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"You okay?"
"For a guy who's about to send his family away and go to prison? Yeah, I guess so."
"You did good, Ray."
"You heard everything through the wall, didn't you? You know that's kind of creepy?"
"Oh, he knows."
"I heard a man standing up to Fisk. Your son will hear the same thing. And it'll mean a lot to him."
"I didn't know if we could get this done today, but we did."
"No, you did."
Foggy Nelson, Ray Nadeem, and Matt Murdock[src]

One Last Shot is the twelveth episode of the third season of the Netflix exclusive television series Daredevil, and the thirty-ninth episode overall.


Fisk's long-awaited reunion doesn't go as planned. Nelson and Murdock take on a new client who holds key information on Fisk.


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  • The undercover van that Matt Murdock and Ray Nadeem used to get to the courthouse has the name of a company named the 5 senses on the side of it, this being a nod to Daredevil's blindness.


Song title Artist Location(s)
String Quartet No. 16 in F Major, Op. 135: I. Allegretto
(Ludwig van Beethoven cover)
Kodály Quartet
Suite for Cello Solo No. 6 in D, BWV 1012: IV. Sarabande
(Johann Sebastian Bach cover)
Mischa Maisky
Nocturne in E flat major
(Frédéric Chopin cover)
İdil Biret
Leading the Blind John Paesano
  • Matt Murdock tells Ray Nadeem to lead him to the courthouse, while listening to his instructions. Continues as Matt lures a gunman into a bus.
Elevated Hubbies John Paesano


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