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"It was all talk for so long. Get a powered person and kill it. But then you all were there, we got to see a real life freak fire a shockwave. Only thing is we didn't think it was a tiny, unassuming little girl. If we did, we'd have gone after you."
―Oscar to Daisy Johnson[src]

Oscar is a member of the Watchdogs, the armed radical hate group founded by Felix Blake. After Oscar tried to kill Fitz with a projectile of Nitramene, he was defeated and later imprisoned by Daisy Johnson before revealing the Watchdogs plans and being handed over to Brigadier General Glenn Talbot.


Watchdogs Soldier

Hunting Down Inhumans

Oscar serves as a soldier in the Watchdogs

Seeing the rise of new super-powered being in the wake of the Inhuman Outbreak, Oscar chose to join up with the Watchdogs to fight back against the Inhumans who he viewed as a risk to the safety of the world. Following his fellow Watchdogs, led by Watchdog Alpha, Oscar assisted in the Attack on the ATCU Storage Facility in which Alpha made a video statement before using Nitramene to destroy the building. With the mission a success, Oscar and his fellow Watchdogs returned to their hideout to meet with Felix Blake, who congratulated them on the mission before informing them of their next task.

When the Watchdogs' secret hideout was suddenly discovered by agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Oscar charged outside with Watchdog Victor hoping to stop the raid. However when they seemingly spotted Alphonso Mackenzie using an Inhuman power to fire shockwaves which subdued a member of the Watchdogs, they both ran inside to inform Alpha of this new development. As S.H.I.E.L.D. was preparing to leave having failed to locate Blake, Oscar then ran back outside and shot Leo Fitz on the neck with a Nitramene gun, only to then be subdued with another shockwave which knocked him out.

Oscar awoke inside the Containment Module where Fitz was still attempting to remove the Nitramene from his neck with the help of Daisy Johnson. Oscar was questioned about what had been put inside the Nitramene to make it so unstable, but Oscar insisted that he did not know, to which Johnson replied by using her shockwave powers to throw Oscar across the Module. As Oscar expressed his surprise that Johnson and not Mackenzie had the Inhuman abilities, they continued demanding to know what had happened to the Nitramene as Oscar noted that Blake had somehow suspended to the bomb.

With the little information provided by Oscar, Fitz was able to deduce that the Nitramene could be stopped from exploding by freezing it which worked. Just as Johnson informed Oscar that he would be handed over to the ATCU for Brigadier General Glenn Talbot to question, Oscar then began laughing as he explained that the Watchdogs had discussed killing Inhumans for so long and were amazed to see a real one fire a shockwave. Oscar then confessed that the Watchdogs were now heading to Mackenzie to kill him and his brother due to their misunderstanding, laughing at their reaction.[1]


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