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"Mr. Mink is a greedy black market smuggler, sure, but he got me back into the country and he's predictable in his greed."
Howard Stark[src]

Otto Mink was a black market smuggler that brought Howard Stark back to the United States during the period Stark was considered a traitor. He was killed by Dottie Underwood while he was in turn attempting to assassinate Peggy Carter.


Smuggling Howard Stark

Demanding Extra Money

"The time for money's passed. No one crosses me."
"You want them dead? I'll kill Stark and Peggy!"
"No, I'll take care of it."
―Otto Mink and his henchman[src]

Mink repairs his own Automatic Pistol

Otto Mink was hired by Howard Stark in order to bring him back to the United States for a sum of $50,000 after he had been hiding overseas due to the SSR hunting him. Mink brought Stark from overseas to New York City, arriving inside a train cargo wagon, but being an exceptionally greedy man, he ordered his subordinates to extort Edwin Jarvis for $150,000 instead of $50,000 for Stark's delivery.

Mink calmly executes his own henchmen

Mink's subordinates returned to him without the money, but full of stories of how some woman had assisted Jarvis in defeating them and helped Stark to escape them without paying them the demanded amount. When their stories kept changing, confirming to him that they were lying, Mink shot them both with the Automatic Pistol that he had just finished repairing, ignoring one of the men's pleas that he would kill Stark for him. Mink decided that he no longer wanted the money; he wanted to kill Stark and the woman.[1]

Infiltration of the Griffith Hotel

Mink follows Peggy Carter back home

"Young woman, return to your room!"
"Are, are you looking for Peggy?"
"Return to your room please."
"Is that pistol an automatic? I want that."
―Otto Mink and Dottie Underwood[src]

It did not take long for Mink to learn the woman's identity of Peggy Carter, as she had worked closely with Howard Stark during World War II. Once he had learned where Carter was living, Mink watched the Griffith Hotel from his car until he was sure that Carter was there along with Stark and began considering a plan to assassinate them both.

Minks speaks to Miriam Fry

Mink entered the hotel carrying a bouquet of flowers and asked Miriam Fry if he could personally deliver them to Carter; however, Fry adamantly refused as the hotel rules would not allow men inside. Rethinking his plan, Mink watched as Fry wrote Carter's apartment number on a slip of paper ready to deliver the flowers to her, as she asked him if he was Carter's suitor. Mink declared that he loved Carter in order to distract Fry before he abruptly left to find another way to Carter's room.

Mink threatens Dottie Underwood

Using a ventilation duct, Mink was able to silently sneak upstairs in the Griffith Hotel without Fry or any of the other tenants being aware. Mink quickly found Carter's room, drew his gun, and readied himself for the kill, making sure not to alert any of the other residents to his presence. However as Mink began to silently open Carter's apartment door, he was interrupted when Dottie Underwood emerged from her apartment next door and helpfully asked if he was looking for her neighbor.

Mink is killed by Dottie Underwood

With Underwood refusing to leave quietly, Mink threatened her with his Automatic Pistol and ordered her to return to her room, believing her to be a simple-minded woman unaware of the danger she was in. Underwood looked at his gun and asked him if the gun were automatic, stating that she wanted it for herself. She then demonstrated a set of acrobatic moves, climbing on Mink's shoulders and breaking his neck, killing him. Underwood then took his gun for herself before hiding his body under her bed.[1]



  • Automatic Pistol: A small automatic pistol capable of firing bullets in quick succession, that Mink created for his personal use, and tested to kill a couple of smugglers that had failed him in collecting a ransom. He took the pistol to the Griffith Hotel in an attempt to kill Peggy Carter, but he was killed by Dottie Underwood, who wished to obtain the Automatic Pistol for herself.