hernandez

Nevertheless, Catherine had the confirmation that Hernandez was indeed aware of PRIDE's illegal activities when she discussed with a troubled Hernandez during the PRIDE gala.[2] In order to protect her from Jonah, the Wilders conspired with Dale and Stacey Yorkes to send Hernandez away from Los Angeles, forcing Hernandez to go and live with her cousin Graciela Aguirre in Montebello.[12]

Jonah's Threats[]

"There are many difficult decisions ahead of us. If you question my leadership in any way, the consequences shall be severe."
Jonah to PRIDE[src]
Jonah and PRIDE - RW109

Jonah talking to PRIDE

Frank Dean was informed by her daughter Karolina, who trusted him as he was not a member of PRIDE, about the fact that the Runaways knew about PRIDE's secret activities. Instead of helping the Runaways, Frank reported this to Jonah, who therefore learned that his whole plans were in danger. This, combined with the other ordeals PRIDE had had to face in recent times, including ones they had created themselves, prompted Jonah to summon a PRIDE meeting in the Church of Gibborim Executive Office.

During the meeting, the members of PRIDE were confronted about their recent choices: Leslie Dean choosing not to inform him when Victor Stein was dying, the Yorkeses and Wilders hiding Molly Hernandez from him, and Dale Yorkes keeping his serum for analysis. Jonah revealed that their children knew about the rituals and that they had to stop them.


PRIDE arrives on the PRIDE Construction Site to stop the Runaways

The members of PRIDE quickly figured out that the Runaways were headed to the PRIDE Construction Site, where they found their children trying to sabotage the whole enterprise. Although they insisted that everything they had done was for their children's sake, the Runaways refused to listen to them and declared war upon them. On this occasion, PRIDE discovered that some of the Runaways had superhuman abilities: Hernandez displayed a superhuman strength, Gert Yorkes had a telepathic link with a dinosaur created by the Yorkeses and Karolina seemed to be one of the Being of Lights mentioned in the Book of Gibborim.[8]

Jonah and PRIDE Hostile

PRIDE and Jonah face the Runaways

As the children refused to follow their parents, Jonah joined the confrontation and began attacking the Runaways, despite several members of PRIDE urging him not to. They watched helpless as most of the Runaways escaped, leaving only Karolina to fight against Jonah. Jonah won the confrontation and captured Karolina while the members of PRIDE unsuccessfully looked for their children.[13]

PRIDE Rebellion[]

R110 PRIDE meeting Minoru Mansion

PRIDE gathers at the Minoru Mansion

"We have a common enemy, and we need to do something about it."
Leslie Dean[src]

Following the Infiltration into the PRIDE Construction Site, the members of PRIDE, except Leslie Dean, gathered in the Minoru Mansion to discuss the recent events. They all agreed on the fact that they had been fooled by Jonah and that their actions had put their children in grave danger. Tina Minoru also revealed that Leslie was the one to blame for the Assassination of Gene and Alice Hernandez.

Yorkes Site Scan

Dale and Stacey Yorkes inspect the PRIDE Construction Site

PRIDE decided to conduct their own investigations: Dale and Stacey Yorkes returned to the PRIDE Construction Site where they, along with Leslie, found out that there was a living creature under the surface, while Geoffrey and Catherine Wilder unsuccessfully demanded from Jonah to see Karolina Dean, with Jonah's refusal prompting them to leave PRIDE.


PRIDE meets at Yorkes Residence

Upon Leslie's request, the remaining members of PRIDE gathered in the Yorkes Residence's basement. Leslie decided to reveal that Jonah had murdered Amy Minoru and apologized to her fellows for her involvement in the deaths of Amy and the Hernandezes. Although Tina was ready to murder Leslie in revenge for her daughter's death, PRIDE agreed to collaborate for their common goal, for which they needed everyone: assassinating Jonah.[13]

Earthquake Threat[]

R201 PRIDE Command Center

PRIDE takes on new headquarters

"Thank God the kids stopped that dig when they did. Otherwise, who knows what would've happened."
"Well, we do now. Earthquakes. With lots of horrible consequences."
Janet Stein and Robert Minoru[src]

PRIDE was informed by Detective Flores that the LAPD had found and arrested their children, prompting PRIDE to go to the District 27 West Side Station to get them back. However, it turned out that the LAPD had arrested the wrong teenagers, meaning that the Runaways were still at large, and PRIDE decided that they would no longer count on the police to find them. They thus went to the PRIDE Headquarters, much to the staff's surprise, and delivered a speech claiming that they remained dedicated to the charity's main cause. Once in a meeting room, Tina and Robert Minoru revealed the command center they had implemented in the PRIDE Headquarters, which became PRIDE's main base of operations to organize the search for the Runaways and planning the assassination of Jonah.

PRIDE's first action was to go to Graciela Aguirre, who had claimed on wHiH World News that she had evidence against PRIDE regarding their involvement in the Runaways' disappearance. Along with the Minorus, Dale and Stacey Yorkes went to Aguirre's house in an attempt to retrieve the video tape in her possession, but she refused to hand it over and attempted to destroy it, causing her to be murdered by Tina. PRIDE reclaimed the fragments of the tape and managed to access its nonetheless: a recording of Gene and Alice Hernandez indicating that the drill PRIDE had realized on the PRIDE Construction Site under Jonah's directions could cause massive earthquakes across California.

