"My Orloni has won, as I win at all things!"
Drax the Destroyer[src]

Orloni are small, rodent creatures native to Morag and are commonly found on other planets across the galaxy.


"That's an Orloni. It's a fin, Groot."
Rocket Raccoon to Groot[src]

While native to Morag[1], Orloni [2] are seen galaxy-wide, often used as forms of gambling and money-making.

On Knowhere, the bar Boot of Jemiah features a game where people bet on the F'saki, who devour the Orlonis; the last surviving Orloni is the victor.[3]

On the planet Sovereign, Groot punched a few Orloni's as he believed they were looking at him funny. As the Guardians of the Galaxy fought the Abilisk, Groot chased after one, eventually using it as a steed to ride around the battlefield.

Groot also found several Orloni on the Eclector, bringing one to Rocket Raccoon and Yondu Udonta due to a translation error.

On an unknown planet, several Orloni are seen running away from Ego's Expansion.[4]


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