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"Come and get some, space dogs!"
Rocket Raccoon[src]

The Outriders are a mindless species subservient to Thanos and the Black Order. They were used to fight in the Battle of Wakanda and the Battle of Earth.


Infinity War

Battle of Wakanda

"You are in Wakanda now. Thanos will have nothing but dust and blood."
"We... have blood to spare."
T'Challa and Proxima Midnight[src]

In 2018, the Outriders were deployed by Proxima Midnight in Dropships to Wakanda on Earth. Several dropships were released from Q-Ships and were sent crashing down in and around Wakanda; the doors opened and the Outriders were unleashed upon the Wakandan plains.

The Outriders furiously attacking Wakanda

Alongside Midnight and Cull Obsidian, the Outriders faced Black Panther's army and Steve Rogers' Avengers faction, throwing themselves at the force field in an attempt to destroy it. Many were killed, but as they continued, the force field began to falter. When some begin to circle around the force field, T’Challa decided to let them through, prompting the aforementioned army to engage in the battle. After the Outriders began to overwhelm the Avengers and the Wakandans, Thor, Rocket Raccoon, and Groot arrived and greatly turned the tide of the battle.[1]

Alternate Universe Versions

Battle of Earth

In an alternate 2014 timeline, an alternate Thanos and his army, including the Outriders, travelled in the Sanctuary II through the Quantum Realm to the main universe. Thanos summoned the Outriders to scout the ruins of the Avengers Compound for the Nano Gauntlet.

Outriders are blown up by Hawkeye's arrows

The group of Outriders found the Nano Gauntlet in Clint Barton's possession in the Compound’s tunnels and chased him. After Barton drew his bow and fired a flare arrow towards them. The Outriders overran him and he planted explosive arrows along the tunnels. The arrows went off, but the Outriders were unaffected. He then fired a grapple arrow from his Wristbow and scaled upwards to safety. The Outriders leaped after him, prompting him to draw his sword and slice them in half.

During the battle, many Outriders continued to pursue after Barton, but he was saved by T’Challa, who used his Kinetic Pulse to take them out. When Peter Parker was in possession of the Nano Gauntlet, the Outriders surrounded him, and he used his Instant Kill mode ability to fend them off. As they proved too much for him, he called out for help and Steve Rogers tossed the universe-displaced Mjolnir to him in order to escape. However, the battle came to an end when Tony Stark used the Infinity Stones to wipe out alternate Thanos and his army, including the remaining Outriders.[3]

Characteristic Traits

"You see the teeth on those things?"
Falcon to War Machine[src]

The Outriders are characterized by their leathery black and yellow skin. Most of the Outriders have four, clawed arms, although some have been shown to have six. Unique to the latter is a pair of pointed protrusions that spread out from their heads. They can adopt both bipedal and quadrupedal postures to walk and run. Their faces lack any visible eyes, and their mouths are equipped with two rows of razor-sharp teeth. All Outriders have blue-colored blood.

The Outriders only follow basic commands that are given by Thanos and the Black Order. During the Battle of Wakanda, they constantly threw themselves against Wakanda's force field, with most of them killing themselves in the process. This suggests that Outriders are mindless and operate solely on their bloodlust. Still, the Outriders have some semblance of intelligence and self-preservation, as some of them started fleeing in their dropships when they were losing, after all of their commanders were already dead.

The Outriders do not utilize advanced weaponry. However, they possess greater superhuman physical abilities, making them fearsome adversaries in battle. During the Battle of Wakanda, Steve Rogers struggled to fight a lone Outrider, whereas he had fewer problems fighting multiple Chitauri during the Battle of New York.[1]





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  • In the comics, the Outriders were a race of genetically engineered humanoid creatures with the purpose of serving their master until they die. Thanos used Outriders to find new planets inhabited by weak species he would conquer.
  • When designing the Outriders for Avengers: Infinity War, Marvel Studios found itself concerned that the creatures too closely resembled another Marvel Comics property, Venom, for which they didn't have the rights. Marvel ended up making minor changes to the Outriders to prevent that from happening.[4]
  • In the non-canon book Thanos: Titan Consumed it's explained that the Outriders are a result of Thanos combining samples of DNA from the Chitauri, himself, and of various species that he killed.[5]


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