R201 PRIDE discuss about Jonah

PRIDE discusses Jonah's nature and plan

Dale and Stacey then revealed to PRIDE what they had found about Jonah's extraterrestrial nature and that other extraterrestrials may be trapped in the hole of the dig site. PRIDE agreed that they had to kill Jonah before he could cause damage, with Dale and Stacey working on a way to destroy him. Deciding that they needed to stop working separately, Tina announced that she would lead PRIDE from now on, appointing Geoffrey Wilder as her co-leader.[14] When an earthquake struck Los Angeles, PRIDE gathered to discuss it, but it turned out that it was unrelated to their activities. They also wondered whether Jonah would revive Victor Stein from his coma.[15]

Progress in the Search[]

"Someone's seen the kids."
Tina Minoru[src]

Divisions began to arise among PRIDE since some members had actually encountered the Runaways but had failed to convince or force them to return home: indeed, Tina Minoru had given the Staff of One back to her daughter Nico during a confrontation at the Minoru Mansion,[15] which had enabled the Runaways to rescue Alex Wilder from a kidnapping attempt orchestrated by Geoffrey Wilder.[16] However, despite the arguments erupting when all those events were revealed, PRIDE kept working together, especially since the Runaways were no longer wanted for murder thanks to Catherine Wilder's efforts, who had framed Darius Davis for the crime and murdered him as well.

R204 Yorkeses on the dig site

The Yorkeses test the Anti-Gibborim Serum

This enabled PRIDE to gain some time to focus on their other objective of assassinating Jonah. Dale and Stacey Yorkes required Leslie Dean's help to access the PRIDE Construction Site in order to test a serum they had developed against Jonah. Much to the Yorkeses' satisfaction, the serum proved to be effective on a tissue sample taken from into the hole, giving PRIDE hope that they could efficiently use it against Jonah. However, an earthquake immediately occurred afterwards, prompting the Yorkeses to leave. On their way, they also saw Jonah along with Karolina Dean on the dig site, which left them puzzled as to why they were here.

R204 PRIDE interrogates Mike

PRIDE interrogates Mike on a Bike

Meanwhile, the remaining PRIDE members discovered that the Runaways had been spotted in a PRIDE soup kitchen and summoned one of the volunteers, Jules, for interrogation at the PRIDE Headquarters. Jules insisted that she could not precisely remember having seen the Runaways, but mentioned that she had come with the thief Mike on a Bike who, after questioning and being paid, acknowledged that he had seen a group of teenagers with strange gauntlets and a dinosaur. This confirmed the Runaways' whereabouts to PRIDE, but before they could further dig into it, they felt the earthquake and began reviewing its potential effects.

R204 PRIDE Atlas Academy

PRIDE arrives at Atlas Academy

PRIDE was then informed that the Runaways had been seen at Atlas Academy, causing them to quickly drive there to find their children. Although they searched through the entire school, they remained unsuccessful[17] but later learned that Eiffel, a former classmate of Chase Stein, had seen him, as evidenced by a selfie posted online. PRIDE had Eiffel come to the PRIDE Headquarters and despite their utter annoyance due to Eiffel's arrogance and the fact that she had come with lawyers, they were able to find out that the Runaways had stolen a highly sophisticated computer from the school.

R205 PRIDE discusses computer theft

PRIDE discusses about the Runaways's computer theft

PRIDE discussed about what the Runaways could do with this computer, especially regarding the dig site. Since the Yorkeses had returned, they revealed that they had seen Jonah and Karolina on the site, which made PRIDE suspect that Jonah could have information about their children's whereabouts. Robert Minoru then decided to confront Jonah on his own, refusing to tell PRIDE about his plan. However, his assassination attempt failed and PRIDE was later astonished upon seeing a heavily weakened Jonah arriving at the PRIDE Headquarters with the unconscious Robert.[9]

Jonah and his Spaceship[]

R206 Jonah and PRIDE

PRIDE listens to Jonah

"Do you think I chose you because I enjoy your company? I chose you because of your capability to perform specific tasks, so I could get my ship out of that damn hole and get the hell outta here!"
Jonah to PRIDE[src]

PRIDE listened as Jonah revealed the reason why he had assembled PRIDE in the first place: unearthing his spaceship and leave Earth for good. They were then given different assignments: Tina and Robert Minoru would repair the spaceship's computer systems, Dale and Stacey Yorkes would assess the ship's shell, Victor Stein would inspect the ship for mechanical problems and Leslie Dean would bring Church of Gibborim guards to make sure no one would disturb the launch. PRIDE was also threatened that Jonah would kill the Runaways if they did not comply and was promised that Jonah would decrypt and leave the Abstract to them. They were also assured that the launch would not cause any earthquake despite what Gene and Alice Hernandez thought.

R206 JanetHasTheAbstract

PRIDE discusses Jonah's reveal

Once Jonah left and Robert regained consciousness thanks to Dale's and Stacey's efforts, PRIDE discussed what they had just heard. Still fearing the risk of an earthquake, Dale and Stacey suggested combining the knowledge of the Abstract with the Hernandezes' research notes to find a way to prevent such a catastrophe, and Geoffrey Wilder thus revealed to PRIDE that he had given the Abstract to Janet Stein for her to decipher it. Once at the Stein Mansion, however, Janet told the Yorkeses that she would work with Victor to make sure the launch did not happen. She also revealed that she had encountered Gert Yorkes, causing Stacey to get angry at her for not having informed her.[1]

Battle at the PRIDE Construction Site[]

R207 Jonah and PRIDE

PRIDE once again meets Jonah

"Teamed up with our parents to do something good."
Chase Stein[src]

PRIDE held another meeting to discuss Jonah's plan, which was the opportunity for Victor Stein to rejoin the ranks of PRIDE after being taken out of his Healing Algorithm by Janet Stein. On the contrary, both Geoffrey and Catherine Wilder were absent, as the former was actually kept at the Hostel following his rescue by the Runaways from Jonah. As they discussed, PRIDE was approached by Jonah himself, who once again promised that no earthquake would occur as he launched his spaceship and insisting that all members of PRIDE should be present in the evening to come. He then left without answering as Leslie Dean whether he planned on leaving Earth alone.

