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"God, I love this place."
"Yeah, don't start celebrating yet, guys. We got more incoming outside the dome."
Winter Soldier and War Machine[src]

The Outrider Dropships were massive spaceships where the Outriders were held before they are unleashed to battle. The dropships were stored in Q-Ships.


Battle of Wakanda[]

"Something has entered the upper atmosphere."

In 2018, Proxima Midnight sent several dropships from a Q-Ship outside Earth's atmosphere to deploy upon the African country of Wakanda. A dropship landed directly above Golden City, hitting the energy dome and exploded. The rest of the dropships landed in the forest outside of Wakanda. When Steve Rogers, Natasha Romanoff, and T'Challa refused to back down, Midnight opened the dropships, sending the Outriders upon them and a battle ensued.

After Thor, Rocket Raccoon and Groot arrived in Wakanda, Midnight unleashed the Threshers from the dropships. However, those were destroyed by Wanda Maximoff and the dropships were sent back to space. However, Thor, with Stormbreaker, destroyed them all one by one.[1]

Alternate Reality Versions[]

Battle of Earth[]

"The Avengers were trying to save the world, but if we're being honest here, they were losing, badly. Alien ships invading, Thanos being a jerk about magical Stones."
Kamala Khan[src]

In an alternate 2014 timeline, an alternate Thanos and his warship, the Sanctuary II, traveled across the Multiverse through the Quantum Realm to the main universe by an alternate Nebula. After destroying the Avengers Compound, Thanos deployed his entire army, along with the dropships, in order to engage in the battle against the Avengers and their assembled allies. The battle ended when Iron Man used the Infinity Stones to disintegrate Thanos and his army, including the dropships.[2]


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