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"Like I said, the only way to win is to not play."
"Yeah, that's not an option. Just got to make sure we're the dealer."
Amy Bendix and Frank Castle

One-Eyed Jacks is the fifth episode of the second season of the television series The Punisher.


It's not a trap if you know it's coming: That's Frank's philosophy. Madani opens up and Pilgrim plans a visit to an unholy land.



Playing card game, Frank Castle and Amy Bendix discuss Bendix's last work with the Russian Mafia. Knowing that her crew was hired by Sergei Konchevsky who works within New York City, Castle decides to find him and extract any useful information. Castle finds Turk Barrett on the streets and asks him to find Konchevsky. Barrett informs him about Kazan's Gym where Russian Mafia working and Castle asks him to go to the gym and cut a deal with them.

At the Krista Dumont's Apartment, Billy Russo has another nightmare before he wakes up by Krista Dumont. Dumont comforts him using the experience from their therapy sessions. Russo questions her why Dumont let him in her house, what Dumont replies that she wants to help him.

Returning to her apartment, Dinah Madani informs Castle that Russo had killed Arthur Walsh. As they are discussing Russo's actions, Bendix asks could Madani help them with the Russian Mafia, as the Homeland Security agent. Understanding that Castle has his own war and seemingly not interested in Russo's case, Madani demands them to leave the city.


At his house, John Pilgrim is beating himself with the belt before Anderson and Eliza Schultz visit Pilgrim family. Anderson informs Pilgrim that Castle and Bendix possess the information that is capable to seriously damage to Testament Industries and Schultzes' political campaign. Anderson asks Pilgrim to return to New York City, and despite his displeasure, Pilgrim agrees to deal with it.

Dumont brings some new clothes to Russo, asking him what he is going to do next. Russo assures Dumont that he is not going to return to the hospital, noting that he would rather die than allow this to happen. Dumont understands Russo, noting that all emotions which were felt by more people than just Russo, to which he notes that everybody had their own issues to deal with.

Barrett attends the gym where he asks Kazan about Konchevsky and some business in Chicago. However, Kazan knew that Konchevsky was killed in Chicago and orders his men to apprehend Barrett, thinking that he could know something. Castle who watched it from the outside returns to Madani's apartment where Barrett calls him and informs about the meeting with Russian Mafia at his shop. Castle figures that this is just a trap and decides to trick them himself.

Sneaking through Dumont's apartment, Russo eavedrops her therapy sessions with Jake Nelson who feels extremely uncomfortable since his discharge from the United States Army. Dumont attempts to convince Nelson that he needs to accept his issues and current civilian life.

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Madani attends St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church where she meets Curtis Hoyle. Madani questions Hoyle about his connection with Russo and Castle before other veterans come to the church for therapy sessions. Madani attends the session too, however, Nelson confronts her as a "civilian". Madani humbles him, telling Nelson that she has her own scars too. After the session, Madani and Hoyle talk about Russo and her intentions to bring him to justice.


Instead of walking to Barrett's shop where Russian Mafia prepared an ambush, Castle goes to the gym to confront Kazan. Thinking that Castle killed Konchevsky, Kazan orders his subordinates to kill Castle. However, Castle defeats all hostiles and forces Kazan to tell him who hired them. Kazan informs Castle about Nikolai Poloznev and Castle leaves the gym, as well as Barrett.


Attending McFeeney's, Nelson drinks together with Russo, talking about their time at the military. Nelson complains that all of the former veterans are the problem, while he believes that they were not the problem. Much to Russo's surprise, Nelson reveals that he is aware of who he Russo is.

Back at her apartment, Dumont examines her notes about Russo's mental condition. Drinking some wine, Dumont walks to the window, despite her childhood fear and then walks back.

By Castle's request, Bendix finds information about Poloznev who Castle deems as their next target. Leaving Madani's apartment, Castle and Bendix decide to ask Hoyle for shelter.

Meanwhile, Pilgrim arrives at the gym where he massacres Kazan and all remained Russian Mafia members so they are unable to reveal something that could harm the Schultzes and continues his search for Castle and Bendix.


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Fuck Me Pumps Amy Winehouse
The Drunken Warbler The Prodigals
Gym Showdown Tyler Bates
Vertigo Tyler Bates
  • Krista Dumont forces herself to look out her apartment window, despite her fear of heights.
Amy's Three Card Monty Tyler Bates


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