The Orb of Agamotto is a floating relic located in Kamar-Taj that is used to monitor the mystical shield cast by the three Sanctums to protect the Earth.


Meeting the Skeptic

DS Spot 28 - 1

The Ancient One in a meeting with Daniel Drumm, Master Minoru and Sol Rama

After she refused to teach Stephen Strange the Mystic Arts, the Ancient One retired to the Orb for a meeting with the Masters of the Sanctums: Daniel Drumm, Master Minoru and Sol Rama. She was then approached by her disciple Karl Mordo, who convinced her to invite Strange to stay in Kamar-Taj, in order to make him an asset in their fight against the Zealots.[1]

Threats to the Universe

Doctor Strange Final Trailer 10

Wong and Mordo teach Doctor Strange about the Masters of the Mystic Arts and Dormammu

Months later, Wong and Mordo showed to Strange how the Masters of the Mystic Arts use the Orb to monitor the shield generated by the three Sanctums, and how the shield prevent the Dark Dimension to invade the Earth.[1]


  • In the comics, the Orb of Agamotto is a small globe contained in the Chamber of the Shadows in the Sanctum Sanctorum, that allows Strange to monitor Earth and to be transported to outer dimensions. It is empowered by an extra-dimensional force that it is believed to be Agamotto himself.


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