Refusing to blindly follow Jonah's command another time, the members of PRIDE worked on their own ways to thwart his plans. Janet and Victor completed the Anti-Gravity Device they had designed to damage Jonah's spaceship, while Dale and Stacey Yorkes prepared several vials of Anti-Gibborim Serum they planned on using on Jonah should he try to move against PRIDE or the Runaways.

PRIDE arrived in the evening on the PRIDE Construction Site, learning from Jonah and Leslie that at least some of the Runaways were already on the site, down into the hole. As Jonah decided to proceed to the launch nonetheless, PRIDE saw Karolina Dean fly out of the hole with Chase Stein and Molly Hernandez. They were quickly followed by Nico Minoru using the Staff of One to get out of the hole as well, and later by Alex Wilder and Gert Yorkes, thus reuniting PRIDE and the Runaways in the same place for the first time since the teenagers had fled.

R207 PRIDE Earthquake

PRIDE feels an earthquake

PRIDE then witnessed in silence as Jonah asked Karolina to come with him on a journey into space, but they immediately reacted when a tremor shook the dig site, causing PRIDE to call out Jonah's lies about the seismic hazards. With Jonah deciding to leave Karolina behind and to further proceed to the launch, both PRIDE and the Runaways attempted to stop him. Although Tina Minoru realized she could no longer use the Staff of One, the combined efforts of the Steins and the Yorkeses using the weapons they had created were enough to damage the ship and cause its destruction. However, it also greatly angered Jonah, who emitted a powerful shockwave, knocking the members of PRIDE and the Runaways several meters away.

R207 PRIDE forced to sleep

PRIDE is forcefully put to sleep

PRIDE then saw Jonah move towards them in a threatening way, but before they could actually defend themselves, Jonah was seemingly killed by Nico using the Staff of One imbued with Anti-Gibborim Serum. With this successful victory obtained by allying with their children, PRIDE attempted to convince the Runaways to return home, but they then fell asleep because of a spell cast by Nico. When they awakened, the Runaways were gone, meaning that it was still up to PRIDE to look for them. They also called Detective Flores so he would collect and dispose of Jonah's body.[18]

Failing to End[]

R209 PRIDE and Flores

PRIDE is confronted by Flores

"PRIDE was supposed to be over."
"Only you two have dragged us all back in with this Darius crap."
Leslie Dean and Tina Minoru[src]

In the next day, PRIDE met one more time at the PRIDE Headquarters for what they hoped to be the last time. They celebrated the death of Jonah and concluded that they were free from all their obligations, meaning that they could disband the organization and that each family would focus on the search for their own children in separate ways.[19] However, these hopes quickly collapsed when PRIDE was alerted by Detective Flores that the Runaways were investigating on the murder of Darius Davis orchestrated by Catherine Wilder, which could lead them to have all of PRIDE arrested.

Upon facing direct confrontation against the Runaways, Victor Stein suggested that PRIDE crafted weapons specifically designed against the teenagers to defend themselves from their superpowers and equipment. Despite Robert Minoru's and Janet Stein's reluctance, PRIDE went along with this plan. However, they were also unaware that Jonah and his family had survived the Battle at the PRIDE Construction Site and that they were actually possessing three PRIDE members: Victor, Tina Minoru and Stacey Yorkes. Through this infiltration, the Gibborim hoped to fulfill their own agenda regarding the Runaways.

PRIDE was also alerted by Flores' second-in-command AWOL that Flores had collected many pieces of evidence against PRIDE he intended to use soon enough. Outraged by this betrayal, PRIDE agreed to let AWOL get rid of Flores and put him in charge of the strike team on their payroll, tasking him to return the Runaways to them.[20]

PRIDE manufactured several weapons, including the Multidirectional Tranquilizer Dart and the Subsonic Wave Generator, which were added to the equipment they already had, notably the Synnergy Serum and the Inhibitor Pods.[21] Although they faced some tension due to the Gibborim personalities resurfacing from time to time, for example causing Tina to be briefly imprisoned in the Yorkes Residence's basement,[22] PRIDE carried on their plans and put the newly developed weapons on trial on two PRIDE employees, Mary and Megan, at the Stein Mansion.[4]

New Member[]

"Some of us want nothing more than to just be moms and dads again, and when you're all ready, the rest will step aside too."
"But it starts with you, Chase. You have to take the first step. Lead the rest."
Janet Stein and Robert Minoru to Chase Stein[src]

In parallel of the weapons development, Victor Stein managed to convince his son Chase to peacefully return home by confessing that he was sick again, unaware that his condition was actually due to his possession by the Magistrate.[22] While Chase discovered the public face of PRIDE in the PRIDE Headquarters, PRIDE tried to appease its divisions, especially due to Tina Minoru's recent imprisonment at the Yorkes Residence. In order to put an end to it, Victor used the fact that he had successfully got his son back as credit in order to take leadership of PRIDE and determine how the organization would work from now on.

