"You have a chance of bringing in a serial killer."
"And I'm two years away from a full pension. Thank you and goodbye, Ms. Jones."
Jessica Jones and Oscar Clemons[src]

Detective Oscar Clemons was the New York City Police Department officer at the 15th Precinct Police Station and the lead detective on Hope Shlottman's case. He was eventually convinced by Jessica Jones about the existence of Kilgrave and his powers over Shlottman. He was murdered shortly after Kilgrave's escape by Will Simpson, who wanted to kill Kilgrave no matter the cost.


Detective Career

Work in New York City

"Ever tell you what Clemons used to say? Gotta treat witnesses like mushrooms, feed 'em shit and keep them in the dark."
Brett Mahoney[src]
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The Shlottman Case

"My clients expect discretion. This is bad for business."
"So is the double homicide."
Jessica Jones and Oscar Clemons[src]

Clemons questions Jessica Jones

While investigating the murder of Bob and Barbara Shlottman, Clemons raided Jessica Jones' Office, confiscated a few of her photos and took her in for questioning, due to her being the only witness of the crime. After asking her a few questions and showing her his findings, including photographs of Luke Cage and his lover Gina. Jones scolded him for stealing from her office without a search warrant, which he brushed off as part of the scene of the crime. She validated that she had nothing to do with the murders and left when no further questions could be asked.[1]

An Unexplainable Arrest


Clemons is confronted by Jessica Jones

"That guy's head, I tore it off with my bare hands."
"That takes a lot of strength, and a hacksaw."
Jessica Jones and Oscar Clemons[src]

While filling out paperwork in the New York City Police Department, Clemons was approached by a soaking wet Jessica Jones. Instead of waiting for Clemons to finish his paperwork and be spoken to in due time like Clemons had politely told her to, Jones instead dumped the contents of her bag, the severed head of Ruben, onto his desk. Horrified Clemons drew his gun and Jones informed him she had done something terrible.


Clemons interrogates Jessica Jones

Jones was handcuffed and awaited questioning. Clemons arrived with Jones' lawyer Jeri Hogarth and Jones insisted she wanted to be put in supermax prison to serve her sentence. Jones denied Hogarth was her lawyer and Clemons ordered her out of the room. Jones insisted that the case was closed as she had confessed, but Clemons debated her reasons, remaining skeptical despite Jones claiming to be a serial killer, noting she killed a woman by punching her. Enraged, Jones ripped her handcuffs off and destroyed her metal chair while Clemons watched in both horror and confusion.


Clemons' life is threatened by Kilgrave

They were interrupted when Brett Mahoney arrived and told Jones she was free to go, claiming it was the Captain's order. As Clemons followed her out, he discovered all the officers were frozen and aiming their guns at themselves, with Mahoney now aiming his gun at Clemons. Kilgrave then revealed himself and confessed to controlling the officers, as he was in love with Jones. When Clemons' phone rang, Kilgrave pulled it out of his jacket before furiously smashing it. As Kilgrave left the building, he took Ruben's head and erased the security footage, ordering the officers to forget the incident.[2]

Receiving Evidence


Clemons is confronted by Jessica Jones

"Hands above your head."
"I see you got my evidence."
"Oh yeah, you convinced me you are one sick lady. Now open that cell."
―Oscar Clemons and Jessica Jones[src]

While buying coffee, Clemons was approached by Jessica Jones who asked him to witness something for her. When Jones reminded him of what had happened at the 15th Precinct Police Station, Clemons denied understanding that blaming it on Evans, claiming that if what had happened was discovered every officer involved could be immediately fired. Clemons refused to help but Jones threatened to give Kilgrave Clemons' home address, however, Clemons told her that she did not have real evidence to convict Kilgrave.


Clemons learns Kilgrave has been captured

That same evening, Clemons was leaving work and saying goodnight to his colleges of the New York City Police Department when he received a text message from an unknown number. The text told him that there was the evidence he needed to see and therefore he needed to investigate, before being sent a video of Jones beating Kilgrave half to death while he was locked in a glass cage. With the address also sent, Clemons was left with no choice but to travel to the location provided and see for himself.


