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The Outbreak in New Orleans was a mission undertaken by Cloak and Dagger to save New Orleans from Terrors.


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Terrors are defeated by Cloak, Dagger, and Brigid O'Reilly

Cloak and Dagger made their way through New Orleans to Roxxon Gulf Operations Facility, only to be ambushed by Terrors. Despite being outnumbered, Johnson and Bowen emerged into a fight with Terrors, successfully taking down the hostiles with the assist of Brigid O'Reilly who was shooting Terrors with a sniper rifle. Once the Terrors were taken down, O'Reilly then prepared her car to leave, however, she was found by James Connors. Connors shot O'Reilly multiple times in her Bulletproof Vest, causing the outburst of Darkforce and Lightforce what affected O'Reilly. Thinking that O'Reilly died, Connors dropped her body into the water.


Cloak and Dagger are ambushed by James Connors

As Johnson and Bowen reached the Roxxon facility, they were halted by Connors who threatened them with a shotgun, although Bowen easily disarmed him. Johnson then teleported himself and Connors on top of the facility, threatening to drop Connors. However, Johnson was unable to kill, so Connors pulled out his gun and attempted to shoot him. Johnson was protected by his Darkforce powers which absorbed the bullets and Connors himself, trapping him in the Darkforce Dimension.


Cloak and Dagger causing an outbreak of Darkforce and Lightforce

Johnson returned to Bowen, as they were considering their opportunity to undo the catastrophe what affected the city. Johnson decided not to risk Bowen's life, believing that he is the part of the Divine Pairing that must sacrifice himself and thus warps into the compartment. Johnson teleported himself inside of the facility where he closed all the valves, however, the residual energy was still rising. Suddenly, Bowen barged inside the facility to assist Johnson and share this decision with him. Holding their hands, Johnson and Bowen absorbed all the energy and released an outbreak that undid the Terror in New Orleans and turned all the Terrors back to the Humans.[2]


"Similar reports are coming in that the unexplained acts of violence across the city have all but stopped, immediately after a strange flash of energy lit up the morning sky."
―News Reporter[src]

Eventually, Roxxon Corporation was accused of the catastrophe what caused the chaos in New Orleans. Tandy Bowen returned to a more normal life, reuniting with her mother, however, Tyrone Johnson was still on the run from the New Orleans Police Department what forced him to hide at the St. Theresa's Church.[2] Meanwhile, Brigid O'Reilly managed to survive James Connors' attack, however, Darkforce and Lightforce which affected her created her doppelganger, known as Mayhem which went on the run to find and kill Connors.[5]


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