"Destiny Gonzalez. I'm her brother. And I know you and your Church are the reason she was killed."
―Oscar Gonzalez to Frank Dean[src]

Oscar Gonzalez was the brother of Destiny Gonzalez. He investigated on the death of his sister and correctly concluded that the Church of Gibborim was responsible for it, but he was ultimately killed by Frank Dean when he confronted the latter about the crime.


Fatal Investigation

"Word on the street is that your Church has been disappearing kids as long as anybody can remember. One a year, from my math."
―Oscar Gonzalez to Frank Dean[src]

Having learned about the death of his sister Destiny, Oscar conducted an ivestigation and gathered evidence that the Church of Gibborim, who had welcomed Destiny within its ranks, was involved in her death. Oscar headed to Los Angeles and found Frank Dean, the leader of the Church, at the Church of Gibborim Executive Office. However, Dean mistook him for one of his fans wanting an autograph and claimed that he had no time before leaving.

Later, Oscar waited for Dean in a parking lot. He pointed a gun at Dean, who replied that he had just learned about the Ultra Project himself and that he had also collected evidence, inviting Oscar to see them. Oscar agreed and put his gun down, but Dean then attempted to take it, causing a brawl in which Oscar was eventually killed.[3]


"He's an innocent man whose life Leslie took, recklessly. Aura, Frances, we have a problem. And its name is Leslie Ellerh Dean."
Frank Dean to Aura and Frances[src]

Gonzalez's body was stored by Frank Dean in his trunk. Frank then confessed his crime to his wife Leslie, who agreed to call Detective Flores so he would dispose of the body. Actually, Frank secretly witnessed the meeting between Leslie and Flores near the body and took pictures in order to have a way to incriminate Leslie to prevent her from shutting down the Church of Gibborim, claiming to Aura and Frances that it was Leslie who killed Gonzalez.[4]


  • Investigator: Despite not being a professional investigator, Gonzalez was able to collect sufficient evidence to link the death of his sister Destiny to the Church of Gibborim. Actually, he was able to have a view of the whole Ultra Project led by Leslie Dean, correctly inferring that the Church made a young runaway disappear once a year.



  • SIG Sauer P228R: Gonzalez threatened Frank Dean with this handgun to confront him about the fact that the Church of Gibborim were responsibles for the death of her sister Destiny. Dean convinced him to lower his guard, and then he tried to disarm Gonzalez, but in the struggle, the gun was shot and Gonzalez was killed.





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