R212 Chase joining PRIDE

Chase Stein joins PRIDE

PRIDE eventually decided to use Chase's return to their advantage. Despite his reluctance, they welcomed him into the ranks of PRIDE, assuring that they would do their best to avoid hurting the Runaways and promising that the teenagers could take the reins of the charity if they peacefully came back like Chase had done. Chase was convinced by the arguments and agreed to join PRIDE and to be a go-between for PRIDE and the Runaways.[4]

Although they won this new member, PRIDE lost Leslie Dean, who had been sent in exile in the Crater by her husband Frank because of her attempts to dismantle the Church of Gibborim. PRIDE's official explanation for her absence was that Leslie had undertaken a pilgrimage in Europe.[22] Even after having been rescued by the Runaways, Leslie decided not to return to PRIDE out of fear that the baby she was expecting could be in danger.[4]

Chase of the Runaways[]

R213 Chase PRIDE's Request

PRIDE asks Chase Stein to convince the Runaways

"If they have to hurt you, they will, and believe me, they can. But they'd prefer you to come home without a fight, and if you're willing to do that, then PRIDE is ours."
Chase Stein to the Runaways[src]

PRIDE immediately gave its new member Chase Stein a difficult assignment: convincing the Runaways to follow his path and peacefully return home so that the families could be reunited. Despite his doubts about his chances of success, PRIDE alerted Chase that he was the only one for this task and that he had to succeed. Otherwise, PRIDE would launch a massive assault on the Runaways to force them back home, using the weapons they had designed against the teenagers.

R213 Chase meets with Runaways

Chase Stein meets the Runaways

Therefore, Chase called Alex Wilder to set up a meeting with the Runaways. Although they ranged from heavily reluctant to strongly opposed to the idea, the meeting occurred in a neutral location, but Chase, despite warning his teammates about PRIDE's weapons and the fact that they could upset the Synnergy Serum on them, failed to convince them. He was thus forced to leave his former teammates and called PRIDE to inform them of his failure.

R213 Tina coordinating the chase

Tina Minoru coordinates the Chase of the Runaways

This prompted PRIDE to take the conflict to the next level by directly confronting the Runaways. A massive manhunt, based on armed PRIDE Drones, was initiated and coordinated by Tina Minoru, while the other members of PRIDE patrolled the city in their car, ready to drive to any location Tina would indicate to look for their children. Tina failed to hit the teenagers with the Multidirectional Tranquilizer Darts shot by the drones, which caused the Runaways to split up, being chased by their different parents and triggering several conflicts in Los Angeles.

R213 Minoru Fight

The Minorus confront their daughter

However, PRIDE only got very few results in this endeavor, due to both the Runaways' resistance and the fact that some of its members were possessed by Gibborim. As such, Catherine and Geoffrey Wilder ended up arrested by the LAPD after being framed for a murder by their son Alex. Tina and Robert Minoru confronted their daughter Nico at the PRIDE Headquarters, and although they initially defeated her, a powerful outburst of dark energy enabled Nico to defeat her parents, heavily wounding her father in the process.

Dale Yorkes - R213

PRIDE captures Gert Yorkes

Among PRIDE's targets, only Gert Yorkes and Karolina Dean were actually captured. Nevertheless, Gert was actually taken far from both PRIDE and the Runaways by her father Dale Yorkes, who had grown to fear his wife Stacey's newly violent personality, actually due to the personality of the Magistrate's Wife resurfacing. As for Dean, although she thought to be confronting Victor Stein and received the assistance of Xavin, she was actually abducted by Jonah, who possessed Victor. Back at the Stein Mansion, Jonah also attacked Chase and Janet Stein, capturing them both so that they and Dean could be used as vessels for the Gibborim family.[23]

Separate Paths[]

"PRIDE will be suspending operations for the time being, but we expect to be back stronger and better than ever."
Magistrate under Victor Stein's disguise[src]

PRIDE members were heavily shaken in the aftermath of the Chase of the Runaways. Due to this mayhem, the Magistrate, who controlled Victor Stein, called a press conference and announced that the organization would be suspending its projects for some time.

Following their arrest, Geoffrey and Catherine Wilder faced imprisonment, but Catherine decided to take responsibility for her actions and confessed her sole accountability in the death of Darius Davis.[24] Geoffrey was released, but Catherine was sent to prison where she ended up murdered by inmates instructed so by Tamar.[25] Janet Stein also died after sacrificing herself to enable Chase Stein and Karolina Dean to escape from the Healing Algorithm, although her consciousness was preserved in the algorithm itself.

Through her possession of Tina Minoru, the Magistrate's Daughter instructed Wizard engineers to work on a platform which would enable the Gibborim to return to their home planet.[26] However, their plans were foiled by the Runaways during the Battle at the Marine Vivarium Desalination Plant.[27] As a consequence of Nico Minoru's spell, Victor, Tina and Stacey Yorkes were released from the Gibborim controlling them, but also found themselves trapped in the Dark Dimension until they managed to escape.[28] Victor and Stacey then joined the Alien Abductee Anonymous to overcome their traumatic experiences.

Meanwhile, Dale Yorkes joined the Church of Gibborim, which had been restarted by Leslie Dean after she gave birth to her second child, Elle, who had been entrusted to Xavin.[29]

Robert Minoru was revived by Morgan le Fay who had left the Dark Dimension thanks to Nico[27], and was enthralled by the witch so she could carry on her plans to take over the world through her Corvus phones.[29] Robert eventually regained control of his actions thanks to Tina, but was finally killed by le Fay when she found out about it. Geoffrey, who had joined Wizard and started a new life with Tamar, also fell under le Fay's influence through a Crow Necklace, which caused him to briefly detain fellow PRIDE members Victor and Stacey,[30] but the enchantment was broken when he was hit by a Lightforce sphere sent by Dagger.[31]

Return for the Good[]

R309 PRIDE Reassembled

PRIDE is gathered by Geoffrey Wilder

"If PRIDE's gonna do one last job, no one else gets hurt."
Geoffrey Wilder[src]

PRIDE was reassembled by Geoffrey Wilder after learning that the Coven planned on sacrificing Molly Hernandez to enact the final phase of Morgan le Fay's plan. Despite lacking the superpowers of their children, the Runaways, they refused to ask them for assistance so they would not be put in harm's way because of PRIDE once again. Therefore, PRIDE went to the Olympic Grand Hotel, on the roof of which the ritual was supposed to happen, posing as CDC operatives. They managed to keep all customers of the hotel in lockdown to prevent them from being hurt, and were able to save Hernandez from the Coven. However, Wilder was heavily wounded in the process when Hernandez attacked him before Tina Minoru broke le Fay's enthralment.