Clemons tries to arrest Jessica Jones

Clemons soon discovered Jones, alongside Jeri Hogarth, Albert Thompson and Louise Thompson standing outside Kilgrave's cage. Drawing his gun, Clemons ordered Jones to free Kilgrave and put her hands up, calling her sick. Before Clemons could arrest Jones, Trish Walker appeared with her own gun and disarmed Clemons. While Hogarth voiced her disapproval of the situation, Jones handcuffed Clemons to the wall and told him to watch closely as his testimony would put Kilgrave away forever.[3]

Kilgrave's Escape


Clemons witnesses Kilgrave kill his mother

"Follow me, Detective!"
Kilgrave to Oscar Clemons[src]

Clemons was then forced to watch while Jessica Jones walked into Kilgrave's locked cell with both Albert and Louise Thompson. The confrontation with his long lost parents forced Kilgrave to admit he had the ability to control people's minds as he confronted them over leaving him alone over twenty years ago. When Louise stabbed her son with a pair of scissors, Clemons ordered Jones to let them out, but she refused, wanting more proof. Kilgrave calmly ordered his mother to pick up the scissors and stab herself to death. Jones tried to send an electric shock through the glass cage but discovered the power had been cut.


Clemons falls under Kilgrave's mind control

Clemons watched in horror as Louise committed suicide and Trish Walker shot the glass in an attempt to kill Kilgrave while Clemons begged to be freed of his handcuffs. As he ran from his shattered cage, Kilgrave ordered his father and Walker to commit suicide and told Clemons to follow him, which he did by ripping his hand out of the handcuff, causing him great pain. When Jones tried to stop Kilgrave, she failed to obey his command. Clemons was ordered to tackle her and after a brief struggle, Jones knocked him unconscious.[3]


Clemons speaks to Albert Thompson

As the group tried to figure out their next move, Clemons awoke and promised to bring in a team of officers to look over the scene. Albert Thompson then awoke and attempted to kill himself so Clemons, Jones and Walker managed to subdue him and tie up his hands. They realized that Jones was now immune to Kilgrave's power, which Clemons confirmed, Thompson then revealed that Jones may be the key to finding a cure for Kilgrave's powers so he and Walker went to his hotel to work on it while Clemons waited for backup.[4]

Betrayed by a Colleague


Clemons defends himself from Will Simpson

"Well he's gone, Jessicas out looking for him now."
"And where's Trish Walker? Did he hurt her? Did he do something to her?"
"She's with someone, a scientist who thinks that he can stop Kilgrave with a vaccine."
―Oscar Clemons and Will Simpson[src]

Alone in the facility, Clemons heard the door open down the corridor and picked up a wrench to defend himself. Will Simpson then appeared and assured Clemons that he was a member of the New York City Police Department and had been called by Trish Walker. Simpson appeared distracted and commented on Clemons' broken hand while looking at Louise Thompson's corpse. Clemons commented that they had what they needed to lock Kilgrave away.


Clemons is shot and killed by Will Simpson

Simpson began to argue that Kilgrave could not be put on trial but Clemons argued that it was not his call to make. As he tried to call for backup, Simpson drew a gun on Clemons and demanded to know where Kilgrave was, Clemons revealed that he was gone but Jessica Jones was looking for him. Seemingly calming down, Simpson apologized and revealed he had been a victim of Kilgrave. Clemons revealed where Walker and Albert Thompson were; Simpson then shot Clemons in the head, killing him instantly.[4]


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  • Glock 19: Clemons pulled his service weapon against Jessica Jones when he received a video that seemingly incriminated Jones in the beating of a man. Unbeknownst to him, Jones herself sent him the video to summon him to the Decommissioned CDC Facility. With Trish Walker's help, Jones disarmed and handcuffed him to make him witness Kilgrave's powers.






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