"God, I love this place."
"Yeah, don't start celebrating yet, guys. We got more incoming outside the dome."
Winter Soldier and War Machine[src]

The Outrider Dropship is a massive spaceships which inside them the Outriders being held before they being unleashed to battle. The dropships were stored in Q-Ships.


Battle of Wakanda

Having locate the Mind Stone in Wakanda, the Black Order sent from a Q-Ship outside Earth's atmosphere several dropships in order to invade the country. One of them landed directly on the energy dome and was destroyed. The rest of the dropships landed in the nearby forest. Only when the Avengers refused to surrender, Proxima Midnight ordered to open the doors of the dropships, through them countless Outriders stormed towards the energy dome.

Upon the arrival of Thor, Rocket Raccoon and Groot to the battle, and as the tide of the battle turned, Proxima Midnight gave the order to unleash the Threshers from the dropship. However, even those could not defeat the Avengers and the Wakandan army, so the dropships began to retreat and flew back to space, but Thor, with his new Stormbreaker axe, destroyed them all one by one.[1]

Battle of Earth

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