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"I don't want you involved."
"I'm the super."
"I don't know. You're shot. I like you. I'm involved."
Jessica Jones and Oscar Arocho[src]

Oscar Arocho is a new neighbor to Jessica Jones and the superintendent to her apartment building. Despite having a rough start and disliking her, he started to become close with Jones once she saved his son Vido's life, helping her in her cases and becoming romantically involved with Jones.


Early Life

"You were right. Our superintendent has a past. He's done time."
"Felony check forgery."
Malcolm Ducasse and Jessica Jones[src]

Arocho's mother immigrated to the United States after his birth and was raised. He soon married Sonia, had a son named Estevido Arocho, and had been arrested and charged with forgery. Moving to Hell's Kitchen, he promised and provided a false green card for Eugene's boyfriend to emigrate into America and was rewarded position as superintendent to the apartment building.[1]

Moving Into the Building

With the aid of his brothers, Arocho began to cart his belongings through the halls and into his new apartment when Vido Arocho called to Jessica Jones standing at the base of the stairs. Briefly introducing themselves, Arocho attempted to lift the fridge out of Jones' way until she willingly carried it for him, amazing an excited Vido whom questioned if she was a superhero as she left.[2]

Undesirable Tensions

"Do you feel bad? For bringing the cops to my door?"
"All you had to do was tell them what you saw."
"I saw a man die. So did my son. Do you know what that does to a kid?"
"Yeah, actually, I do."
"I don't know what killed that guy, but I bet it had to do with whatever shady power shit you're involved in."
―Oscar Arocho and Jessica Jones[src]

Walking home with his son, Arocho caught Jones on the opposite side of the street and witnessed her standing over the rumble of an accident and the body of Robert Coleman. Later, he was interviewed by the police, alongside Jones' presence, and lied to seeing her at the scene of the accident.[3]

Reconciling with Jones

"You saved Vido's life. He told me. I can't pay you back for that. Ever. But I'm tearing up the eviction notice, and I wanted to say thank you. Here. I was an asshole. I'm just scared of losing my son. I'm sorry."
―Oscar Arocho to Jessica Jones[src]

As he and Sonia approached Jessica Jones' Apartment, Arocho hurried to Vido's aid, as he was pulled from the window. After his frightened ex-wife proclaimed that she never trusted Jones, he reminded his neighbor that she had 25 days before her eviction. However, he paid a visit to Jones's apartment later that night, offering her a bottle as a peace treaty, stating that Vido had told him that she had saved his life and that he was no longer evicting her. The pair then discussed their life over a drink, after which Jones kissed him and attempted to initiate sex. Arocho informed Jones that rushing to sex with someone you barely met, let alone hated less than an hour ago, was not normal, and subsequently left her apartment.[4]

Kidnapping of Vido Arocho

"I saw your mom. She's like you."
"In some ways more than others."
"Whatever trouble she's in, all I know is that she helped me get my kid back. If you need something, papers, to get her out... Anything."
―Oscar Arocho and Jessica Jones[src]

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Family Dinner with Jessica

"Still a standing invitation?"
"Always. Come on. Grab another plate, buddy."
Jessica Jones and Oscar Arocho[src]

Resting the night, Arocho prepared dinner when he heard a knock at the door. He was greeted by Jessica Jones to whom he invited inside.[5]


"Look, I only got out of prison six months ago. I'm just trying to fly under the radar, focus on being a dad."
―Oscar Arocho to Jessica Jones[src]

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"That forgery thing? It's kinda like my superpower. I'm good at it. Great, actually. I use what I got to fight for that kid. I'm not ashamed of that."
―Oscar Arocho to Jessica Jones[src]
  • Expert Forger: Arocho is an extremely talented forger, a talent which he claims to be his own 'superpower' when talking to Jessica Jones. He was able to provide a false green card for Eugene's boyfriend Keo, and used his forgery skills in order to aid Jessica into sneaking inside a psychiatric hospital. His skills at one point got him in trouble the law, And he is on parole after spending six months in prison prior to meeting Jones.
  • Bilingual: Arocho is able to speak native Spanish and English tongues.





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  • Oscar Arocho's role in Jessica Jones is similar to Scott Lang's role in the original Alias storyline.
  • Most of Oscar's artworks seen in Season 2 were created by Alias cover artist David Mack who also worked on the main title sequence of the show.



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