RS3E9 10

PRIDE and the Runaways discuss their plan

PRIDE then took Hernandez to the Runaways' hideout, the Hostel, where several of them had already been earlier. Confirming that the war between PRIDE and the Runaways was definitely over, PRIDE put their talents in action to prepare for the upcoming battle against le Fay. Most notably, Victor Stein worked with his wife Janet's consciousness in the Healing Algorithm to create a disruption in the cell service and take down the Corvus phones, while Dale Yorkes was able to prepare a serum countering the effects of the phones thanks to Karolina Dean's DNA.

RS3E10 38

PRIDE in the aftermath of the final battle against Morgan le Fay

Among the members of PRIDE, only Stein and Tina Minoru took an active part in the battle, the former initiating the phone disruption to weaken le Fay while the latter blocked the arrival of le Fay's army before banishing the enchantress back to the Dark Dimension. The other members did not actually fought against the Coven, although they were briefly threatened by Bronwyn before being saved by Alex Wilder. Eventually, PRIDE survived the battle mostly unharmed, witnessing the death of a future Chase Stein and enabling them to return to their normal activities with the organization being purged of its criminal side.[32]


Current Members[]

Victor Stein[]

Victor Stein Infobox
  • NameVictor Stein
  • Activity: 2000s-
  • Description: Victor Stein is an engineering genius and the founder of the successful company Nemo. Despite his genius, however, Victor proved himself to be a ruthless husband to Janet Stein and unforgiving father to his son Chase. Victor was also the most valuable member of PRIDE to Jonah's eyes as he was the only one able to understand the functioning of the Dematerialization Boxes. However, Victor ended up suffering from a brain tumor which greatly affected him. When the sacrifice of Destiny Gonzalez failed, Victor tried to cover up for his mistakes and murdered the young girl. However, his life continued to shatter when he discovered his wife's affair with Robert Minoru. In order to cure him from his brain tumor, Victor was injected with Jonah's Serum, which momentarily significantly improved his relationship with both his wife and his son. However, he soon returned to his violent behavior and nearly killed his own son before being shot by Janet. Despite PRIDE's efforts to save him, Victor was clinically dead. Nevertheless, his body was kept intact from decaying by Jonah in a Dematerialization Box. Victor then remained in a Healing Algorithm, being tasked by Jonah to build a new Dematerialization Box all the while helping his wife Janet to decipher the Abstract. He was eventually taken out of the algorithm by Janet and rejoined PRIDE, taking an active part in a battle against Jonah. However, he was unknowingly possessed by Jonah and began suffering from periods of absence. Still, Victor managed to convince his son Chase, still on the run, to return home and rallied him to PRIDE's cause. Despite taking leadership of PRIDE, Victor was eventually entirely controlled by Jonah. Victor ultimately regained control of his body but was trapped in the Dark Dimension where he relived his abusive childhood. Having escaped, Victor attempted to recover from his trauma and later decided to help the Runaways against Morgan le Fay. As such, during the Battle at the Hostel, Victor was decisive in weakening le Fay by using the Disruptor to take down the cell service supporting the Corvus phones.

Geoffrey Wilder[]

Geoffrey Wilder (RS2)
  • Name: Geoffrey Wilder
  • Activity: 2000s-
  • Description: Geoffrey Wilder is the founder and CEO of Geoffrey Wilder Construction Inc. Formerly an inmate in the Los Angeles Penitentiary, Geoffrey was contacted by Jonah who wanted to purchase a land owned by Geoffrey. In order to make the deal, Geoffrey was released of prison after he convinced his friend Darius Davis to take responsibility for his own crime. Geoffrey and his wife Catherine were prominent members of PRIDE, hosting the ritual sacrifices in their mansion. A reluctant member of PRIDE who was uncomfortable at the idea of sacrificing people the same age of their children, Geoffrey was the first member of PRIDE to suspect that their children might have discovered their activities. Once these suspicions were confirmed, Geoffrey and Catherine arranged with Dale and Stacey Yorkes to send Molly Hernandez far from Los Angeles for her own safety. When PRIDE realized that they had been fooled by Jonah, Geoffrey and Catherine left the group, preferring to work on their own to ensure the safety of their son Alex. Nevertheless, Geoffrey and Catherine joined back PRIDE to cooperate with them, and was appointed co-leader of the organization along Tina Minoru, although it remained mostly theoretical. Failing to extract his son from the Runaways, Geoffrey also had to deal with the consequences of his wife murdering Davis. He was also abducted by Jonah to be sacrificed, but was saved by the Runaways. Geoffrey participated in the Chase of the Runaways, but he was arrested along with his wife by the LAPD. Geoffrey was eventually released, but was shocked when Catherine accepted her fate and admitted she had killed Davis, which led to her death. Over the next months, Geoffrey rebuilt a new life with Tamar, but still missed his son Alex and was unable to find him. This eventually caused him to be enthralled by Morgan le Fay and to briefly turn on his former fellow PRIDE members before the enchantment was broken by Dagger. Geoffrey then reassembled PRIDE in a successful attempt to save Hernandez from the Coven.

