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"I first met my beloved at a war rally, everyone in the village flailed about dancing except one woman, my Ovette. I knew immediately she was the one for me."
Drax the Destroyer[src]

Ovette was the wife of Drax the Destroyer and mother of Kamaria.


Ovette visited a war rally where she discovered Drax. When everyone began to dance, Ovette refused to dance and wouldn't move a muscle giving off the assumption that she could have been dead. Drax realized that Ovette was the one for him and she eventually fell in love with him. The two got married and had a daughter named Kamaria.[1] However, Ovette was murdered by Ronan the Accuser along with her daughter causing Drax to seek vengeance and go on a killing spree.[2]


"The most melodic song in the world could be playing, she wouldn't even tap her foot, wouldn't move a muscle, one might assume she was dead."
Drax the Destroyer[src]

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  • In the comics, Drax's wife's name is Yvette Steckley Douglas and she is killed by Thanos.



  • Father-in-Law †
  • Mother-in-Law †
  • Drax - Husband
  • Kamaria † - Daughter



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