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"Who do you work for?"
"I don't know."
"I want a name."
"There isn't one. That isn't how this works. Look, I walk by a building, if the light's on in the window, I got a job."
Daredevil and Oscar[src]

Oscar is a thug working in Hell's Kitchen, threatening those who interfere with Wilson Fisk's plans.


Hired Thug

Controlling the Court

"This'll all be over soon. Okay? Just keep it together 'till the verdict. Can you do that? Look, you ask me, it's almost like they doin' you a favor. I mean, you don't want something like that floatin' around."

Outside the New York State Supreme Court Building Oscar confronted one of the jurors in the case against John Healy, telling her it will all be over soon. He told her to keep it together and go home to take some rest. He also reminded her that they are doing her a favor, since someone like Healy should not be walking around freely. She then walked away. A few moments later, Oscar got attacked by Daredevil, who knocked him down multiple times. He then pressured Oscar into telling him what leverage he had on the juror, a tape from when she was nineteen and pretty that she does not want her children to discover.

When Daredevil wanted to have the tape destroyed, Oscar mentioned that this is not able and that it would not even make a difference. Oscar was also unable to name the person who employed him. Oscar then explained the way he knew if he had a job and that he would be killed if he does not do the job. Oscar was then ordered to make sure the woman would leave the jury because of some personal reasons. Oscar was worried that they would kill him if he did this, which made Daredevil advise him to leave town that night. Oscar was then punched once more by Daredevil, before Daredevil ran away.[1]





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