"Control of your actions, son. If you can't control yourself, then you can't control a damn thing in this world."
―Otis Johnson to Tyrone Johnson[src]

Otis Johnson is an associate of the Wild Red Hawks. He is the husband of Adina Johnson and the father of Billy and Tyrone Johnson. Devastated by the loss of his eldest son, Otis did his best to raise his second son and give him the means to a decent life, but could not prevent Tyrone from being chased by the NOPD due to his efforts to have Detective James Connors be brought to justice.


Family Loss

"Where is my other son?"
―Otis Johnson to Watts[src]

Otis Johnson married a woman named Adina and had a son, Billy Johnson. Some years later, they would have their second child, Tyrone Johnson.[2] Together, Otis and his family lived a happy life in New Orleans.[3] Otis was a member of the Mardi Gras tribe Wild Red Hawks, having been the "Spy Boy" of the group.[1]

Otis saw his family permanently damaged when his son Billy died in the same night than the Destruction of the Roxxon Gulf Platform. He and Adina were summoned by Watts to be informed of Billy's death, and although Billy's brother Tyrone insisted that Billy had been murdered by another policeman, Otis was told that his son probably had drowned due to a consumption of drugs, and that Tyrone had been spotted stealing a car radio earlier that night.[2]

Otis and Adina were never truly able to recover from their son's death. Over the years, they never found the strength to commemorate him on the anniversary of Billy's death, instead spending this day as an usual one.[3]

Son in Trouble

C&D102 Tyrone and Otis

Johnson has breakfast with his son

"I think there's only two things you can do with bolt-cutters. Steal something or break into something."
"I didn't do either!"
"You expect me to believe that?"
―Otis Johnson and Tyrone Johnson[src]

Otis was present with his wife Adina during a basketball game in which their son Tyrone played. He was heavily disappointed when his son engaged in a fight against another player who had repeatedly pushed him. Back at home, after Tyrone went into his bedroom, Otis argued with his wife Adina over Tyrone's behavior, with Otis believing that Tyrone had simply made a mistake and that he would make amends for it.[2]

In the next morning, during breakfast, while Adina was on a business phone call, Otis asked Tyrone what he planned to do with his basketball coach. Otis gave Tyrone some advice about what to do and motivated him to take inspiration from Adina who had been essential in keeping their family together after Billy Johnson's death.[4]

However, it seemed to Otis that his son kept losing control of himself. On another day, as Tyrone prepared to leave for school with his headphones on, Otis once again invited him to stay a little longer for breakfast with his parents. Much to Otis' dismay, Tyrone angrily reacted, stating that he had important things to do before leaving. Worried, Otis later searched through his tool box and remarked that his bolt cutters were missing.

C&D104 Tyrone and Otis arguing

Johnson argues with his son

Otis waited for Tyrone to return home and asked him whether he had calmed down. He then confronted him about having taken the bolt cutters and expressed his fear that Tyrone was engaging in illegal activities. Once again, Otis was asked to stay out of his son' business, but this was more than Otis could endure. Therefore, Otis instructed his son to come with him.[1]

Return to the Wild Red Hawks

C&D104 Otis and Duplantier

Johnson returns to the Wild Red Hawks

"I the Spy Boy Otis of the Wild Red Hawks. Been off the trail, but got my eyes sharp, and my knife sharper."
―Otis Johnson[src]

Otis drove his son to another part of New Orleans, where the Wild Red Hawks, who Otis had not seen for a while, had gathered. Noticing how the atmosphere had gotten tenser upon his arrival, Otis still introduced himself as the group's Spy Boy, renewing his allegiance to the Wild Red Hawks and remaining steady and still when the chief Roland Duplantier feigned to attack him. Otis was thus warmly welcomed back into the Wild Red Hawks, along with his son.

Hoping to give his son a purpose which would ease his mind, Otis explained to Johnson the art of beading work in preparation for the New Orleans parade. Otis told his son that such work required patience and grace, as many had failed to complete their costumes in time and had simply given up, pointing Tyrone to a room full of unfinished suits. However, when Tyrone returned from the room, Otis could not help but notice that he had taken a cloak which had been started by Billy Johnson.

Initially, Otis was reluctant to let Tyrone finish the work Billy had started, but he eventually accepted in memory of his son, helping Tyrone through his first steps in the bead work. Father and son later returned home, and Otis shared some stories about the Wild Red Hawks while Tyrone cooked for breakfast for his family.[1]

Otis and Adina later attended their son's basketball finals game pitching St. Sebastian's Preparatory School against Hancock High School. Otis and Adina strongly encouraged their son, who performed very well during the game, but who eventually missed his final shot on purpose due to having read through the fears of the other team's members.[5]

Billy's Death Anniversary

Johnson Residence

Johnson has breakfast with his family

"You can count on the fact that a thorough examination of the evidence will be completed."
"I counted on that fact eight years ago. And here we are."
Duchamp and Otis Johnson[src]

On the day of the anniversary of Otis' eldest son Billy's death, during breakfast, Otis asked his son Tyrone about his plans for the day, only to get snapped at by Tyrone who criticized his parents for not doing anything to commemorate their son. Leaving the topic aside, Otis then announced to his wife Adina that he would host a meeting of the Wild Red Hawks in the Johnson Residence as they had never come before and they needed space to finish their costumes.

The breakfast was briefly interrupted when Tandy Bowen came to visit Tyrone. Otis and Adina were told by Tyrone who she was and she explained that she had lost her father on the same night than Billy had died. Otis thus thanked Bowen for having come to check on Tyrone before she left.

