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"Child endangerment is a nasty rap. A boy was entrusted to you, and as his legal guardian, essentially his mother, you not only allowed him to endanger himself, but you actually encouraged it."
―P. Cleary to May Parker[src]

Agent P. Cleary is an agent of the United States Department of Damage Control. Tasked with handling enhanced individuals, he investigated both Spider-Man and Ms. Marvel.


Damage Control Investigations[]

Investigating Spider-Man[]

Arresting Peter Parker[]
"Department of Damage Control. We have a warrant for the arrest of Peter Parker."
―P. Cleary to May Parker[src]
Damage Control Officers

P. Cleary arrives at the Parker Residence

In 2024, P. Cleary was put in charge of the investigation of the recent incident, involving Spider-Man and Mysterio. Cleary and a group of the United States Department of Damage Control agents, including Foster, arrived at the Parker Residence with an arrest warrant for Parker, and despite May Parker's interference, the agents took Parker into federal custody, and also took photographs of various evidence, such as Tony Stark's glasses and the Iron Spider Armor nanite chamber. Afterwards, agents also apprehended May, Michelle Jones and Ned Leeds, and brought them to the NYPD precinct for a full investigation.[1]

Office Interrogations[]
Spider-Man NWH trailer 13

Cleary interrogates Peter Parker

"You're a smart, young woman with a bright future ahead of her. Why would you risk it all by getting involved with a vigilante like Peter Parker?"
―P. Cleary to Michelle Jones[src]

At the precinct, Peter Parker stated that he did not murder Quentin Beck, and it was all the drones' doing, but Cleary pointed out that technically, the drones were his, since Tony Stark bequeathed his technology to Parker. When Parker attempted to convince them that Nick Fury was with him and could confirm his statement, Cleary informed him that it was impossible, since Fury was off-planet for the last year, much to Parker's shock and confusion.[1] Cleary continued, and further questioned Parker, asking him about his previous vigilante acts, namely those on the Staten Island Ferry and the Washington Monument in 2016. Parker attempted to explain himself, leading Cleary to draw a diagram of the Monument, trying to get the facts straight.[2]

Cleary interrogates MJ

Cleary interrogates Michelle Jones

Cleary then proceeded to interrogate other detainees, such as Michelle Jones who immediately demanded a lawyer and refused to answer any questions, since she was not under arrest. Cleary tried to reason with Jones, saying that she had a bright future ahead, and she should cooperate, rather than involving herself with a criminal vigilante, like Parker.

Cleary interrogates Ned Leeds

Cleary speaks to Ned Leeds

Cleary then moved on to speak with Ned Leeds, who was told not to talk with the agents but Cleary managed to trick him into admitting that he knew Parker's identity for a while and helped him fighting the Vulture, as well as indirectly aiding in getting to space, which meant he was an accomplice. Later, Cleary went to speak with May Parker, who stated that the Damage Control cannot legally keep them in custody without pressing any significant charges.[1] Cleary comments that it sounds as though May had been arrested before, May corroborates this, mentioning a time when she was arrested for protesting.[2]

Cleary interrogates May Parker

Cleary questions May Parker in her role

In response, Cleary remarked that May would definitely need a lawyer, since she was about to be charged with child endangerment, endorsing her nephew's vigilante activities. Cleary accused May of irresponsible behavior, as she not only allowed Parker to be involved in vigilantism, but encouraged it, but May only demanded to see her nephew immediately. However, after the Parkers hired Matt Murdock as their legal counselor, the Damage Control had no other choice but to let them go, since Murdock got all charges against Parker dropped.[1]

Interrogating Happy Hogan[]

Matt Murdock defending Happy Hogan

Cleary speaking to Happy Hogan and Matt Murdock

"Mr. Hogan, is there something wrong?"
―P. Cleary to Happy Hogan[src]

In November, Cleary met with Happy Hogan and Matt Murdock to discuss Hogan's role in the missing Stark Industries technology. While the meeting was going on, he noticed Hogan looking anxiously at his phone as he had an alert on it.[1]

Investigating Ms. Marvel[]

Learning of Ms. Marvel[]

Cleary working in the office

"Bring her in."
―P. Cleary to Sadie Deever[src]

In 2025, Cleary was working at the Damage Control Field Office and drinking some coffee, when Sadie Deever, a fellow agent, approached him with her phone.