Tina Minoru[]

Tina Minoru (RS2)
  • Name: Tina Minoru
  • Activity: 2000s-
  • Description: Tina Minoru is a prominent member of PRIDE. Using funds allocated by Jonah, she and her husband Robert Minoru started the company Wizard, who manufactured the Staff of One Tina wielded during the Rite of Blood ceremonies. Tina was deeply affected by the death of her daughter Amy, which caused her to distance herself from her husband and her second daughter Nico Minoru. Over time, Tina tried to repair both these relationships, for example by teaching Nico on how to use the Staff of One. However, she was devastated to learn that Robert had an affair with Janet Stein. She still loved him nonetheless and destroyed a Dematerialization Box to keep him from sacrificing himself to revive Victor Stein. Tina eventually learned that her daughter, along with the other Runaways, knew about PRIDE's illegal activities. During the Infiltration into the PRIDE Construction Site, Tina attempted to stop Jonah from harming her daughter. Tina later joined the other members of PRIDE to kill Jonah, who she had learned to be Amy's murderer. She decided to take leadership of PRIDE to lead the organization with one voice, although she did not immediately revealed that she had given the Staff of One back to Nico. Tina insisted that PRIDE focused on killing Jonah as he was a threat to the Runaways, and expressed considerable pride and relief when Nico apparently did it during the Battle at the PRIDE Construction Site. However, the battle also caused Tina to be possessed by the Magistrate's Daughter, who progressively gained control over her. Tina coordinated the Chase of the Runaways and faced her daughter Nico, but was eventually entirely controlled by the Gibborim inside her. She regained control after Nico got rid of the Gibborim family, but it also caused Tina to be trapped in the Dark Dimension and forced to go through Amy's death once again. Found by Nico, Tina helped her to escape from the dimension, but upon returning, Tina realized that she had lost both her husband and her company to her personal nemesis, Morgan le Fay. Tina thus engaged in a ferocious conflict against the enchantress, figuring out her plan to merge Earth with the Dark Dimension and building a better relationship with Nico in the process. She was the one who banished le Fay back to the Dark Dimension after rejoining PRIDE and taking part in the Battle at the Hostel.

Dale Yorkes[]

Dale Yorkes (RS2)
  • Name: Dale Yorkes
  • Activity: 2000s-
  • Description: Dale Yorkes is a brilliant scientist whose contributions to PRIDE resulted in the creation of the Synnergy Serum, which Dale used on Frank Dean when he discovered Leslie Dean's affair with Jonah. Along with his wife Stacey Yorkes, Dale was one of the most reluctant members of PRIDE, expressing real discomfort at the idea of sacrificing people and looking forward that the process was completed. He and Stacey also bioengineered a dinosaur to protect their daughters Gert Yorkes and Molly Hernandez, which they soon discovered. When the Wilders informed them that Hernandez knew about PRIDE's illegal activities, Dale and Stacey decided to send Hernandez to live with Graciela Aguirre in order to protect her from Jonah. Dale and Stacey were the first members of PRIDE to really uncover Jonah's true agenda after they inspected the PRIDE Construction Site and found signs of a living presence beneath the surface. Dale agreed to join the other members of PRIDE to kill Jonah. Dale also took part in PRIDE's efforts to find the Runaways, and his work was put into good use during the Battle at the PRIDE Construction Site to stop and destroy Magistrate's Ship. Dale even managed to temporarily have Gert and Chase Stein in his guard, but they eventually escaped. He participated in the Chase of the Runaways and successfully found Gert. However, due to Stacey, who was actually possessed by the Magistrate's Wife, having begun to behave strangely, Dale elected to take Gert away from her and the rest of PRIDE as well. Hiding in a cabin, Dale helped her better control her connection with Old Lace, before being forced to let both of them go after they were attacked by the Magistrate's Wife. Dale then spent the next months in the Church of Gibborim he had rejoined before being reunited with his daughters, and later his wife who had gotten rid of the Gibborim controlling her. He then rejoined the reformed PRIDE to save Hernandez from the Coven and later designed the Gibborim's DNA-based serum which protected PRIDE and the Runaways against the effects of the Corvus phones.

Stacey Yorkes[]

Stacey Yorkes (RS2)
  • Name: Stacey Yorkes
  • Activity: 2000s-
  • Description: Stacey Yorkes joined PRIDE along her husband Dale Yorkes, with whom she created the company Synnergy. Just like her husband, Stacey felt really uncomfortable with the sacrifices demanded by Jonah. Fearing that PRIDE's illegal activities could one day endanger the lives of their daughters Gert Yorkes and Molly Hernandez, Stacey and Dale bioengineered a dinosaur to protect them. Despite being heartbroken by her decision, Stacey agreed with Dale to send Hernandez to live with Graciela Aguirre as the Wilders had discovered that Hernandez knew about PRIDE's rituals. Stacey progressively adopted a more defiant attitude towards Jonah than her husband Dale did. Together, they realized that Jonah was actually trying to reach a living creature beneath the surface of the PRIDE Construction Site and decided to join the other members of PRIDE in an attempt to kill Jonah. Stacey worked with Dale to create a successful Anti-Gibborim Serum they intended to use on Jonah, which they eventually did during the Battle at the PRIDE Construction Site, which also caused Stacey to be possessed by the Magistrate's Wife, who resorted to brutal means to bring Gert back home. Stacey also took part in the Chase of the Runaways, during which she was entirely taken over by her Gibborim controller. She was eventually released from her possession, only to find herself stranded in the Dark Dimension where she was confronted with her decision to mind-wipe Gert to hide the existence of the dinosaurs she and her husband had been bioengineering, which had caused Gert anxiety issues. Once she escaped from the Dark Dimension, Stacey was still far from her family until they were untimely reunited due to their efforts against Morgan le Fay's plan to take over the world. Stacey then rejoined PRIDE along with her husband to save her adoptive daughter from the Coven who planned on sacrificing her.

