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"I can do it. I could kill him and just walk away. But that doesn't mean it's easy. I can live with it, yeah. I can live with anything. There's no peace up here. There's no happy medium that I'm looking for. But war... war is not easy."
Frank Castle to Dinah Madani

One Bad Day is the seventh episode of the second season of the television series The Punisher.


Madani's quest to ID Pilgrim hits a wall. Russo and his crew put their plan into action. Frank encounters someone from the past.


A year ago, Dinah Madani, while still recovering at the hospital after the incident at the Central Park, is approached by the Office of the Inspector General and the CIA to give an official testimony on the recent events. Madani is frustrated that CIA wants her to back up a version that puts the responsibility on her incompetency, keeping William Rawlins clean, and Ahmad Zubair without justice he deserves. Marion James tells her that the story is beneficial for her and Frank Castle, and they both would be the only ones to face any reprocusions if the truth surfaces.

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In present time, Madani discusses Castle's plans to take Russo down with him and Curtis Hoyle, but Madani lashes out on Castle for his apparent lack of care, but he insists that despite the fact he can do this, it does not mean that it is easy. Both Madani and Hoyle are endangered while Russo is on the loose, so Castle asks them to let him deal with Russo on his own.


After spending a night together, Russo asks Krista Dumont where did she get scars on her back. Dumont tells him that there was an accident where she was nine, and Russo decides not to pry further, since it was a personal matter. Russo thanks Dumont for everything she did for him but says that he cannot stay with her any longer, which greatly upsets Dumont. She does not want to let Russo go, since he might be in danger, while Russo does not want her to throw her life away for him and leaves.

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Madani fruitlessly tries to identify John Pilgrim, however, she finds out that any traces of his identity had been wiped out from any records, even from the government databases. Wendy concludes that someone must have manipulated the systems to make him untraceable, but Madani is adamant that no one can stay hidden forever.


In an attempt to locate Russo, Castle and Hoyle break into Jake Nelson's apartment, as he could have information about him, but they only find an empty place. They decide to check the McFeeney's pub for more clues, and also find the evidence of Nelson's drug addiction. Meanwhile, Russo runs a training for Nelson and the crew to prepare for the upcoming robbery. Afterwards, the crew stays together for a night before the robbery, but Nelson suffers from a withdrawal and sneaks out for another dose.


Madani meets with James to discuss the situation with Russo on the loose, and although James finds his escape unfortunate, the CIA cannot do anything about him on home soil. Madani informs James that she had brought Castle back to New York City to deal with Russo, which surprises her. Madani still feels uneasy because of her decision and asks James for advice, so she tells her to stay out of the situation between Castle and Russo, as it had the chance to ruin her life forever.

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Castle and Hoyle abduct Nelson from the street, and while Madani is present, Castle interrogates him about Russo. Nelson refuses to give Russo up, so Castle brutally tortures him, which does not sit right with Madani who then makes Castle stop. Castle tells her to just walk away and pretend none of this happens. Madani says that she cannot let go, but their methods do not make them any better than Russo and Rawlins were. Hoyle tends to Nelson's wounds and tells him about Russo who used to be their friend until he betrayed them, saying that Nelson could be next.

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Nelson eventually gives up and tells Castle about Russo's plans on the robbery, as well as about their hideout. Castle and Hoyle prepare to find Russo but Madani cannot let it happen, so she intends to call Brett Mahoney and let the NYPD to take Russo. She tells Castle to get out of the city before the police finds him but he ignores Madani's warnings and departs to Russo's hideout, however, his crew was already gone. Russo and the crew attack the ReadyQuick Check Cashing, collecting money from the safe, as well as taking a hostage.


The crew is about to get away with the money but Castle calls out to Russo, and as he sees' Castle's skull vest, he realizes that he was the reason for his suffering. Russo is stunned due to the shock, so the crew gets him to run, while engaging in the firefight with the Punisher. The crew tries to get the away with Phillip backing them on the sniper position, but the Punisher follows them regardless.


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