Cleary (Ms

Cleary orders Sadie Deever to bring the enhanced individual in

He was notified by her of a recent disturbance at the New Jersey AvengerCon and shown a video of an enhanced individual using her powers. Upon seeing this, he immediately instructed Deever to bring the individual into custody.[3]

Interrogating Zoe Zimmer[]

Cleary interrogates Zoe Zimmer

"And then the enhanced individual tried to kill you? Right?"
"She didn't try to kill me. She saved my life."
"I have a feeling that you did this for the likes. Am I onto something?"
―P. Cleary and Zoe Zimmer[src]

A few days later, Cleary had Zoe Zimmer come into the office to be interrogated. He complimented her on her low calorie popcorn advertisement video and proceeded to ask her about the incident at AvengerCon. He questioned her stating that the enhanced individual tried to kill her, in which Zimmer appeared confused and said that the enhanced saved her life. Disheartened that Zimmer was defending the individual, he instead suggested Zimmer had planned the incident in order to receive likes on social media and theorized that she had a friend or sister pretend to be the individual.

Cleary reacts to Deever's profiling

Cleary speaks with Sadie Deever

Deever then came into the room and asked further questions such as what ethnicity the individual was, and concluded that the enhanced was South Asian. Cleary told Deever to search every temple, community center and mosque, advising that she do so respectfully as the FBI had the mosques under surveillance.[4]

Deever's Insubordination[]
Cleary orders Deever to stand down

Cleary tells Sadie Deever to stand down

"Don't say anything, don't do anything. Just get out of there. Okay? You went against my orders, publicly, and then you attacked a bunch of kids using our name. And you know what that means? Yes. You're relieved of duty. A unit is coming to fix your mess."
―P. Cleary to Sadie Deever[src]

Days later, Cleary learned that Deever was planning on pursuing Kamala Khan and her friends at Coles Academic High School. Concerned of the public backlash that Damage Control would face if they raided a school and attacked teenagers, he ordered Deever to let them escape, but Deever disobeyed and launched sent multiple squads to break into the school and arrest everyone who tried to help the two enhanced individuals.


Cleary disciplines Sadie Deever

Learning of the mass public attention to the event, Cleary became enraged and contacted Deever, informing her that she was relieved of duty and that he would have to fix the mess that she caused and deal with the backlash they would have to face for publicly attacking teenagers.[5]


"Search every temple, community center, and... And mosque. Just be respectful. The FBI is already surveilling them, you know that."
―P. Cleary to Sadie Deever[src]

Cleary is a no-nonsense agent with a demeaning attitude, who is very determined to put Peter Parker to justice under the belief he was the mastermind behind Mysterio's drone attacks. He talks down on the detainees in his custody that have a connection to Parker with a condescending attitude, such as when he made May Parker lose her dignity as a parent, shaming her for allowing Parker to put himself at risk while being Spider-Man. His interrogating tactics seem to be a form of manipulation and gaslighting as he's trying to persuade Ned Leeds, Michelle Jones, and May Parker that they're in the wrong, despite their support for Peter; who was always in the right. This was also shown when he was interrogating Zoe Zimmer as he was trying to persuade her into turning against Ms. Marvel, despite the latter being sure that she saved her rather than trying to kill her as well as falsely assuming that Zimmer orchestrated the plan for likes.

However, Clearly does hold some standards on what boundaries to not cross, as he ordered Sadie Deever to respectfully search every mosque and scolded Deever for going against his orders by publicly attacking Ms. Marvel and causing extensive damage to Coles Academic High School where the she and her friends were hiding.


"Can we get Ned a snack, please? He's been waiting. Dude, I'm so sorry about that."
"I'm not supposed to say anything to you."
"No, Ned. Not even a thing. I just have one question."
―P. Cleary and Ned Leeds[src]
DODC Interrogation

Cleary interrogating Ned Leeds

  • Expert Interrogator: In spite of his ignominious attitudes towards Parker, Cleary is shown to be very clever and smart in his interrogation tactics, demonstrating this when he was able to pressure Ned Leeds into confessing of his involvement with Spider-Man's vigilantism, revealing Ned's pride in being Spider-Man's primary assistant and confidant. He is even able to opening file to of civilians not suspected of any legal background in order to develop interrogation tactics, as is the case with Michelle Jones and Zoe Zimmer.


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  • In the comics, Albert Cleary is a comptroller for Damage Control, Inc. and was of African-American descent.


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