Later, Otis welcomed the Wild Red Hawks in his house as they gently joked about his wealth. However, despite not publicly showing it, Otis still felt grief over his son's death. Noticing the cloak Billy had started which was continued by Tyrone, Otis grabbed it and isolated himself to cry over his son's death. He was approached by Tyrone who attempted to comfort him, and told him that he only needed a minute before getting back to work.[3]


Johnson learns the truth on his son's death

In the next day, Otis and his family were summoned to the New Orleans Police Department Station. There, Otis was told by Chief Duchamp that just like Tyrone had claimed over the years, Billy had not accidentally drowned but had been murdered by a NOPD officer, James Connors. Otis was informed that an investigation would be conducted, but he remained dubious about the results, stating that he had been said that before. Otis then left the police station and was confronted to the anger of Tyrone, who blamed his parents for their lack of reaction. However, Otis dismissed his son's criticism and told him that they were returning home.[6]

Son on the Run

"Tyrone, you need to run as far away as you can, as fast as you can, and never look back. You don't call us. You don't send us a postcard. You hear me?"
―Otis Johnson to Tyrone Johnson[src]

Having been told the truth about his son Billy's death actually did little good to Otis' family. Indeed, Otis was alerted by his wife Adina that their second son Tyrone was wanted for the murder of a police officer. Otis then found Tyrone in the Wild Red Hawks headquarters, looking through the costumes and searching for his cloak.

Otis, who had found it before knowing that his son would come for it, assured Tyrone that he firmly believed in his innocence, but insisted that Tyrone had to run away from New Orleans and should not try to contact his parents in any way. As NOPD officers had arrived, Otis wanted to help his son sneak out of the building, but as he turned around, he realized that Tyrone was already gone, as Otis was unaware of his son's teleporting abilities. Otis returned to his house, where he was visited by a couple of NOPD officers investigating on Tyrone.[7]

Return of Tyrone and Connors

"What he's done to our family... Doesn't he... Doesn't he deserve..."
"What? Finish your sentence. What does he deserve?"
"I agree. But can you tell me what that word means? What the word justice actually means."
Tyrone Johnson and Otis Johnson[src]

The flight of Tyrone brought a supplementary strain in the relationship between Otis and his wife Adina. Therefore, Otis eventually got separated from his wife and stopped living in the Johnson Residence, instead being sheltered by his friends from the Wild Red Hawks.[8] While working on a new costume in one his friends' house, Otis and his friend heard someone knocking on the door, who eventually turned out to be Tyrone. Much to Otis' shock, Tyrone was accompanied by James Connors, the man who had murdered Otis' firstborn son Billy.

Using a knife, Otis immediately attacked Connors and pinned him on the ground, but Connors insisted that Otis should listen to him just as Tyrone had before. Indeed, a stay in the Dark Dimension had significantly changed Connors, and Otis learned that the corrupt detective actually wanted to atone for his crimes. Otis listened to Connors' confession, asking for details on how Connors' uncle Asa Henderson had helped cover up the murder of Billy. Otis was then told that Henderson kept a file which Tyrone could steal as leverage in order to have Connors put behind bars.

Otis and Tyrone discussed Connors' confession, with Otis being willing to believe that Connors was being honest whereas his son strongly doubted that anyone could change that much. As Tyrone wanted justice, Otis asked him what the word actually meant to him and incited Tyrone to follow Connors' advice, as it was too great an opportunity for Tyrone to walk free to pass. Otis added that should Connors have lied to them in any way, he would see that Connors would get punished accordingly.

Otis remained with a tied up Connors while Tyrone left to steal the file mentioned by Connors. Upon hearing someone knocking at the door again, Otis moved to open it, wondering whether this was Tyrone returning. When he opened the door, however, there was no one standing, and Otis then realized that Connors had mysteriously vanished while Otis had turned his back on him, unaware that Tyrone had teleported him away.[9] Due to these events, Otis rushed to his former home to warn Adina of Connors' return, only to find Connors tied up to a chair and being interrogated by Adina. Otis and Adina had an argument as Otis wanted to know what Adina planned to do, but he eventually angrily left the house.[10]

Eventually though, Otis and Adina were able to reconcile. Otis returned to the Johnson Residence to live with his wife once again, and the two of them held hands while watching a WBVF report showing the arrest of Senator Henderson, which meant that soon Tyrone's name would be cleared.[11]


"I have no idea if I've done any good as a father, for either of you boys."
―Otis Johnson to Tyrone Johnson[src]

Otis was a loving father and husband, who dedicated much to his family to give them the means to achieve great things in life, despite doubting of himself as to whether he had been a good father to his sons Billy and Tyrone. Although devastated by the death of his firstborn son, despite not always showing it much to Tyrone's anger, he admired the strength of his wife Adina who helped him to remain clear headed and give his second son a proper education. Otis rarely got angry even when his son Tyrone crossed the boundaries regarding his parents, and judged that his son was ready to join the Wild Red Hawks just like Billy before him.

Otis had a profound love for both his sons, who he wanted to remain on a righteous path no matter what. He deeply missed Billy, crying over the cloak he had been working on before he died, and feared that Tyrone could end up on an unwanted path because of his brother's death. Still, when Tyrone was accused of the murder of Kenneth Fuchs, Otis was firmly convinced that his son was entirely innocent and was willing to do anything he could to help him flee from New Orleans.


"They've never been to my home in all these years. It's my turn to host."
―Otis Johnson to Adina Johnson[src]






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  • In the comics, Mr. Johnson is the father of Tyrone, as well as two other children named Otis and Anna Johnson.
  • Earlier material had his name as Michael Johnson.


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