Leslie Dean[]

Leslie Dean (RS2)
  • Name: Leslie Dean
  • Activity: 2000s-
  • Description: Leslie Dean is the leader of the Church of Gibborim, which was founded by her father David Ellerh. In her childhood, Dean met Jonah, who had inspired Ellerh's religious work. Once she became an adult, and although she was married to Frank Dean, Dean had an affair with Jonah, which gave birth to a daughter Karolina. Once Jonah returned to his decrepit condition, Dean spearheaded the Ultra Project, selecting the victims for the Rite of Blood which periodically revived Jonah. Dean was also responsible for the death of Gene and Alice Hernandez. When Jonah was revived for the fifteenth time, however, Dean had to deal with several challenges among PRIDE, including the fact that her daughter, along with the other Runaways, had discovered PRIDE's true activities. When she realized that Jonah was dangerous and threatened the very life of her daughter, Dean decided to associate with the other members of PRIDE and plotted to kill Jonah. With PRIDE learning more and more about Jonah and his extraterrestrial nature, Leslie feared that Jonah might take Karolina away from her. She witnessed the Battle at the PRIDE Construction Site and expressed relief at the idea of Jonah's apparent death. Considering that PRIDE was nearing its end, Leslie attempted to distance herself from the organization and the Church of Gibborim, which she tried to dismantle. However, she was stopped in this endeavor by Frank and sent to the Crater, forcing the Runaways to save her and shelter her at the Hostel, where she learned that the Gibborim were still a threat, although Leslie could not warn the rest of PRIDE of this persistent danger. After being kidnapped by the Magistrate's Son, Leslie gave birth to her second daughter, Elle, who she entrusted to Xavin, knowing that her child had a greater destiny expecting her elsewhere in the galaxy. Leslie then attempted to restart a more peaceful version of the Church of Gibborim, although she was still haunted by the ghost of her crimes committed for PRIDE. She then rejoined the organization when it was reassembled by Geoffrey Wilder in an attempt to go up against Morgan le Fay and her Coven.

Former Members[]

Frank Dean[]

Frank Dean Infobox
  • Name: Frank Dean
  • Activity: 2000s
  • Description: Frank Dean is a former actor who used to be a member of PRIDE along with his wife Leslie Dean. However, Frank discovered that Leslie had an affair with Jonah, forcing PRIDE to erase Frank's memories about all of it with the Synnergy Serum. With his acting career being slowly decreasing, Frank attempted to climb the ladder within the Church of Gibborim's hierarchy with mixed results. As he was not involved in PRIDE's sacrifices, his daughter Karolina Dean came to him to reveal what the Runaways had discovered about PRIDE. Although he promised to help them, Frank actually went to Jonah, even if he remembered about his relationship with Leslie, and told him the whole story in exchange for more power within the Church. Frank chose to collaborate with Jonah, believing it to be the best way to ensure that his daughter would not be harmed in any way. Frank then mostly remained far from PRIDE, taking leadership of the Church of Gibborim until the parishioners ultimately turned on him.

Chase Stein[]

Chase Stein S3 - Poster
  • Name: Chase Stein
  • Activity: 2018
  • Description: Chase Stein is a lacrosse-playing player with genius engineering abilities. The son of Victor Stein, who he hated due to Victor being an abusive father, Chase initially was an enemy of PRIDE, as he had seen them sacrificing Destiny Gonzalez, and he teamed up with the other Runaways to figure out what it was all about. However, Chase was torn between his wish to put an end to the PRIDE sacrifices and to bring their parents to justice on one side, and the fact that his father, who he had grown a better relationship with, was dying from a brain tumor on the other side. This caused Chase to sometimes undertake rash actions, like destroying the evidence against PRIDE collected by Alex Wilder. However, Chase remained a member of the Runaways and fled with them once PRIDE framed the teenagers for the murder of Gonzalez. He hid at the Hostel with the others, helping the Runaways in their endeavors to take down PRIDE, even refusing to return to his parents when he encountered his mother Janet. However, although his father had seemed better, Chase received a phone call from Victor indicating that he was sick and dying again. Therefore, Chase accepted to come home, despite breaking his girlfriend Gert Yorkes' heart in the process. Chase was welcomed in PRIDE with the promise that no harm would come to the Runaways and that the teenagers could own the organization once they returned. Chase tried to convince his former teammates to come back and join PRIDE with him to actually change things, but they all refused, leading to a war between PRIDE and the Runaways in which Chase chose not to take part. Chase was captured by the Gibborim and put into the Healing Algorithm, and in the wake of his release, he was begrudgingly welcomed back among the Runaways, thus ending his affiliation to PRIDE.

Deceased Members[]

Gene Hernandez[]

Gene Hernandez
  • Name: Gene Hernandez
  • Activity: 2000s-2007
  • Description: Gene Hernandez was, along with his wife Alice, an initial member of PRIDE. However, upon analyzing rock samples taken from the PRIDE Construction Site, they figured out that something was wrong and that Jonah had lied to PRIDE. Although they tried to keep their discovery a secret, only sharing it with fellow scientists Dale and Stacey Yorkes, they were ultimately killed by Leslie Dean, who caused an explosion in the laboratory they were working in.

