""Oui" is French for "yes." As in "yes" to farm-to-table, "yes" to locally sourced, and "yes" to planet before profit."
Sonny Burch to Hope van Dyne[src]

Oui is a restaurant in San Francisco owned by Sonny Burch which he uses as a base of operations for his illegal activities.


"I've committed numerous health code violations at my restaurant. Some of them will shock you."
Sonny Burch[src]

Sonny Burch owned the restaurant in San Francisco; Burch claims that the restaurant had locally-sourced food items acquired directly from their food producer, and that their business put the needs of the environment before their own personal profit. However, Burch used this restaurant as a front for his criminal activities in the black market.

Burch was contacted by his customer, Susan, who wanted to purchase the Quantum Stabilizer. However, Burch was informed by Stoltz that Susan's real name is Hope van Dyne and she is the daughter of Hank Pym. Checking his contacts, Burch discovered that Pym used the technology purchased from him to build the laboratory full of valuable quantum technology.

Burch arranged the meeting with van Dyne at Oui, and when she came with money to buy the Stabilizer. Burch suddenly refused to sell the Stabilizer, saying that he knows who she really is, and said that he wanted to take Pym's lab to sell it. Van Dyne refused to work with Burch and he turned her away, saying to leave without the Stabilizer and money. As van Dyne left, Burch prepared to leave, ordering Uzman to find all information about her and Pym, suggesting that they could work with his rivals.

Ant-Man and the Wasp 37

Wasp is fighting Sonny Burch's goons

However, van Dyne suddenly attacked Burch's men, using the Wasp Suit. As Burch ordered Uzman to flee the restaurant with the Stabilizer, the rest of his subordinates attempted to shot van Dyne. Wrecking the expensive chandelier, van Dyne managed to take down the hostiles and followed Uzman to the kitchen. At the kitchen, van Dyne defeated two other criminals and knocked Uzman, using the increased salt shaker. As Uzman fell unconscious, van Dyne took the Stabilizer and prepared to leave, mocking Burch on the way.

A new player, Ghost, appeared and attacked van Dyne, attempting to take the Stabilizer, but van Dyne was joined by Ant-Man. Ghost managed to defeat both of van Dyne and Lang and stole Stabilizer, and left the restaurant. Outside of the restaurant, Ghost found Pym in the van who watched over confrontation. Threating to kill Pym, Ghost forced him to allow her to take the laboratory and escape.

Later, under Uzman's Truth Serum's influence, Burch confessed to the San Francisco Police Department about numerous health code violations at his restaurant.[1]


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