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"Do we have an ally?"
"Ultron's got an enemy; that's not the same thing. Still, I'd pay folding money to know who it is."
"I might need to visit Oslo. Find our unknown."
Natasha Romanoff, Nick Fury and Tony Stark[src]

Oslo is the capital city of Norway.


Norse Paganists Riots

"The rioting has left twenty injured, three in critical condition. Reports indicate that the group of about a dozen was led by this man and woman. And although their motive was unclear, their message was hauntingly spelled out on the streets of Oslo."
KEJH News Reporter[src]

Jakob Nystrom and Petra Larsen started a series of riots in Oslo sharing the strength the Berserker Staff retrieved at Trillemarka National Park.

Nystrom, Larsen and a group of about a dozen of their followers destroyed many properties and left at least 20 injured, three in critical condition, proclaiming themselves to be gods in a message spelled out on the streets of Oslo.[1]

Ultron Offensive


"It's the world internet hub in Oslo. Every byte of data flows through there; fastest access on Earth."
Steve Rogers and Bruce Banner[src]

In 2015, Tony Stark went to the NEXUS Internet Hub in Oslo to find out who their ally was, who was revealed to be the remnants of J.A.R.V.I.S., with Stark managing to recover the remains.[2]

Flag Smashers' Political Ultimatum

In 2024, the Flag Smashers targeted a Global Repatriation Council camp in Oslo on their campaign.[3]

Alternate Universes

Age of Ultron

In an alternate universe, Ultron attacked the NEXUS Internet Hub in Oslo and was confronted by the Avengers. Ultron killed the Avengers and used the hub to cause missiles to destroy humanity.[4]



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