Alice Hernandez[]

Alice Hernandez
  • Name: Alice Hernandez
  • Activity: 2000s-2007
  • Description: Alice Hernandez was, along with her husband Gene, an initial member of PRIDE. However, upon analyzing rock samples taken from the PRIDE Construction Site, they figured out that something was wrong and that Jonah had lied to PRIDE. Although they tried to keep their discovery a secret, only sharing it with fellow scientists Dale and Stacey Yorkes, they were ultimately killed by Leslie Dean, who caused an explosion in the laboratory they were working in.

Janet Stein[]

Janet Stein (RS2)
  • Name: Janet Stein
  • Activity: 2000s-2018
  • Description: Janet Stein was the wife of Victor Stein, with whom she gave birth to a son, Chase. Despite having a brilliant mind and ambitions of her own, Janet soon discovered that she would have to set them aside to fully support her husband's career within the Nemo company he founded. This led Janet to distance herself from her husband, although she still loved Chase unconditionally. Janet began having an affair with Robert Minoru, who gave her a gun to defend herself should Victor become violent. Once the relationship between Janet and Minoru was revealed, Janet struggled to keep her family together as she learned that Victor suffered from a brain tumor. She decided to remain with Victor to help him, but was forced to shoot him when he attacked Chase in a rage outburst. As Jonah needed Victor alive in PRIDE, he ordered Janet to sacrifice herself to revive him, although this request was rendered futile when Tina Minoru destroyed one of the Dematerialization Boxes. Janet was eventually disgusted by the fact that PRIDE's actions had gravely endangered their children's lives and joined her colleagues in a plot to murder Jonah. Deciding to make amends for her past actions, she obtained the Abstract from Geoffrey Wilder and managed to decode it with Victor's help, using it to craft an Anti-Gravity Device which proved highly valuable during a confrontation against Jonah. Janet assisted both Victor and Robert in their design of weapons against the Runaways, and was relieved when Chase later returned home. However, she was eventually captured by the Magistrate, who had taken possession of her husband's body. Janet's consciousness was uploaded in the Healing Algorithm along with Chase's and Karolina Dean's. In an attempt to make amends for her past mistakes, Janet sacrificed herself to enable the teenagers to escape, although her consciousness survived in the algorithm, occasionally interacting with the real world.

Catherine Wilder[]

Catherine Wilder (RS2)
  • Name: Catherine Wilder
  • Activity: 2000s-2018
  • Description: Catherine Wilder was a successful lawyer who notably counseled the man who would become her husband, Geoffrey Wilder, while he was in prison. Catherine was not as uncomfortable as her husband regarding the sacrifices held by PRIDE to restore Jonah. When she learned that Molly Hernandez might have witnessed a sacrifice, Catherine considered wiping her memories with the Synnergy Serum, but gave up on the idea when Hernandez pretended to know nothing about it. However, Catherine later had the confirmation that Hernandez, and thus all the Runaways, knew about PRIDE's true activities. Therefore, she conspired with her husband and the Yorkeses to send Hernandez away for her safety, even though this was discovered by Jonah. When the children escaped after the Infiltration into the PRIDE Construction Site, Catherine and Geoffrey confronted Jonah about the recent events, but upon witnessing his disdain towards them, Catherine and Geoffrey decided to give up on PRIDE, relying on nobody but themselves to find their son Alex. However, Catherine and Geoffrey eventually returned to PRIDE to coordinate their efforts. Catherine attempted to help in the search for the Runaways by clearing their name and framing Darius Davis for the murder of Destiny Gonzalez, but this eventually backfired on PRIDE as the Runaways were investigating on the crime. Catherine took part in the Chase of the Runaways, but was eventually arrested by the LAPD. In an attempt to repair her family, she confessed having killed Davis and was imprisoned, which caused her to be murdered by inmates on the orders of Tamar.

Robert Minoru[]

Robert Minoru (RS2)
  • Name: Robert Minoru
  • Activity: 2000s-2018
  • Description: Robert Minoru was Tina Minoru's husband, who he started the company Wizard with. Following the death of his daughter Amy, Robert and Tina progressively grew apart, which caused Robert to start an affair with fellow member of PRIDE Janet Stein. When their relationship was publicly revealed by Victor Stein, Robert intended to leave the Minoru Mansion in order to live with Janet. However, Janet ended their relationship, prompting Robert to return to Tina and Nico Minoru. Robert surprised everyone else when he chose to sacrifice himself instead of Janet in order to revive Victor, but he was kept from doing so by Tina. This reconciled both of them who attempted to rebuild their relationship. Upon discovering that Jonah had kept PRIDE in the dark regarding his true motives and that he was responsible for the death of Amy, Robert joined his friends in the plot to kill Jonah. Robert was particularly determined to avenger his older daughter's death and, having designed an inhibitor using Gibborim technology, he decided to confront Jonah on his own, although he failed to kill him in the end. Robert joined Victor in the manufacturing of weapons designed against the Runaways to make sure that the teenagers would not be severely hurt should a confrontation happen. During the Chase of the Runaways, Robert was heavily wounded in a fight with his daughter Nico. He remained in the coma for long, and was only healed when Morgan le Fay revived him through magic and enthralled him to take control of Wizard. Robert eventually snapped out of le Fay's control, but was murdered by the witch shortly afterwards.


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  • In the comics, the Pride is a Los Angeles-based crime syndicate comprising of six families with special abilities.
  • PRIDE uses the codename "TSUNAMI" as a signal for emergencies. It has been used twice by Leslie Dean and once by Janet Stein.


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